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Dead or Alive 2 Slot

There’s something about the old West that gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Who knows why we love it so much? Maybe there’s a rugged outlaw lurking in each of us. Or a Sheriff who wants to run criminals out of town. Whatever. I just like the clickity-click sound of a 6-shooter right before it goes boom. So satisfying. That’s just what you get with NetEnt’s Dead or Alive II™. Except it’s not the barrel of a gun you’re spinning.

Every red-blooded player is bound to love the evocative atmosphere you get when playing this game. It’s Americana at its filthiest. There’s no saints left alive in Dead or Alive II™, just mustachioed outlaws, trigger-happy cowboys, dangerous dames and, of course, you.

The game is a sequel to the infamous Dead or Alive™. Dead or Alive™ began its long life at the top of casinos’ most-wanted lists in May 2009. Since then, it has become a favorite game for players that like high volatile games around the world. It’s one of the true legendary slots that offers extreme volatility and the chance to hit really big wins. One of the features has become a holy grail among video slot players: the hunt for the full wild line. Players have been asking for a sequel for quite some time and we’ve listened. So, buckle up: Dead or Alive 2 is coming out on April 24!

We pride ourselves on being close to players. If fans want a sequel to DOA, then hey, let’s give the people what they want. We involved some true experts from the player community to ensure that Dead or Alive 2™ delivers just the kind of action, graphics, mechanics and sound that players love. As part of the game development process we worked with famous video slot streamer LetsGiveitaSpin and Casinogrounds to get insight and live feedback. The result is one hell of a slot.

The DNA of Dead or Alive™ has been transferred to its sibling. But of course, with thrilling upgrades and twists. We are sure that this game will become a favorite for all players who enjoy high volatility games and awesome excitement.

So, don’t ride off into the sunset just yet. This story is just about to begin. Dead or Alive 2 is just around the corner. Keep coming back to get the latest updates and information about Dead or Alive 2.

Note: In the video above you’ll find the gameplay from the original Dead or Alive.