Classic Roulette Silver

As one of our latest and greatest, Classic Roulette Silver is on the cutting edge. Here we combine only the best technology and dealers into one simple package. Never sacrificing the best roulette has to offer, this table is a must for both fans and newcomers.

up to €2250 + 310 Free Spins

150% up to 350€ + up to 100 Free Spins

Up to 600€ + 110 Free Spins

150% up to 200€

Play Classic Roulette Silver at a licensed casino:

Welcome Bonus150% up to 200€

Welcome BonusUp to 500€ + 300 Free Spins

Welcome Bonus100% up to 1000€ + 100 Free Spins

Welcome BonusUp to 3000€ + 175 Free Spins

Welcome Bonus30 NetEnt Spins (no deposit) + 100% up to 140€ on 1st deposit

Welcome Bonus100% up to 400€ + 400 Free spins*

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Introducing Classic Roulette Silver

Welcome to Classic Roulette Silver, our tables for players looking for the middle ground between high-stakes and more casual play. Of course, everyone is welcome here, so, for whatever you’re looking for, we’ll have you covered. These live casino games have been crafted to combine convenience and the best technology around, ensuring smooth gameplay with high levels of customizability. Take a seat, and best of luck.

Gameplay in Classic Roulette Silver

Regular play in Classic Roulette Silver operates by the typical casino rules. This means placing bets until the dealer calls an end, and gathering payouts based on the table’s stated odds. With many different options available, players can engage in both standard and less-common forms of roulette betting, from simple black or red, to high or low or column bets. For new players, we recommend reading up before hitting the tables to get the most from what this live casino game has to offer.

Classic Roulette Silver Betting Table

Operating under our Medium Roller tier, Classic Roulette Silver is based around offering a broad experience. There aren’t any shortcuts taken for flexibility, however, as the betting table below shows.

Classic Roulette Silver Tables

Default Chip Values (€)1, 5, 25, 50,100, 500
Default Min Bet1
Default Max Bet100,000

Other Helpful Additions

Owing to the power of software systems, our live casino games can offer a great deal to raise the digital gameplay bar. This includes an extremely adaptable user interface, which can easily be resized for players on different devices, and with different visual needs.

We don’t stop there, however, as we also pride ourselves in offering an interface translated to 23 different languages. Even our professional and highly-trained dealers take this to heart, as we also have staff who speak fluently in German, Turkish, and Italian.

Want to get a step further and check on your betting history and current gameplay statistics? No problem; that information and much more is only a couple of clicks away.

Our Classic Roulette Silver Tips

Just because roulette is a game of luck, doesn’t mean the odds are immutable. Keep in mind a few simple tips, and your chances of walking away a winning will be all the better for it. Whether an amateur or a pro, consider the following:

  1. Start slow to ease yourself in
  2. Listen to the other players to see how their game is shaping up
  3. Play within your bankroll
  4. Remember to play relaxed
  5. Most of all, remember to have fun


These combine classic gameplay and at-home convenience into one simple package!
Classic Roulette Silver blends our top-in-class hosting tech with a flexible user system to create a new generation of live casino gaming.
Our games are designed to work on devices as broad as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. Even modest devices can usually run games like Classic Roulette Silver well.
Unlike some other casino games, extra bonuses don’t usually apply to roulette. Instead, those looking for these opportunities could check out our dedicated page to find out more.
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