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Enter a world of fun with the Milkshake™ XXXtreme slot, and you may just be able to trigger multipliers and other bonus features. Make wonderful ice cream creations with yummy candies and get impressive rewards.

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Discover the Milkshake™ XXXtreme Slot

Featuring a 6×6 grid, Milkshake XXXtreme offers nothing short of fun. This colourful slot is themed after ice cream and candy and is very easy to play. Hit the spin button to set the reels in motion, and you will see one or up to four Milkshake glasses gathered for ice cream scoops and candy. With disco lights everywhere, it’s a party all night in the Milkshake XXXtreme slot.

How to Bet?

Looking for video slots with flexible betting ranges? In Milkshake™ XXXtreme, you can get the action started with a minimum bet of 0.25, or a maximum of 50.00, per spin. You can then sit, relax and watch the Milkshake glasses fill up to reward you big time.

The Milkshake™ XXXtreme slot gameplay

The Milkshake™  XXXtreme slot uses scatter-pay mechanics, and features ice cream and candy in red, blue, yellow, and green. Place your bet and hit the spin button to set the reels into motion. If you are lucky enough to land identical symbols, the Milkshake glass will be filled and you will be rewarded. 

The Symbols in Milkshake™ XXXtreme Symbols

As the game’s name suggests, the symbols let you create your own Milkshake. There are four coloured candies and ice cream scoops in the game: red, yellow, blue, and green, which serve as the regular symbols. 

But besides those, you may be lucky enough to see the Milk Carton Wilds pop up to help you complete a winning combination and get you more wins.

Milkshake™ XXXtreme bonus features

The fun is never complete without bonuses, and Milkshake™ XXXtreme offers incredible bonus features. These features can be triggered randomly and help you win big.

XXXtreme Spins

The “XXXtreme Spins” feature is much more fun than regular free spins. Sprinkle up your experience by choosing one of the rewards:

  • Get 2 Milkshakes by the reels to be filled in every spin and a minimum of one wild guaranteed at 10x your initial wager.
  • Get 4 Milkshakes by the reels to be filled in every spin and at least two wilds at 95x the initial stake.

The Milkshake Feature

The Milkshake feature is the main feature of the Milkshake™ XXXtreme slot. Each time you spin the reels, up to four Milkshake glasses will slide along the grid. Each Milkshake is coloured, red, orange, blue or green, and comes with a multiplier between 2x, and 100x points between 2 and 12. 

As you win on the reels, the Milkshake glasses get filled up and the points increase. Get the Milkshake glass to 20 points, and your winnings will be boosted by the multiplier. With four Milkshake glasses, things can quickly stack up for massive wins. 

The Booster Feature

This feature can be triggered during a new spin or following an avalanche. When activated, multipliers or colour boosters activate the Milkshake close to the reels. With this feature, you will have two options:

  • The multiplier boosters can replace the Milkshake Multiplier to between 4x and 100x but keeps the same points.
  • The colour boosters keep the same multipliers and points, but the Milkshake switches to Rainbow Milkshakes to get you more points on scatter pay winnings.

Tips before playing the Milkshake™ XXXtreme slot 

Playing the Milkshake™ XXXtreme slot in online casinos doesn’t guarantee any winnings. However, the amusing gameplay features, such as the XXXtreme Spins, multiplier, and colour boosters, may increase your chances of winning some sweet rewards. 


No. The Milkshake™ XXXtreme slot does not have a free spins feature. However, it has other features like the Milkshake feature, the Booster feature, and XXXtreme Spins.
Yes. When you play the real money version of the slot machine, you have a chance to win money. The betting range is 0.25 to 50.00 CAD.
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