Auto Roulette Studio

Our recently released Auto Roulette Studio is the latest one of our groundbreaking gaming technologies. This exciting new roulette studio is home to not one, but three of our top live auto roulette games – Classic Auto-Roulette, Rapid Auto-Roulette and VIP Auto-Roulette. Now, you have access to our three auto roulette options all in one convenient, modernized and updated space. To create this studio, we have used the latest blue-screen technology, the best camera angles and HD streaming.

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The utilization of these top quality features means that we’re able to offer players a state-of-the-art live casino experience that fully immerses them into the world of roulette. What’s even better is that this immersive style is specifically designed to cater to all roulette players, from the budget conscious to the high rollers, newbies to seasoned players. It’s also fully scalable to a number of different markets, being available to play in 12 different languages.

Focus on the game

Our NetEnt Auto Roulette Studio combines our three auto roulette games into one accessible space. It provides a modernized interface, transporting players into a complete casino environment while enabling them to switch easily between games.

Graphics and sound

The studio comes housed in an excitingly modern setting. Emulating the roulette wheel, the studio space is designed in shades of gold and red that lend an air of opulence to the proceedings. Each of the three different wheels are visible in the main view and players can simply switch between them at their leisure. In this way, it’s easy to choose the perfect game, without ever having to leave the studio.

Each of the games features top quality animations, which serve to bring players ever more deeply into the game environment we have created. Each of the three games are streamed live and in full HD from our main studio. This means players won’t miss a second of the action as it plays out in real time. We’ve even got ambient music playing to enhance that feeling of sitting at a seat in a land-based casino.

Betting Rules

The three auto roulette games that are included in the Auto Roulette Studio all follow our standard roulette betting rules. Players have easy access to all the betting options from their screens as well as the action times that are required to place a bet. All three of the games offer the standard betting options available on roulette games. This means that there is access to the full racetrack on which to place any bets.

Players cannot only choose between inside and outside bets, but there are also a number of quick-click betting options available, too. Previous bets can be repeated simply by clicking the repeat button. Hitting ‘Double’ will see all bets that have already been placed on the racetrack doubled. Finally, if mistakes are made, there’s always time to undo them before the last bet is called and the ball is dropped.


Accessing the Auto Roulette Studio is very easy as it can be entered either on a desktop site or via a mobile device. This is an instant play setup too, so there’s no need to download the game to play. You simply need to log in, grab a seat at the roulette table and start playing. The setup even allows chats in real time to the other players who have joined the roulette table.

Remember though, this is an auto roulette game, so there are no live dealers present. Instead, all of the instructions will be given via an automated voice-over, so players will need to listen out! What’s really great about playing these games within the Auto Roulette Studio, is that each of the options is easily accessible and able to offer up a multi-reel gaming experience. This is something that sets us apart from the rest of the live game providers.

Bonus Game

There’s no specific bonus game for any of these roulette games, but each game does offer a statistics panel that shows all the latest winning numbers. Players can check out which numbers are hot or cold in order to glean more information when choosing what bets to place.

Free Spins

There are no Free Spins available in the Auto Roulette Studio, but these aren’t needed. Each of the three games within the studio are very fast to play. In fact, each game takes around 40 seconds to complete. Better still, these games are available 24/7.


Gone are the days where auto roulette was hidden away. Thanks to our Auto Roulette Studio, we’re bringing players an exciting way of accessing our three auto roulette games in one space. With all three wheels on display upon entering, it’s easy to simply select which game to play, grab a seat and place bets. Using top-notch technology and HD live feeds, we’ll make players feel like they are right there in the casino.

Watch the Auto Roulette Studio trailer

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