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Discover What Makes NetEnt Live Casino Superb

Live casinos present players with a whole range of new and top-notch gaming features. You will be able to enjoy the game in real-time and a human dealer will be present to mediate the game. It doesn’t end there! Top-rated providers can even provide more sophisticated features with the help of modern technology to make the game even more enjoyable and improve players’ gaming experience.

It is more than just giving players a realistic experience, it also involves being able to provide players with amazing game themes, new opportunities and bet options. This is why the leading game providers present something entirely new and amazing. NetEnt also does the same in this regard with all the games in our collection including our slots.

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Quick FAQ for playing at a Live Casino

What is a Live Casino?

Live casino presents you with a way to play games real-time and get the broadcast stream on your device. Live casino is hosted by a human dealer and you will be able to play against other human players and bet in real-time on games like roulette and blackjack.

How many NetEnt live casino games are available?

There are around 8 live casino games that you can play at the moment.

NetEnt Innovation Meets Live Casino Games

While it is true that several software developers provide live casino games, many of them have failed to meet the standard of the gameplay or provide players with the best opportunities. At NetEnt, we show you the different benefits you stand to gain when you choose from our amazing collection of live dealer games. We want to reveal to you what makes an award-winning developer standout and how you can benefit when you choose games from the right game providers.

About this Guide

In this guide, you will be provided with details of our live casino games and the amazing features that make them stand out from others. This guide is more than just talking about the awesome video feed or the mobile gaming capabilities of our live casino games. It will provide you with all the information about the betting options as well as how the games work. So, if you are a lover of live casino games or table games, read on as this is the best live casino guide you will ever find!

Why Choose Our Live Games

NetEnt provides award-winning and top quality live casino games. The different awards we have won in terms of live casino games is enough to let you know that we provide nothing short of premium quality.

NetEnt entered the online casino gaming industry as far back as 1996, and we are the first developer to provide live casino software to online casinos. To date, we remain one of the best software providers in the universe and we continue striving to deliver the very best gaming innovations.

We have won several awards not just for providing the best live casino games but for other gaming aspects as well. In the last 10 years alone, we have won over 20 different awards, which include:

Our team has been excellent in each game they create helping us to win several awards for our innovativeness and advanced gaming software. Despite our past successes, we continue to push ourselves ever further to deliver better gaming experience to players in the future.

Why Our Live Games Are Unique

After our collection of slots, the live casino games from NetEnt are the most popularly played. We always implement the latest features while also tapping the full potential of the opportunities that are already inbuilt in the game. As of 2019, we provide live casino games with amazing features such as:

Live Casino Blackjack

As indicated on our live Blackjack page, NetEnt offer players amazing game selections with different wager options. We use several HD cameras positioned in different angles to show you the live feed of the gaming table and all the other features. This way you will find it very easy to play our live blackjack games.

One thing that makes our instant play live blackjack game stand out is the several special features that you can use when playing it. The game comes with different gaming chips that you can choose from. You will find it easy to access the game’s betting interface and check the status and history of the game. The layout of the game is also simple and structured in such a way that makes it easier for you to locate all the game features.

Live Blackjack on Mobile

With our advanced live casino, you will be able to play your games with ease as you move. Whether you are a gaming expert or a total newbie, you will enjoy our games regardless of the device you use to play them. If you are playing our blackjack game on your mobile device, you will find your account details, balance and betting values at the top corner. You will also see an icon that allows you to play the game in fullscreen mode, which will give you the best gaming experience. The hit, double up, stand and split options are at the centre of the screen, and you will be able to use them with just a single tap.

Even on smartphones with a smaller screen, the layout of our casino games gives you a clear view of all the activities going on in the game. You will be able to see each move the dealer makes, as well as the game details clearly. We also included a highlight feature that shows your current hand at the top of the screen. Our live blackjack on mobile includes a chat option and audio control that you can find below the game screen.

Live Casino Roulette

If you love playing live casino games, then you will find our live dealer roulette to be interesting. Several cameras provide you with the video feed of the game from all angles, allowing you to see every detail of the game and adding to your gaming experience. With the placement of the cameras, you will be able to see the betting table clearly and you will also have a closer view of the Roulette wheel when the ball is coming to a stop to show the winning number. At NetEnt, our roulette follows the European Roulette standard rules. It has a single zero with a return to player (RTP) of 97.30%, which is higher than what most other live games offer.

