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Classic Roulette Live

Have you placed your bets on Live Casino Roulette? It’s the one in a lifetime live casino experience available online. The game is presented to you using the most tech advanced platform to simulate the experience of a real casino platform. Playing Live Casino is like playing on Las Vegas tables or the newly built multi-billion dollar casino of Asia.

Focus on the Game

All the functionalities you may desire in a live casino are offered in our HTML mobile version of Roulette. The offer is wrapped in a gorgeous package loved by millions of users. The professional dealers are delivered to you in crystal clear video using the latest streaming technology. Similarly, the HTML desktop version expands the operational features, making playing more fun on a big screen.

Graphics and sound

If you are one who is not a fan of moving a lot, but just wants to have fun Live Roulette is perfect. With Classical Live Roulette you can be a real-time player in the comfort of your home. Also with a webcam, you can experience it all live as you witness and communicate with other players. You can access Classical Live Roulette just anywhere on your mobile. More to that, you can download it on your smartphone or tablet.

Betting Rules

You have the choice of standard, VIP, VVIP, and professional tables with variant betting levels and style of play on every platform you desire. We believe there is something for each player! All the games are connected to Live Rewards platforms, allowing you to win rewards on the go through the completion of goals. You get a digital feel at the comfort of your home.


Compared to other live games, Classic Roulette Live offers a wide range of winning opportunities to its players. Besides that, you are guaranteed a top-notch digital gaming experience. Also, with almost every placed bet, you have the chance to win. And, in addition to that, you can easily adjust the game to your taste. With the Classic Roulette Live, players can communicate and even celebrate together when a win is made. Also, Classic Roulette Live is offered in multiple languages.

To make the game better, we included some extra features. One of the interesting features we added was the history feature where you can check all your betting activities. Also, you will get to enjoy some exclusive bonuses. All you need to do is click the promotions icon, and you will be able to see the available rewards under the live tab. Additionally, to learn more about the game, you can click the more information icon to see all the game’s information.

Bonus Game

There are no bonus games in this game.

Free Spins

There are no Free Spins in this game.


If you love games with cutting edge graphics, then Classical Live Roulette is the game just for you. The game has excellent features that spice up the game. Giving an exclusive gaming experience that will make you come back for more. Additionally, the game is not limited to European players alone. You can also place French bets offered by the game. Some of these bets include the Jeu Zero, Tiers, and Orphelins. The good thing is that they are not casinos alone but also can be found live. With so many gamers in Ireland, at NetEnt we customised Classical Live Roulette to go with any player. Apart from the European and French layout, the game is for anyone who would want an exceptional gaming experience. It accommodates all kinds of table game lovers. Of course, VIP and High Rollers are not ruled out. Also, anyone regarding himself as a winner should try out Classic Live Roulette. With unlimited instant wins and payouts, it is a game you should not miss out on.

Sep 12, 2018
NetEnt editorial team
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