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See the Influence of NetEnt’s Live Casino

Live dealer games provide some of the most advanced and latest iGaming features. The games are all geared to providing more lifelike features plus real-life dealers showing on the game’s screen to deliver the games. This may have been where it began; however, modern technology enables highly rated software providers to add a whole fresh experience, one that projects reality to another level!

Nowadays, it is more than the most lifelike experience; rather it is about taking players on a journey with more opportunities, game themes and bet options. Top online live casino developers strive to provide games never seen in the past just like what NetEnt does with its online slots.

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FAQs for playing at any Live Casino

What is meant by Live Casino?

Live casinos are online stream/webcast presented by actual live dealers where you have the chance to bet in real-time on different casino game variations like roulette and blackjack.

How many are NetEnt live casino games?

NetEnt offers 8 different casino games at the moment that you can play.

NetEnt Where Novelty Meets Live Casino Games

Though several companies offer live casino games, a lot of them don’t meet the set standards and also, fail to offer the finest opportunities available. Hence, we strive to show the benefits you gain when you choose NetEnt and our outstanding range of live casino games. We bid you to see what makes us an award-winning software provider and also discover how remarkable online gaming is when you play games from the right developer.

About NetEnt Guide

In this guide, you will discover the collection of games available and why they are unique. We look at everything from the awesome HD video feed, mobile gaming, betting options to how everything works. Therefore, if you love table games or want to play with actual dealers from anywhere, this guide is perfect for you!

Why Choose Our Live Games

All NetEnt’s live casino games offer some of the best quality and are also award-winning. For the fact that we have a massive award collection, it shows that we take the quality of our games seriously most especially because the competition is very high.

NetEnt has been a pioneer of the online gambling industry since 1996, thus, becoming one of the initial online casino game developers to have their software live at various online casinos. Today, after over 2 decades, NetEnt maintains the top spot as one of the finest developers in the industry, constantly setting higher standards in game innovation.

We are not only an award-winning provider for live casino games, but we are also award winners in other various aspects of the online casino gaming industry. Currently, we have received over 20 awards since 2010, which includes our 2018 and 2019 additions:

Our team’s success is obvious in all our games, which has helped us bag different awards for the most innovative and cutting-edge gaming software. However, we still strive to find and deliver much more gaming advancements as time goes on.

Why is Our Live Casino Games Unique?

After NetEnt’s online slots section the live casino section is the most popular section of any NetEnt casino. This is because we continuously look for fresh ways to add the latest in-game features while increasing the benefits that are already part of the game. Currently, we provide a set of games with outstanding features, which includes:

Live Casino Blackjack

Just like you will discover in the casino live Blackjack page, NetEnt offers an amazing collection of wagering options with our live casino games. Additionally, NetEnt comes with an HD view of the dealer and table in one slot while making the live Blackjack game straightforward and clear.

On PC, the instant play live Blackjack game have a huge collection of special features and very straightforward options. As the game fully loads, you will have access to the betting interface with different types of casino chip values to select from. Additionally, it comes with different kinds of game statistics that can be added or removed by pressing a button. The simple and clean layout makes it quite easy to see every option needed.

Live Blackjack on Mobile

Our advanced more live casino makes it easy for everyone to get in on the action while on the move. Whether you’re new to mobile gaming or an expert, our live games offer the best, no matter how you connect! Account balances and total betting values appear in the top right-hand corner, followed by the option to enter full-screen mode for an even better experience on mobile. In the middle of the screen towards the left, you’ll see the hit and double up option along with the stand and split options on the opposite side.

Even on smaller smartphone displays, our mobile interface provides an easy to use layout with a clear view of every move the dealer makes. You can see exactly what happens and the details are easy to find, thanks to special highlights such as your current hand appear at the top. There’s also the popular chat option at the bottom right-hand corner along with volumes options in the bottom left-hand corner.

Live Casino Roulette

For live casino fans, the Live dealer casino Roulette is an interesting one. This is because it comes with many camera angles so that all the game’s details are captured, making the experience exciting and thrilling. One camera angle shows you the betting table while another shows a close view of the Roulette wheel when the ball comes to a halt so that the winning number is seen clearly. NetEnt also offers regular European Roulette betting rules that feature one zero and a high RTP of 97.3%.