Simplistic and Filled with Features

Several useful and awesome features have been provided in NetEnt Roulette. The features of the game are similar to the European Roulette platform, and it has standard options which include the racetrack betting option. There are also other special features included in the game. These options include the winning information and betting details, which you can always see when you hover over the bet options where your chips are placed.

Adding Game Stats with Ease

NetEnt live roulette game shows you details and specific stats of the game. You will be able to see what the hot and cold numbers are and the history of the game. The game’s counter is placed at the top of the screen where you will see updates whenever a new round is about to start.

Quick Options to Keep you in the Game!

NetEnt includes some special buttons in the game that you may not see anywhere else. These buttons include the star and the x2. The x2 allows you to double your betting value with ease. So, you can always tap the re-bet option followed by the x2 button to double your total wager in the next round.

The star is also very useful for players as it allows you to save your special betting patterns. At NetEnt, we understand that it can be annoying to keep repeating a bet process over again especially if we want to play the different positions in each round. So, we have included the star button which allows you to store your betting pattern and load them whenever you need them. Once your betting patterns are saved, you can always access them when next you play the game again.

Live Roulette on Mobile

Just like our live dealer Blackjack, you will find our live Roulette to be easy to use on mobile. While the camera angles are the same as that of roulette instant play, the high-quality graphics of the game and other features makes it even more amazing. The features point out the betting window, winning number and several other information. For instance, when the ball stops on a winning number, a big popup will appear showing you the details of the winning.

Simplistic Mobile Layout

Players can make use of all the features and options when they place a bet. The betting window and game history are above the wheels. The game’s betting window is indicated with a green bar which goes down as the game counts down. You will see the full table, which will make it easier for you to wager specific bets since the options are bigger and not jam-packed.

You will also find it easy to use NetEnt’s popular live roulette options, which are the double up located in the left corner and the star located in the right corner.

Live Common Draw Blackjack

One awesome variation of online Blackjack is the Live Common Draw Blackjack. With this advanced casino live game, several players will be able to bet on a single hand and stand a chance to win. The game caters for multiple users at a time while it also offers them several amazing.

Advanced Blackjack Made Easy

Playing live Common Draw Blackjack is easy and straightforward. It is a good choice for both new and professional players since you are not required to know all the information about the game. The game allows you to see the options other players selected and this will help you in selecting yours too. For instance, if a round of the game only has the hit and stand options, you can see the percentage of players that selected the hit, as well as those that selected the stand. So, you can always decide whether to follow or go against the majority vote. The game also provides standard blackjack options and the standard game rules are the same.

Play and Bet your Own Way

Unlike standard roulette that has side bets, there are no side bets in Common Draw Blackjack. However, there are several bonuses that each player can claim. In each round of the game, you have the flexibility of choosing chips with different values, and your choice does not affect other players. You will also find the re-bet and double up options which you can use to play out your strategies.

Just as our other games offer nothing short of quality, you can expect the same in Common Draw Blackjack. The video feed is of high definition with a single view camera. You will be able to see the dealer, the cards and the game table where you can place your bet. Common Draw Blackjack also has some amazing visual effects in the betting options and each hand of the game.

Common Draw Blackjack on Mobile

Just like other NetEnt live dealer games, you can also play Common Draw Blackjack on mobile devices. You don’t have to download any software or app before you can play. All you need to do is sign in to one of our recommended NetEnt casinos and play the game from the game lobby.

Easy to Use Mobile

There is a little difference between Common Draw Blackjack interface on PC and mobile. However, the gameplay is the exact same one for both devices and it shows you the video feed of both the table and the dealer. The difference between the two modes is that mobile gaming has the game options and betting interface in a different way that improves the experience when playing on mobile.

Innovative Mobile Blackjack Features

Just as with PCs, the betting values appear below the screen on mobile. However, the game options have been moved to the right and left side of the mobile screen. This way, you will be able to access the game features such as the ‘hit’ and ‘stand’ easily and make any changes you want. After each round, an animation will be shown on the screen that displays the winnings as well as new betting options. The betting window countdown is at the top of the screen and you can choose to double up, re-bet or select a new bet during this window.

