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New Casinos Reviews

New casinos are at the cutting-edge of the dynamic gambling industry and we have seen some truly remarkable achievements by ambitious brands over the years. Our New Casinos toplist includes the latest ones.

Casino Reviews

If you’re not sure which casino is a right fit for you, then consult the experts! We’re happy to help, and we seek to provide you with guidance on the best casinos around. The online gaming sphere is confusing to newcomers, but we’ve been around long enough to know how to navigate through the literally thousands of casinos that compete for your custom! Some are good, some are great, but some you should stay well away from. Read through our reviews before signing up.

Who writes your reviews?

Our reviews are written by experts who love playing slots themselves, so you know you’re getting an informed opinion. We treat each casino in the same way: fairly. No special treatment or quarters given. We know a good casino when we see one. We’ve developed a review process that each casino will be measured against.

One star – This casino does not meet our standards and might even engage in bad practices. It has a poor product, has bad customer reviews and serious shortcomings that affect the average player-experience negatively.

Two stars – This casino does not meet our standards for a variety of reasons.

Three stars – While our experience on this casino was a positive one, there are certain things that could be improved.

Four stars – This is a casino we recommend. It has a strong offering which, while not being perfect, guarantees players a positive gaming experience.

Five stars – A very strong performer in all categories. This casino stands out from the others.

What are the categories that casinos are assessed on?

Good question. In this article, we explain how our process works. These are the main aspects that casinos will be assessed in:

1. Trust

Trust is a big thing in the casino world. Make no mistake, there are rogue casinos out there that are not regulated and that you need to look out for. There are some factors to consider before you can tell whether you can trust a casino or not:

  1. Licensing jurisdiction. Licensing jurisdiction is key. In the gaming world, we look for Alderney, Jersey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar or Malta Gaming licenses as important markers that give a strong indication that the casino in question conforms to gaming legislation and compliance regulations. Getting licenses in the mentioned territories is not easy as regulatory bodies are rightly strict. Having these regulatory marks is therefore very important for player protection, which is our number one concern.

  2. It’s important to know who owns the casino and whether there are any other brands that fall under the same umbrella. There tends to be consistency when different brands are owned by the same company, so if one branch is dodgy, the whole tree becomes suspect – and this will affect the rating. We’re looking for a clean record here.

  3. Payment security is something that players rightly should be concerned about. Any delay in a cash withdrawal is a warning flag, but often by then it’s too late, and even worse, a scam casino could gain access to your sensitive payment information. This is why researching a casino beforehand is key, and why it’s something we take seriously. We’ll look into the payment processing capabilities of casinos and investigate their payment history, and the speed at which payments are done, and whether any withdrawing funds are charged.

2. Security

You should never join a casino that you don’t feel completely comfortable playing on. If you have doubts about security, stay away. Our rating system is designed to allay any doubts you might have.

Financial Secure – Most casinos you will come across have security measures in place to protect you. You will be putting personal and financial information into the casino, so it is important for you to know that the information is going to remain safe and secure. If the casino you join is not financially secure, then this could lead to the casino going under and taking your funds down with it.

Encryption Technology – We’ll look into the casino’s encryption technology. This is a system that makes it difficult for a hacker to access the information in the database, and is extremely important for an online casino that has player information to keep safe.

Banking Options – The bank should also offer you secure banking options. The bank should not only offer you utmost security, but the deposit and withdrawal options also need to provide you with that same level of security. Not only does the casino need to offer you the utmost in security, but the deposit and withdrawal options also need to provide you with that same level of security. If you are unsure about the method your casino offers deposits or withdrawal, verify it is also secure before you choose to use it for your transactions.

Privacy Policy – Each online casino should have a privacy policy that is located directly on the casino’s site and in plain view for players to locate. We will look into this in order to ascertain that the casino offers players the level of security they need, and to make sure that the casino will not sell information to others. Play Responsibly – While we have the expertise to recognize red flags in casinos, it is your responsibility to play in a secure manner. While playing at a casino, you may find yourself networking with other players. When you do this, always keep in mind that you never know who the person you are talking to is, and what their motives are!