Basic and Jam-packed with Features

NetEnt live Roulette gaming experience delivers an outstanding variety of features without adding unnecessary gimmicks and useless features. Rather, the game comes with a standard European Roulette platform and adds the standard options like the racetrack betting option. Additionally, it presents a few special features like winning information and betting details when you hover any of the available betting options where you would typically place your chips.

Including Game Stats with Ease

When it comes to specific stats and details, you can count on NetEnt live Roulette. The game provides the ability to see the hot and cold numbers at the touch of a button, which offers a game history as well. The live Roulette counter appears above the betting table, keeping you updated as the next round gets close.

Options to Keep the Game Mood Alive!

On a final note, when you play live Roulette, you’ll discover that the game comes with some special buttons you may not see in other games, which includes the star and x2. The x2 feature is quite straightforward as it only offers double of your betting value. Hence, players using strategies can just click the re-bet and x2 option to double their total bet for the coming round.

The star, on the other hand, is an amazing inclusion for you because it remembers your special betting patterns. We know how maddening it can be when you have to keep placing the same bet every time especially if you cover many positions in each round. All you need to do is load them into the star and then press it to see your saved betting patterns. It also remembers everything so you can re-use later.

Live Roulette on Mobile

Just like the live casino Blackjack, the mobile user interface for our live mobile Roulette provides a pretty easy to use layout. Additionally, it adds similar camera angles like the instant play game but presents more features and graphics to show the betting window, winning numbers, and more. In the case, the ball lands on a number, a huge popup will appear with all the winning details plus the camera angle.

Easy to Use Mobile Layout

Players get to use the same features and options when it comes to placing a bet on the mobile live casino. The betting window counts down using a green bar at the top which is followed by the game’s history. The entire table makes it very easy to place certain bets since the options are bigger and straightforward.

Additionally, it is possible to make use of the well-known live Roulette options, which include the start and x2 feature in the right-hand and left-hand corner respectively.

Live Common Draw Blackjack

One of the most exciting variations of online casino Blackjack is the Live Common Draw Blackjack. This cutting-edge live dealer game enables many players to wager on one hand and also “vote”. Thus, it allows more than one player at a time while providing an amazing collection of features.

Ground-breaking Blackjack Made Simple

Playing the live casino Common Draw Blackjack doesn’t require you to know a lot about the game. It is an awesome choice for either beginners or professionals since you can see the options chosen by the other players. For example, if there’s only a stand or hit options, you’ll see the percentage of players that selected hit and how many chose the stand option. As a result, you can choose to follow the majority or go the other way. Of course, you will find other typical Blackjack variations that follow the standard set rules, making it an amazing advantage for live Blackjack with additional features.

Bet and Play your Preferred Way

Although there are no side bets included in the game, instead there are bonuses you can claim. With every round, you can choose from the different types of chip values, which is not affected by the action of other players. Additionally, you can use the re-bet and double-up option if you wish.

The Common Draw Blackjack variation provides similar game quality like other games. Hence, you will see an HD video feed with one view camera appear on your display. The single view comes with the table and dealer that allows you to place bets and also see the cards. Additionally, it provides visual effects for the betting choices and dealer.

Mobile Common Draw Blackjack

Just like other live casino games by NetEnt, you can choose to use your smartphone to access the game. To get started, you are not required to download any additional software or application, all you need to do is sign into an approved NetEnt casino and then go to the game lobby.

Easy to Use Mobile

When you switch to mobile gaming the user interface for the Common Draw Blackjack will change. Although the game will remain the same and also offer the same features as the PC variation. The difference is seen in the game options and betting interface since NetEnt offers the best possible interface for your ultimate enjoyment.

Remarkable Mobile Blackjack Features

The game options in the mobile interface appear on the right and left of the display but the betting values don’t change. Making it easier to have access to the game features for swift bet changes, standing, hitting, and all other things you want to do. After every round, you will see an animation appear to show you your winnings plus fresh betting options. The game also provides a countdown feature at the top to denote the betting period in which you can double up, re-bet or select a fresh bet.

Get the Finest Online Live Casino by NetEnt

To get the finest online live casino by NetEnt, it is important to consider the features and also the promotions you want. Fortunately, the outstanding game fairness and quality which makes the selection a lot easier is something you can count on.

