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Welcome Bonus150% up to 350€ + up to 100 Free Spins

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Starburst Slot

If there is one online game we all know and love, it is Starburst. This game is best known for its unique features and great options. It has been popular in the gaming industry for many years, with countless players all over the world introduced to slot games via Starburst. Many people have attempted to recreate this game’s achievements, but you can’t beat the real McCoy! It really is one of the stars of the online gaming industry. Let’s find out more about it.

Focus on the Game

Starburst is a classical game that is both fun and entertaining. It has 5 reels and 3 rows. Some of its most exciting features include the Win Both Ways feature and the Starburst Wilds. If you love fast-paced thrilling games, then Starburst will provide you with unforgettable and amazing gaming experience. You’ll have plenty of chances to win and improve your gaming skills. Score a win, and you’ll see some fantastic Arcade-light graphics effects, while the Big Win special effects are stunning.

Starburst is set against a backdrop of outer space with a shimmering Milky Way. Its main symbols are precious gemstones and planets, which are quite beautiful and have a lot of variety. The best-paying symbol is the Golden Bar set on top of a flaming Sun. Another interesting symbol is the Lucky Seven revolving around the Earth. Five gemstones can also be seen: sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, amethysts and rubies. However, apart from the expanding Wilds, there are no other bonus features, Scatters or Free Spins.

Graphics and sound

Starburst is visually stunning. The beautiful jewels really catch the player’s eye and take centre stage in this game. Thanks to their many distinctive colours, sizes and shapes, it is easy for the player to check the result of every spin. We must admit that Starburst has a unique and gorgeous environment for bettors of every level. Whilst there is no telling what features will make a slot game popular, for Starburst it could be the combination of old-fashioned symbols with modern graphics.

It seems that a multitude of players love a bit of nostalgia, and with Starburst, the game harks back to the simpler fruit machine age. This is combined with the fun and excitement of classic arcade games. Players can explore Space while listening to an other-worldly soundtrack. The best part is that the music of this game builds to a crescendo when someone is about to get a big payout. And then, have we mentioned those Expanding Wilds….?

Starburst is an all-time classic slot. You will be able to find it at pretty much any decent casino. When the game was first released, the mesmerising soundtrack set the standard and has since had a far-reaching influence on the soundtracks of numerous other games. The soundtrack that accompanies the base game is other-worldly and haunting – evoking a sense of cosmic calm as you place your wagers and spin those reels. But that cosmic peace is shattered if you’re heading for a win!

Players who are about to land a win will hear an entirely different soundtrack, with the volume increasing and the tempo changing to match the build up of tension and excitement. Players can’t help but find themselves excited and engaged. In fact, it is not wrong to say that the soundtrack plays a vital role in the success of this game. Combined with the excellent gameplay, it makes Starburst a thrilling and exciting slot at all stages and levels.

Betting Rules

If you are ready to explore the light blasts, electrifying sounds and flashing texts, then the first step is to learn the basic rules of Starburst. There are ten fixed pay lines that can be played with several coin values and bet levels. AUTOPLAY and MAX BET are two options you need to remember. MAX BET, as the name suggests, lets you wager the maximum bet level, while coin value is unchanged. AUTOPLAY allows you to choose how many spins to play.

Players can also simply click on the AUTO tab to get started. Payouts and winning combinations can be checked using the paytable. Do remember that if you win on any betting line your winnings will be calculated according to the coin values listed in the paytable, times the level you chose to bet at. Similarly, if you want to calculate your winnings in currency, this is the number of coins won times their actual value. Payline wins are calculated from both left and right sides.


This slot is one of the few casino games that are suitable for both beginners and experienced players. Its rules are simple and the gameplay is quite interesting and uncomplicated. Experienced players love Starburst because it is exciting and fast-paced. The game has a range of bet limits that will suit all budgets. It comes with a range of coin values, usually of the order of 1 cent to €1, though this does depend on the specific casino.

  • Return to Player (RTP) rate is 96.1%.
  • Hit rate frequency is 22.65%.

Coin values are usually set as €0.01, €0.02, €0.05, €0.1, €0.2, €0.5 and €1. There are ten betting levels. The default minimum bet amount is 0.01, and the maximum is 100. Players on a budget will be pleased that the smallest bet/spin is only 10 cents. On the other hand, high rollers can bet the maximum of €100 per payline, always remembering that there is a maximum default value of 5000 coins for any one bet line. This is a game for everyone!

There are a few other things to keep in mind. Players can have up to €1000 in their player wallets at the beginning of a gaming session. Of course, once playing, this limit may well be exceeded. However, both players and the casino can set a range of limits for play. These include limits on both the bet amount and losses incurred in a session. It is usually also possible to set daily, weekly and monthly limits.

  • If you reach your playing limit, you cannot place any more bets.

The game has a jackpot feature that can be won only when you bet the maximum amount.

Bonus Game

This slot is best known for its Wild symbols. These only show up on reel 2 to reel 4. Land at least one Wild on any of these reels to trigger the Wild Feature. Once activated, those Wilds keep expanding until they cover the whole reel. These are Sticky Wilds, so they stay put. If another Wild Symbol appears on the re-spinning reels, then it also expands and gives you one more Re-spin. When Wilds stop appearing on the reels, then this Wild feature finishes.

Free Spins

There is no Free Spin feature in this slot.


Do you want to play Starburst on a smartphone or tablet? No problem! NetEnt has created a mobile-compatible version – Starburst Touch – which can be played on both Android and iOS devices. In order to play the game without any issues on a mobile device, it is important to have the most up-to-date operating system (OS) installed. Once the game starts, you will see that it has the same cosmic delights in store for you as the desktop version.

Starburst Touch is known to provide a great mobile gaming experience for players. One of the best parts is that the user interface (UI) of this game has been beautifully modified for the small screen of any mobile device by the NetEnt development team. Set the reels in motion and you will see that the spin wheel has disappeared from the screen. Whilst the player can adjust a variety of settings, they are all to be found in neatly filed sub-menus, keeping the main screen clutter-free.

The game is absolutely safe for players. Net Entertainment is one of the best and most popular casino game developers in the world. For many years, it has been providing high-quality and visually stunning games to its customers, building a great reputation. All of its slots and other games are properly licensed and certified by the appropriate regulatory authorities. These authorities make sure that the slots provided by NetEnt are fair and friendly – Starburst is no exception! Starburst is a simple game, but it offers some cosmic-level prizes. Players don’t need to learn a bunch of tactics in order to win. The gameplay is mainly focused on those Expanding Wilds. One advantage of playing this game is that it is compatible with almost all devices. It pays out small or medium wins regularly, which is another plus point. Now is the time to spin those reels and take a trip to outer space!

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