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Our guide to casino bonuses for Irish Players

Welcome to the exhilarating world of casino bonuses! It can get quite hectic out there but with a bit of preparation, you’ll be sailing through bonuses list like a real professional in a jiffy. Let’s get cracking.

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What are the casino bonuses available?

Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes that can grant you your wish for free casino money. To name but a few, welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, monthly and reload bonuses, VIP and high roller casino bonuses, refer a friend casino bonus, are all different kinds of bonuses. There are specific deals on specific games, bonuses tied to payment options, and many others. Generally, these are made available to first-time players depositing into real money accounts.

Which kind of bonus is most suitable for me?

If you’re looking at taking a crack at a few slots, a bonus promotion can be an enticing proposition indeed. You find a deadly casino you want to sign up to, which you do, and suddenly find a no-deposit bonus of €15 and now you’re as happy as Larry. The next thing you’ll want to do is to find out which games you can wager it on; is it just slots or does it also include table games? Next in order, you’ll want to find out the wagering requirement. More often than not, cash bonuses need to be wagered a number of times before they can be cashed out, so do keep an eye out for that. As to which bonus is best for you, there is no easy answer as it depends. Different bonuses are preferred by different players so it ultimately boils down to your gaming profile. Some questions to ask yourself are: How much can I deposit? Which games do I like playing the most? Know your answers and you’ll be on the right track to bonuses that you’ll simply love.

Pretty much every casino offers some kind of bonus structure to entice you to choose them over the competition. With an increasingly good number of casinos available to play with, competition is rife and so are the number of bonuses on offer. If this has you confused, we implore you; do not! Help is on the way! This guide has been prepared just for you, to help you navigate the complex, yet rewarding world of bonuses.

There’s a few different variations when it comes to welcome bonuses which you should be aware of, and familiar with before choosing.

New Player offers – Deposit and Welcome bonuses and packages

Casinos frequently offer a casino bonus package which is very often well promoted throughout their pages. As an example, when making your first deposit, the casino will provide you with a 100% match, meaning that for every Euro you deposit, you get one in return in extra funds. Different casinos offer different percentages generally ranging from 50% up to 300%.

How much the casino matches is capped varies from one casino to another. So, if the 100% bonus is capped at €200, regardless of how much more than that you deposit, the maximum you’ll get is €200. It is still a tidy sum that can see you play for that much longer however, if you’re looking at betting big, then you would be better off looking for offers that match your ambitions.

Quite often, the bonus is spread over a number of deposits which can give you better options.

“€1000 maximum bonus cash return spread across three deposits! 
First deposit: 150% up to €250; second deposit: 50% up to €250; third deposit: 100% up to €500.”

Using this example bonus offer, you stand to gain up to €1,000 over three deposits. So if you’re planning on making multiple deposits, choosing this kind of bonus is a no-brainer. It can not only present good value for money, but give you many more chances of winning big.

There’s a good few deposit bonus variations available out there. Here’s a few of the more common ones.

Cashable Bonus: A bonus with a percentage match and wagering requirements. Cashable means that you are free to cash out the bonus once wagering requirements have been completed. The wagering requirement is applicable to both deposit and the bonus amount.

Package Bonus: A number of bonuses packaged together with wagering requirements set on both deposit and the bonus amount. This can include a number of percentage match bonuses and Free Spins, free play, and also free cash bonuses.

Exclusive Bonus: Exclusive bonuses are specially negotiated bonuses for visitors that have been negotiated directly with the online casino.

Cashback/Cashback Bonus: A cash bonus given back to players. This type of bonus can be structured in different ways including wagering requirements, although this might not always be the case. More often than not, it comes with the casino’s loyalty programme.

VIP Bonus: A bonus designed for the casino’s big spenders which are often referred to as VIP. Varies from one casino to the next but typically includes

Free Spins Bonus: Free spins on a particular slot game. More often than not, this is offered as a free gift by the casino which is different than a deposit bonus. Free Spins can be part of the casino’s promotions and can be tied to wagering requirements, although this is not always the case.

Free Play Bonus: Free play bonuses can really help you acclimatise to a game without the risk of losing your money. By using these kind of bonuses, you can win bigger cash bonuses when you deposit the minimum required amount at the casino.

Max Cashout Bonus: This bonus offers a percentage match including play-through requirements on the deposit and bonus amount. Whilst a bit of a rare find, these bonuses will have a maximum limit on withdrawal amount often times reaching 5 to 10 times the bonus amount.

No-Deposit Casino Bonuses – Free Spins (Bonus)

Imagine, if you will, a universe where casino bonuses do not require a deposit; galaxies of casinos filled with no-deposit bonus stars. This is not a parallel universe, and you do not need to understand quantum mechanics. These no-deposit bonuses exist right here, right now and can offer a great opportunity to give games a try with little to no risk and the chance to win cash.

This type of bonus can be set in several ways. We’ve seen anything from ‘€10 No Deposit Bonus’ to Free Spins. In certain cases, operators can also provide you with free play, where you can try out games with no restrictions. Other casinos limit their selection of free-play games which can include roulette, blackjack, and slots. No-Deposit bonuses tend to stay under the €100 mark for obvious reasons and you should be highly suspicious of anything above that as it can come with several strings attached to it.

These types of bonuses have proven to be very popular with players and for good reason. Have a look around our site and see if you can spot some nice bonuses!

