Branded Perfect Blackjack

For blackjack beginners or veterans looking for laid-back action, our Branded Perfect Blackjack is the ideal way to navigate a simplified version of classic blackjack. Read on to find out everything there is to know about Branded Perfect Blackjack, available to all of our Canadian players. 

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Welcome Bonusup to $2250 + 310 Free Spins

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Welcome BonusUp to 600$ + 110 Free Spins

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Focus on Branded Perfect Blackjack™

Even if you’ve never stepped up to the blackjack table before, you’re probably already well aware of the game, thanks to its enduring effect on popular culture. If you want to unleash your inner James Bond with a few rounds of blackjack, you don’t need to be an expert to do so. Our Branded Perfect Blackjack is a stripped-back version of classic blackjack, where inexperienced players can make minimum decisions other than simply placing a bet and seeing where the cards fall. In NetEnt’s flawlessly designed live casino lounge, you can enjoy a truly immersive, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that will transport you directly to a glamorous Las Vegas casino floor. Read on to find out more. 

Betting Rules on Branded Perfect Blackjack™

The game rules follow the core structure of the classic blackjack that we know and love. Players face off against the dealer (the ‘house’) and must attempt to secure a stronger hand than the dealer, with the goal being to get as close to 21 as possible without going over it (going ‘bust’). If you secure a 21, then you have won a blackjack and can enjoy a 3:2 payout on your original wager. Knowing the ins and outs of every rule is totally unnecessary here, as you do not need to decide whether to ‘hit’ (proceed) or ‘stick’ with your hand. Rather, the dealer deals out the most efficient hand to everyone at the table, and winnings are paid out automatically at the conclusion of each round. Of course, there are plenty of options to take control of your round, should you wish. Branded Perfect Blackjack™ offers two side bets: ‘perfect pairs’ and ’21+3′, both of which can offer big winnings. In addition, players can choose to split their hand or double down, but this is not necessary. 

Gameplay on Branded Perfect Blackjack™

Branded Perfect Blackjack™ offers sleek, simple, and user-friendly gameplay in one of NetEnt’s exclusive live casino lounges. As a player, you can rely totally on the expertise of the casino dealer, who will seamlessly deal out the hands to the people at the table, which can be as many as eight at a time. This way, you can learn how the rules of blackjack go and develop your strategy for when you’re ready to try something more complex. Of course, even the most experienced high rollers can benefit from Branded Perfect Blackjack™’s laid-back style of play, which even includes an auto-play feature for those who just want to sit back and see where luck takes them. 

Our Branded Perfect Blackjack™ Tips 

Branded Perfect Blackjack™ has one of the highest RTPs of any NetEnt live casino game, at 99.5%. This means that the house has a very small edge, especially compared to most other blackjack variants. You can take advantage of this by occasionally and strategically splitting your hand, to spread the potential gains out further. 


As mentioned, our Branded Perfect Blackjack™ is a stripped-back and straightforward form of online blackjack that ensures you will never get confused or miss a winning play.
You can try out Branded Perfect Blackjack™ at some of the top Canadian online platforms with a casino bonus. Just type in the name of the game, and you’re good to go!
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