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Enjoy the fast-paced excitement of Jacks or Better with our ‘double up’ version, which allows you to play up to 25 hands at once via our sleek video poker interface. Read on to find out everything there is to know about NetEnt’s exclusive Jacks or Better Double Up video poker game, available to all Canadian casino players.

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All About Jacks or Better Double Up

Jacks or Better has proven to be one of the most popular variants of poker around, and it’s not hard to see why. Alongside the possibility of playing for straights, flushes, and royal flushes, all a player needs to win is to get two queens or higher in their hand.

Our single-player variant of this game, Jacks or Better Double Up, takes the most gripping elements of the classic version and adds a new dimension. Via a sleek and user-friendly interface, players can play up to a whopping 25 hands at a time, raising the stakes and the potential jackpots.

Betting Rules

The betting rules for Jacks or Better Double Up largely follow the same format as classic Jacks or Better. Simply enter the game and set the gamble level you would like to play, the number of hands you want to play at once, and your stake. Bets range from 25 to 125 coins, with coin values able to be set at $0.01 up to $0.50, meaning that your maximum bet on a single hand is $62.50.

Each hand consists of five cards, much like classic Texas Hold ‘Em. The goal is to get to jacks or better in your hand, meaning that you will want a pair of jacks, queens, aces, or kings. Getting one of the classic winning poker hands, such as a straight flush, three of a kind, or a full house will net you big winnings. The best hand in the game, the royal straight flush, will pay out 250x your original stake. You can instantly increase the action by choosing to play one, five, ten, or 25 hands at a time.


Although 25 hands in a single round might sound daunting, our smooth interface and sharp graphics make Jacks or Better Double Up an enjoyable and user-friendly experience. The interface on the bottom of the screen allows you to instantly adjust your stake, hands, and coin level, meaning all you need to do when the cards are dealt is click on the ones that you want to hold.

Once you have a winning hand, it’s an instant jackpot and the cards can be immediately dealt again. The detailed graphics and flawless sound work equally well on desktop mobile, meaning that both high and low-stakes players can enjoy Jacks or Better Double Up anywhere.

Our Jacks or Better Double Up Tips 

When playing Jacks or Better Double Up, it is important to remember that you can hold as many cards as you like in the first round. However, you will need a pair of jacks or better to win, so if you get multiple high-value cards on the first round, don’t hold all of them, as this might reduce your odds of getting a pair.


Jacks or Better Double Up has the benefit of being able to play a single-player poker game that allows you to play 25 of the same hand at once, meaning that the maximum possible jackpot from a single hand is a whopping $15,625.
You can try out Jacks or Better Double Up at some of the top Canadian online casinos. Just type in the name of the game, and you’re good to go!
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