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VIP Roulette Live is a common European Roulette game that we have designed to give players good gaming experience and a chance to make huge winnings. Like all our games, we paid close attention to meet the taste of all players when we designed this game. We’ve added a customization feature into the game, that you can use to personalize the gaming experience. The crisp quality graphics and seamless streaming make this game stand out from the rest.

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Game Type
Table Game

VIP Roulette Live has a wide betting range. Low rollers can play the game with as low as $1, while high rollers can bet up to $100,000 in a single spin. At NetEnt, we aim to offer you maximum comfort at all times. This is why we designed the game using HTML technology. Thus you can play it across all your devices whether desktop, tablet or smartphone without downloading any third-party application.

Focus on the game

VIP Roulette Live is a fascinating game. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a square-like icon for switching to full-screen mode. The game also allows you to assign a name to yourself.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, you can stream the live feed of the game in high quality. VIP Roulette Live has two camera angles. The first angle shows the dealer and a part of the roulette wheel. The second angle shows the roulette wheel clearly when it is in motion. We have also included some visual effects that show the winning number and other details. To change the quality of the video, click in the settings icon on the game screen.

To give you that awesome feeling of being at the actual table, we have included sound effects in the game. While the game is on, you will hear the voice of the dealer as well as the rotating effect of the roulette wheel when it spins into action. We’ve also included the sound controls in the setting tab, and you can use the control to enable or disable the dealer’s voice or adjust the volume as you wish.

Betting Rules

Playing VIP Roulette Live is quite easy. The wheel of the game has 37 pockets and these pockets are labelled 0-36. Your goal as a player is to predict which pocket the roulette ball will land when the spinning wheel comes to a halt. Once the game starts, you will be invited to place your bets. There is a timer that appears in the centre of the screen, showing the duration of time you have to place your bet.

The coins used in the game are 1, 5, 25, 50, 100, and 500. You’ll see your bankroll balance and the bet placed in the bottom left corner of the screen. Since it follows European Roulette, you can also place bets on the racetrack. You can place bets such as Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins and Zero. We’ve also added a game statistic option showing the history of the game, past winning numbers as well as the hot and cold numbers.


To allow you to bet your favorite numbers easily, we’ve also added a favorite feature to the game. You can save up to 15 different favorite numbers that you can easily use when you need it next. As a player, you can take three different actions during a game. You can double your wager by clicking the 2x icon. You can also repeat the same bet or undo the last bet you placed before the wheel is spun.

In VIP Roulette Live, there are four different bet types you can place. You can place inside bets, neighbour bets, outside bets and racetrack bets. The inside bets include Straight, Corner, Split, Six line, Street and others. Outside bets include Dozen, Column, Red/Black, Even/Odd and more. To help you learn how to play the game easily and test different strategies, we’ve made VIP Roulette Live available for players to play in demo mode above.

Bonus Game

VIP Roulette Live does not feature bonus games. However, it has a high RTP percentage of 97.3%, and the volatility of the game is high. With the features included in the game, you can be lucky enough to win big playing it.

Free Spins

No Free Spins are awarded to players in VIP Roulette Live. However, we at NetEnt offer periodic promotions to players. You can check if there is any promotion available in the game by clicking on the promotions tab.


VIP Roulette Live is an amazing roulette game that every table game lover should try out. We have developed the game with a specific goal in mind, to offer you maximum entertainment with a chance to win big. From the visuals of the game to the gameplay, you can expect to have fun playing this video game. The flexible betting range also means that high rollers and low stakers can play the game.

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