Offers on specific games

The best thing about exploring a new online casino is their game library. There is usually a large variety of different games for players of all tastes and likes – from slots to table games to live casino including Blackjack and Roulette. To make it more exciting, casinos tailor many offers for specific games. Slot lovers will find bonuses that run on specific slots and table games enthusiasts will not be disappointed either. If you are into live dealer games, look out for live casino bonuses with no wagering requirements.

Payment options bonuses

There are many ways to deposit money to your players account. How to pick the best for you? Why not look at special deposit bonuses tied to the payment method? You can get as much as 15% if you choose to deposit through some e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill or prepaid cards, such as Paysafecard. So when deciding how to deposit, don’t forget to check these bonuses.

Simple? Not so fast…

Not all that glitters is gold and this is also true for casino bonuses. To avoid disappointment always make sure you read the fine print in the promotion terms and conditions to understand what the restrictions are.

Different jurisdictions carry different rules and regulations including the terminology used. A UK-licenced casino offering Free Spins would need to include a NO stake and a NO wagering requirement and as such may be referred to as bonus spins rather than Free Spins. This does not apply to the US market in places such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania where Free Spins are still called Free Spins.

Generally speaking, bonuses will have a wagering requirement attached to them. What this means, is that the bonus (and in certain cases the deposit too) needs to be played-through a number of times before you are able to cash out any winnings. Understanding this is of great importance.

If you do try to withdraw winnings before the wagering requirement has been met, you might find that any such winnings have been deducted from your account, although this can vary from operator to operator. This can be very frustrating, more so if you have amassed a small fortune which now you are unable to withdraw. Bonus funds can also have a limited lifetime which means that wagering requirements have to be met in a specified period of time before they disappear from your account.

Whilst requirements vary from casino to casino and promotion to promotion, you can bet that no-deposit bonuses will carry a higher wagering requirement and may carry a shorter validity period.

So get your fine-tooth comb and go through those terms and conditions with extra caution to avoid disappointment.

Casino Bonuses FAQs

How do I get bonuses? Do I need to sign-up?

Claiming your bonus depends on the jurisdiction under which your account is set up. Among others, under UK jurisdiction, promotions for users make it necessary for players to opt-in. In a number of other markets, this requirement is not enforced and as such can be added automatically on sign-up with the casino. In both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, this is not applicable however some casinos might opt to do this regardless.

A number of casinos manage promotions through codes. Typically, you will get a Bonus Code through email-marketing or other means which you will need to enter on the site to claim any associated bonus. In most cases, a deposit must be made before such bonuses become available to you.

Once this process has been completed, your bonus should appear in your casino account.

Do I have to accept bonuses?

Almost every casino under the sun has some sort of welcome offer; however, you are under no obligation whatsoever to accept it. If you’re worried about the wagering requirements or perhaps you’ve had a sour experience in the past, do not worry; just pass it over. If this is the case, make sure you choose a casino that adopts an opt-in policy. This ensures that you only play with your deposited funds and not whatever bonus the casino is offering. If the casino you’ve got an eye on does not offer opt-in functionality, don’t be shy about contacting their customer service peeps and let them know that you would rather not get the advertised bonus.

Ultimately, the decision is yours.

How can this bite me back?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. This is true in life as it is when it comes to casino bonuses. Here’s a few possible drawbacks you should consider before making any commitments:

  1. Wagering requirements
  2. Sticky bonuses
  3. time-bound
  4. Jurisdiction restrictions
  5. Payout and wagering restrictions
  1. Wagering requirements are in effect: This means you need to wager the bonus amount a pre-defined number of times before you become eligible to withdraw any winnings derived from any such monies. Wagering requirements can vary from one casino to the next but typically run 30x to 40x the granted bonus amount.
  2. Sticky bonuses stick to your account (cannot be withdrawn) until you have fulfilled all of your wagering requirements obligations. Once said requirements have been fulfilled, the bonus is released after which you can withdraw it and any winnings derived thereof.
  3. A number of casinos have time-bound wagering requirements which means that any wagering requirements must be met within a timeframe. If the deadline is not met, the bonus is forfeited along with any winnings derived from it. The allocated period can vary from one casino to the next.
  4. In some jurisdictions, bonuses are severely restricted and as such you might not be able to claim any bonus whatsoever. Make sure you read through the T&Cs to understand your eligibility. Yes, we understand you’d rather be playing, but familiarising yourself with them goes a long way in making playing fun.
  5. Payout and wagering restrictions might be enforced more so when availing yourself of the no-deposit bonus variety. Free spins can have restrictions on the betting amount which can lead to forfeiture if this is increased.

How can the people at NetEnt help you decide?

Take the time to ask yourself; What kind of bonus is the best for me? If you’re new to the game, a no-deposit offer might be the better choice. It gives you the opportunity to try out the casino and some of its games with minimal down-side and the upside of winning cold, hard cash.

Welcome bonuses can offer the most upside. Reflect on everything we have covered and take the time to assess available bonuses before deciding on which one to claim. Will you get the bonus straight after your initial deposit, or will it carry on for the first few? Remember that bonus size is not everything (ahem) and wagering requirements should play an equally important role in your considerations and deliberations. Also remember to check if any timeframes are in place and whether the casino offers a rewarding loyalty programme.

And now, we pass the baton on to you. Check out our curated list of Welcome Bonuses that we have dutifully gathered from some of the biggest and greatest casinos around the internet-world and see if there’s anything you fancy.

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