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Do you want to have the feel and experience live roulette? At NetEnt we don’t only offer the best with its live casino but have also wrapped it up with the strongest technology around the world. With our live roulette casino game, you can expect moments that will be full of fun and excitement. Check out NetEnt’s live casino out today.

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Focus on the Game

Our live roulette comprises a range of different tables and betting options to suit players of any type. As it’s a live game, you can access it from the comfort of home.

Graphics and Sound

Through our top-notch HD webcam technology, all of the action is streamed live to players back at home. You’ll feel as though you’re right in the thick of it, thanks to the real time images and sounds directly from the studio.

Betting Rules

In the paytable option, the Classic Roulette Live has 10 different bet types that you can choose and they all have a minimum bet of 1CAD. The first bet type is the straight bet and it allows a maximum bet of 250CAD, with a payout ratio of 35 to 1. There is also the split bet with a maximum bet of 500CAD and a payout of 17:1. You can also go for the three lines (street) with a ratio of 11 to 1.

You can also choose the Corner bet, with a maximum bet of 1000CAD and a payout 8:1. Another closely related bet is the six-line, with a maximum bet of 1500CAD and a payout of 5 to 1. Furthermore, two bet types that are exactly alike are Column and Dozen. Both have a maximum bet of 3000CAD and a payout ratio of 2 to 1. Other bet types are Red/Black, Even/Odd and 1-18/19-36 with a maximum bet of 4500CAD and payout of 1:1.


With our highly optimized mobile roulette, you can sit on your couch and enjoy your favourite live roulette games, while you watch your favourite TV program. Get access to highly professional live dealers that are available via innovative streaming technology. Get thrilled with the HTML desktop live Roulette that makes playing worth your while. There are no dulling moments with NetEnt’s Live Roulette.

The HTML Live Roulette is compatible across all mobile and desktop platforms, with impressive functionality. Whether you are using Android or iOS, you are good to go. Do you prefer VIP tables, Standard tables or Pro tables? Whatever your preference, you are covered. With generous Live Rewards, you get a chance to increase your payouts with amazing cash prizes.

Bonus Game

There are no bonus games on offer; however, if you love to use statistics from previous rounds as a base to inform your next bet, there are features available to help you make your choice. At the lower left of the game is an option containing three different statistical features. Above all the features are the last 15 winning numbers.

Free Spins

There are no Free Spins, but we do offer a different way of getting ahead. You can check out the expanded view of the Hot and Cold chart. Here you will find a more informative chart of the distribution, for the inside and outside bets, of the last 500 rounds. The result is shown on a combination of a wheel and a graph. The inside bet is shown on the wheel while the outside bet is shown on the graph. The next feature of the Statistics are the charts, which show the frequency in which a particular bet type is won.

The percentage is shown as a bar chart with the corresponding number shown below each bet type. In the third feature, Recent, you will find the latest 500 results from the round. In addition to this, there is an interesting feature on the right side of the game, which is a handful in making your play faster and easier. This feature is the Favorites feature, besides the racetrack. You can use this feature to save your bets, rather than inputting the same bets manually every time.


Live roulette is a whole lot of fun and as one of the top developers in the live gaming area, we really have strived to make this roulette game easy for you all. Available for a full range of player budgets, we recommend that you give it a go right now!

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