3. SIGN UP Process

Here’s another opportunity for us to put our detective hats on – do detectives really wear hats? Anyway, we’ll investigate how easy – or complicated! – it is to sign up to a casino. We’ll sign up to a casino and deposit money to look at the different payment methods on offer and how quickly and easily money is transferred. Do you need to give your credit card info to register? What welcome bonuses are available? What bonus offers do they run? This ain’t our first rodeo, so we’ll look at the old Ts & Cs (remember, always look at the Ts & Cs!) and we’ll factor that into our star-rating. And we’ll look into how easy it is to claim the welcome bonus. You’ll want to receive your code by email and begin using your Bonus.

Apart from bonus offers, we’ll look into how easy it is to navigate around the site. You get lots of polished, professionally designed casinos on the internet that look prim-and-proper, but then bombard you with more slick bonus offers than a used car dealer. And on top of that, they have customer support that’s about as supportive as a deflated lilo. We’ll assess the site’s compatibility with various devices, its speed, the usability of the site and also that of any apps they provide.

4. Payment Solutions

An online casino is completely dependent on the speed, ease and security of its payment methods. There are many different options and methods for transferring money between a player and a casino. We’ll be looking to see tried-and-tested names such as VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and of course other payment options such as bank transfer. Casinos usually offer several payment options depending on which platform you use. The ease at which a player signs up to a payment solution is also an important factor – It should be a simple case of registering your card on your account and choosing the currency and the amount to be deposited.

5. Products

Entertainment, engagement, fun. These things are important! We’ll explore the games and products casinos have on offer, and we’ll give out a star rating based on the variety of products available and their quality. One thing that jumps out at once is the names of suppliers that we see displayed on the site. Some suppliers constantly churn out fantastic games, others make the occasional great game, others are one hit wonders, but some don’t have the same passion for slots that you and we have – and it shows! We can’t be giving out recommendations for players to play snooze-fest slots. Our star rating will reflect that.

6. Campaigns and Bonuses

There are all sorts of bonuses and promotions out there that will get you free casino money. Here’s a few: welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, monthly and reload bonuses, VIP and high roller casino bonuses, refer a friend casino bonus. There are deals running on certain games, bonuses connected to payment options, and lots more. These are generally available to new players who sign up for real money accounts.

When it comes to your money, you need to be extra sure before joining an online casino. We’ll research the casino, read up on player reviews and check that the site is legit. Many online casino sites try to lure players in with massive bonuses, but when the player lands a big win and tries to cash out, their money never appears. We’ll register with the casino with real money and look into their bonuses and promotions – and of course their licensing. As mentioned above, large international regulatory bodies are constantly monitoring casinos and looking out for bad practice. This is why proper licensing is so important. Also, in this day and age, if a casino is scamming its players, word will likely get out in the form of negative reviews. We’ll scour the web and search for what players who have used the casino think of it.

7. Usability

We’ll explore the website and see how easy it is to navigate around. How ordered and accurate are the menu bars? How easy is it to log in? How easy is it to access payment methods, games, promotions, and VIP pages? How does the site load on mobile and tablet? Navigation should be intuitive and easy. Loading times should be minimal. Design features are not to be ignored as this is an intrinsic part of your experience on the casino, and it is an accurate reflection of the brand’s quality.

8. Compatibility

In this day and age, a casino’s products should be compatible across all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop – offering the same experience on each. Most of the leading slots providers have adapted their games’ UI according to the device being used. The casino website itself should also be optimized in the same way. We’ll check that the casino is compatible with iOS and Android, and that everything runs the way it should.

9. Support

Customer Support is essential. There absolutely needs to be a clear line of communication between the casino and the player. This communication must be professional, easily accessible and helpful. We will look into the different support channels that are available: live chat, phone support, email support and social media presence. We don’t necessarily expect to find them all, but what exists must be efficient and available 24/7. As always, we’ll present ourselves as players, and get a feel for the casino through first-hand experience.

10. Summary and Recommendation

Frankly, it’s not easy to reduce an entire casino to a star-rating, but we’ve got the know-how and procedural competence to do it. Have a look through our conclusions and reach out if you have any questions. As always, please make sure to gamble responsibly!


We go through every aspect that we believe affects the quality of a site, including: reliability, security, track record, ease of use, products available, usability of site, design, support, campaigns and bonuses. We test these things by opening an account ourselves.
Inform us immediately. This is something that does not happen often, but if you do spot something that doesn’t sound right, let us know.
We have a whole team that takes care of this site. They periodically look into reviews in a systematic way to make sure they’re still relevant. This is not a one-time thing!

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