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Perfect Blackjack

NetEnt’s Live Blackjack gives the feel of being in a real-life or land-based casino, but you will actually enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. We allow players to play with real cards, and real croupiers are present to turn those cards or deal with the customers whenever they ask for something.

Focus on the Game

Our live Perfect Blackjack allows up to seven players at a time and lets you access blackjack from home but experience the real casino feel.

Graphics and Sound

The game setting has been designed to look like a real casino. So that you can truly experience this detail, we are streaming all the feeds live in HD directly to your device. All the sounds you hear are direct from the studio, so you can hear the dealer shuffle and deal the cards to ambient music.

Betting Rules

Placing bets for each round is quite easy even if you are new to Blackjack. At the start of the game round, the dealer notifies you on when to place your bets. However, there is a short time frame given for all the participating players to decide on the type of bets to make and this is indicated by a graphical timer on the screen. To place a bet, click on a chip value and tap on the betting box.

On desktops, click on the betting box above your username to place a chip. On mobile, you will find a centre betting pop-up, tap on this pop-up to place a chip. If you wish to add to your bet, you can tap again to place additional chips of the same value, for each of your selected seats. If in a situation you place bets that are lower than the minimum bet limit, the bet will be rendered invalid and will not be accepted by the dealer.

This also applies to any bets that are above placed the maximum bet limit. If you go over the maximum bet, it will be automatically modified to match the maximum limit. While playing Blackjack Live, you can configure the Autoplay feature. Once the bet has been accepted, your hand will automatically be played out based on the Perfect Strategy. You can tweak the Autoplay settings in the Autoplay settings tab. With this, you do not need to bother about when to hit or stand.


Live Blackjack has a maximum of three seats for players to join. However, in a case whereby the seats are empty, you can add the empty seats to yours and place bets as three players. Empty seats are indicated by the text “Add seat” below the betting box. To add a seat to yours, simply select the open seat. As you play on multiple seats, your bets (including side bets) will automatically be added to all of the occupied seats.

After you place your bet, your hand determines whether you win the hand or not. The most important hand in live blackjack is Blackjack. If the first two cards in the hand are equal to 21, you have Blackjack. Blackjack will always beat any hand with a value of 21. In a case whereby your hand is not more than 21 and higher than the hand of the dealer, you win the round. The dealer’s hand must meet up to 16 and stand on 17 or higher.

This game has been developed on HTML, meaning you can play it on any mobile, tablet or desktop device. Blackjack is a simple game; it resembles the Dutch game of “21.” As a player, you are required to reach 21 points. Please remember that you cannot exceed 21 while playing against the dealer.

Our knowledgeable and professional live casino dealers are there to assist you in the best possible ways. We have used a cutting-edge streaming technology to give you a nice gaming experience. We allow you to interact with any live dealer using your smartphone, tablet or computer device. Plus, there are many tables to choose from.

Bonus Game

There are no bonus games in Live Perfect Blackjack, but there are some additional features that make the experience better. For instance you can chat to the other players and even to the dealer. The latter can even give a few tips helping you to maximize your wins.

Free Spins

There are also no Free Spins for this game. However, we do offer a number of different betting options such as the side bet, which pays 2:1. Taking on this bet can get you some extra wins, which you can either cash out, or use to keep on playing.


Perfect Blackjack is a great addition to our already impressive roster of live blackjack games. Available to play on a range of devices, this blackjack game allows you to take more than just a single seat thus providing the opportunity to get more wins under your belt. Better still, playing alongside others can help you improve your game, learn new strategies and get some wins.

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