We offer only the finest NetEnt powered casinos, which provides the best possible standards that will satisfy your needs. Our casinos include an entire slot collection and other casinos games in addition to the live casino games offered. They all operate and are licensed under the strictest licenses to make sure players always get the absolute best in responsibility, fairness, security, and more.

Pick and Become a Member of the Best NetEnt Live Casinos

Deciding on which outstanding benefit has to offer is the only problem that comes with selecting a NetEnt casino. Some impress with excellent bonus offers while some come with a wide range of VIP rewards and tournaments. Thus, before choosing, you need to decide what is most important for your gaming requirements.

New to online live casino games? You just can’t go wrong with any of the highly-rated NetEnt casinos listed. Every one of them presents the best possible gaming quality which gives you the finest of what is available. Creating an account is easy and straightforward as it needs only your basic details. It will only take a few minutes to get you up and running with your account and welcome bonus. Some may even offer no deposit bonuses, which lets you play casino games for free and also win cash bonuses! Just follow these few steps to join in a matter of minutes:

All Live Casinos

List of all casinos where you can play our live casino games
King Billy logotype

King Billy

18+ T&C’s Apply Welcome Bonus 100% Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins
Mr Play Logo

Mr Play

18+ T&C’s Apply Welcome Bonus Get 100 Spins + 100% Bonus up to 200€
Casino Gods Logo

Casino Gods

18+ T&Cs Apply Welcome Bonus 1500€ Bonus + 300 Free Spins

Choose and Join the Best Live Casino by NetEnt

The only problem when choosing a NetEnt casino is deciding on the excellent benefits each of them has to offer. Some would impress with brilliant live casino bonus offers while others add a great range of tournaments and VIP rewards. Therefore, before you choose, determine what’s important for your gaming needs as this would make things much easier.

If you’re new to online live casino games, you simply cannot go wrong with any of the top-rated NetEnt casinos we feature. Each of them delivers the highest possible gaming quality, giving you the best of what’s available online.

Joining the casino is straightforward and easy as it requires your basic details. It takes less than a couple of minutes to set up the account and activate the welcome bonus. Some even present no deposit bonuses, giving you the opportunity to play casino games for free and win bonus cash! Simply follow these steps to join within seconds:

Playing Live Casino Games

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Follow the steps listed below carefully to get started as fast as probable with playing live casino.

  1. Select the live casino (4 min)

    On this page, there are vetted and accepted live casinos you can choose. Select the live casino you feel most comfortable with.

  2. Register your account (8 min)

    Signup and fill correctly your details for easy and swift verification.

  3. Email Address Confirmation (1 min)

    Click the confirmation link sent to your email to verify.

  4. Deposit money (1 min)

    The next step is to make your first deposit. All you need to do is follow the steps thoroughly for secure, effortless and quick deposits. Also, ensure that you only deposit money you can afford to lose.

  5. Find the live casino section (1 min)

    Most casinos have visible links from the navigation bar, and it usually hard to miss. Click the link enter the game lobby and select the game you want to get started.

How to Collect Your Live Casino Bonus?

All NetEnt casino offers casino bonuses when you register. Which is usually known as welcome bonuses, and they offer amazing benefits by including bonus cash to your player account you’re your deposit value. In some cases, you might even receive Free Spins, which offer additional bonus funds you can use for your favourite games.

Deposit is fast, easy and very secure. At NetEnt casinos, you will find all the well-known credit cards, e-wallets, debit cards and also bank transfer. Once you have filled in your details, just follow each step, activate the bonus and then go to the games moments later. You can easily access the T&Cs of the promotions, and you can also see your progress concerning the wagering requirements in your player account section.

Several NetEnt online casinos offer special live casino bonuses. Some may even offer an impressive live casino welcome bonus, which offers an amazing start to the games. Even the ones that do not have live casino bonuses may let you play live dealer games with cash bonuses. Although it is recommended you visit the T&C page to see the games permitted as part of the bonus offer.

All Live Casinos

List of all casinos where you can play our live casino games
Casino Gods Logo

Casino Gods

18+ T&Cs Apply Welcome Bonus 1500€ Bonus + 300 Free Spins
Mr Play Logo

Mr Play

18+ T&C’s Apply Welcome Bonus Get 100 Spins + 100% Bonus up to 200€
King Billy logotype

King Billy

18+ T&C’s Apply Welcome Bonus 100% Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins
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