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European Roulette

European Roulette is best known for its 37 divisions. It has come with a nice billboard and racetrack betting and is an easy-to-play game. You just need to sit at the table, concentrate on your strategy, and enjoy this unique game. The standard rule is that the roulette table consists of 37 numbers, starting from 0 and 1 to 36 on which bet is placed. This game has a friendly design and voice announcements.

Focus on the Game

Being a single zero-slot roulette, the European roulette has a humble house edge of 2.7%, making it to be preferred more by players. Despite the accoutrements that come with this game such as the chips, wheel, and table, there’s not much to it. As a player, you simply need to choose in which numbered slot you think the spinning ball will land. You choose a range of numbers or a number by placing your bets on the roulette table in a particular position.

Graphics and sound

The European roulette wheel has a layout of 37 slots, with one zero, and numbers from 1 to 36, which are coloured in black and red, while zero is coloured green. This is accompanied by a jazzy, upbeat soundtrack.

Betting Rules

The game consists of outside and inside bets. Outside bets are literally those that fall outside the betting table. They involve predicting on the result being black/red or odd/even in six divisions of numbers that include 1–12, 12–24, 25–36 as well as the three columns. They cover the table to easily increase winning odds. Inside bets refer to those falling ‘inside’ the table numbers on which you place your chips. The possible winnings here are greater, with a higher risk of losing a bet.

You just need to predict the numbered pocket where the roulette ball will settle. First, you will make a bet(s) on a particular number, then the roulette wheel is turned, spinning the ball in the opposite direction. When the roulette ball lands into the pocket with the selected number, you get paid.


It’s usually not easy to control a European roulette spin. All you can do is to avoid playing the risky inside bets often and spread your bets. Although the inside bets offer better rewards, the best winning chances are always with outside bets as you are more likely to land them. Therefore, for you to be in the game for a long haul, it’s better to balance your bets between low-risk outside bets and high-risk inside bets. Our European Roulette strategy just comes down to these!

Statistically speaking, our European Roulette is among the best lucrative version of roulette as it offers an RTP average of 97.30%. This means that for every bet worth €100 you play, you can expect a €97.30 return, with a possibility of just losing €2.70. But the RTP of each version varies with some having a slightly higher 98.65% RTP. Keen to play? With that information in mind, just try your luck and play for fun on one of our European Roulettes!

Bonus Game

There are no bonus games in this game.

Free Spins

There are no Free Spins in this game.


This game is a great place to begin for players who are new to roulette, as well as experienced players. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, offering you a seamless playing experience wherever you may be. Add to that high-quality graphics and it’s a combination you won’t want to miss out on.

Sep 04, 2018
NetEnt editorial team
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