Finding the Best NetEnt Online Live Casino

There are several things to consider if you want to choose the best NetEnt live online casino. This includes the features and promotions the casino offers. However, you can always expect the best game quality and the highest level of fairness in our games, thus making it easier for you to select the casinos you want.

You will find the best NetEnt casinos that offer the highest standards that meet your gaming needs. In addition to providing live casino games, our NetEnt casinos also provide an amazing collection of slots and other games. These casinos are licenced under the best Gaming Authorities with the strictest rules that ensure you get the best of everything in terms of fairness, security, responsibility and others.

All Live Casinos

List of all casinos where you can play our live casino games
King Billy logotype

King Billy

18+ T&C’s Apply Welcome Bonus 100% Welcome Bonus + 200€ + 200 Free Spins
Mr Play Logo

Mr Play

18+ T&C’s Apply Welcome Bonus Get 100 Spins + 100% Bonus up to 200€
Casino Gods Logo

Casino Gods

18+ T&Cs Apply Welcome Bonus 1500€ Bonus + 300 Free Spins

Choose and Join the Best Live Casino by NetEnt

There are several awesome benefits that NetEnt casinos give players, so the only problem you may have is choosing which benefit to go for. While some casinos will offer you amazing live casino bonuses, others may offer you a range of VIP rewards and tournaments. Thus, when you want to choose a NetEnt casino, you need to find out what your preference and gaming needs are to make the selection easier.

One thing is sure though, you will enjoy amazing benefits from our NetEnt casinos even if you are a total newbie to live casino games. Every NetEnt casino provides you with the very best gaming qualities and you can be sure of getting an amazing experience.

To join a NetEnt casino, you only have to register and provide your basic details. The registration process takes only a few minutes, and once your account is activated, you can claim the casino welcome bonus. Some casinos even offer you no deposit bonuses which you can use to play games for free and win cash. Follow these simple steps to join a casino

How to play Live Casino

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Follow these steps to register with a NetEnt Casino and start playing our live casino games.

  1. Select the live casino (4 min)

    There are several tested and approved NetEnt live casinos on this page. Select the live casino that you prefer.

  2. Create the account (8 min)

    Sign up and provide accurate details during the registration to make the account verification process quick and easy.

  3. Confirm your email address (1 min)

    Verify your account by clicking on the confirmation link that is sent to your email.

  4. Deposit money (1 min)

    Fund your casino account. Follow the procedure for quick and smooth secure deposits. Always ensure that the money you deposit is what you can afford to lose.

  5. Locate the live casino section (1 min)

    Almost every casino shows their games on the main menu, so you will always be able to see it. Click on game link to go to the casino’s game lobby where you will find the collection of games you can choose from to play.

How To Claim Your Live Casino Bonus

Every NetEnt casino rewards you with a welcome bonus when you create an account. This bonus adds bonus cash to the amount you deposited, thus increasing the amount you can wager. Some casinos even give new players free spins and bonus funds that they can use on their favourite games.

Depositing money into your casino account is fast, easy and very secure. There are several popular payment options that NetEnt casinos accept. This includes web wallets, debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers. Once you have provided your details and followed the steps highlighted in this guide, you can proceed to activate your bonus and play your favourite games. You can also access the casino and promotions terms and conditions easily, and also check your progress in meeting the bonus playthrough requirements in the account section.

Several NetEnt casinos offer special bonuses that you can use on live casino games. Some casinos will even reward you with a live casino welcome bonus that you can use to start the game. Casinos that don’t offer live casino bonuses may still allow you to play live casino games with your bonus cash. Nevertheless, always check out the terms and conditions of the bonus to know which games you can use the bonus on.

All Live Casinos

List of all casinos where you can play our live casino games
Casino Gods Logo

Casino Gods

18+ T&Cs Apply Welcome Bonus 1500€ Bonus + 300 Free Spins
King Billy logotype

King Billy

18+ T&C’s Apply Welcome Bonus 100% Welcome Bonus + 200€ + 200 Free Spins
Mr Play Logo

Mr Play

18+ T&C’s Apply Welcome Bonus Get 100 Spins + 100% Bonus up to 200€