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Forge your legacy as a fearless fighter in NetEnt’s Gladiator Clash™, where every spin is a chapter in your epic tale—and may take you one step closer to the multi-level bonus round.

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Fight with honour, emerge with glory, and live forever as a legend in NetEnt’s Gladiator Clash™, a game that roars with an exciting twist to its gaming grid. The first reel of the four-reel, three-row game is exceptional and always spins with multipliers. Seven features shake the video slot action of this high volatility, 96.16% RTP game of a 1,006x max win potential. The unique mechanic brings three memorable win lines into battling action as the Prize Reel, reel respins, and bonuses bustle on the sandy battlegrounds. Are you ready to become an immortal in Gladiator Clash™ by NetEnt?

Betting Rules

You can unleash your inner brute by betting specific amounts, from 0.10 to 40. Do you have the courage to battle ancient fearless fighters?

Game play Gladiator Clash™ slot

Your legend begins where the blood and dust settle. Gladiator Clash™ by NetEnt brings a peculiar gaming grid to your screens with an essentially three-reel, three-row arrangement of paying symbols, wilds and bonuses right next to a Prize Reel, which continually spins with multipliers.

This one-of-a-kind grid may line up pay-out symbols on three straight win lines, which potential wins are enhanced by the Prize Reel’s corresponding random multiplier. When two reels stop with the same symbol on the same row, they lock into place with the Prize Reel, and the Reel Respin activates where the third reel spins again with the potential to complete a win way. An at least 50x multiplier on the Prize Reel may lock into place and trigger a respin.

But the real sword-clashing action starts when the bonuses march to the battlefield. Each Bonus symbol gets recorded in the progress bar. When the Bonus Collection fills, the Lion Bonus conquers the coliseum, and a three-level Bonus Round may unfold before your very eyes.

Do you hear that noise? The crowd is chanting your name—carve it into history! The arena calls in NetEnt’s Gladiator Clash™.


The wilds can replace any other paying symbols to help create winning combinations. Three wilds in the same row also count as a winning combination.

Prize Reel

The Prize Reel is the first reel on the left-side of the gaming grid. Winning symbol combinations pay out based on the value shown on the Prize Reel for the corresponding pay line.

Prize Reel values are multipliers of your bet: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, and 500x.

Reel Respin

When two reels show the same symbol, they lock in place along with the Prize Reel, and the third reel spins again. This increases your chances of potentially winning or getting a bonus.

Prize Up!

When the prize reel shows a value of at least a 50x multiplier, it may lock in place and trigger a Respin of the other reels to increase your potential winning chances.

Bonus Collection

Each time a Bonus symbol appears on the reels, it adds one point to the collection bar. Once the bar is complete, you progress to the Lion Bonus, and the bar resets. 

Lion Bonus

Instead of Free Spins, NetEnt’s Gladiator Clash™ brings you the Lion Bonus, where you keep picking items until you find three matching ones. If you reveal the Thumbs Up symbol three times, the bonus upgrades to the next level. Three levels are available, each with different prizes.

  • Level 1: Contains three of the following: 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x times bet, and the Thumbs Up symbol.
  • Level 2: Contains three of the following: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x times bet, and the Thumbs Up symbol.
  • Level 3: Contains three of the following: 10x, 20x, 100x, 500x, and 1,000x times bet.

Buy Feature

The Buy Feature option enables immediate access to the Lion Bonus by paying a fee of 25 times your current bet. This guarantees that the Bonus Collection progress fills, allowing you to enter the Lion Bonus game. Once you complete the Lion Bonus, any progress made in the Bonus Collection before purchasing the feature will resume.

Theme and Symbols

Find your true self in the heart of the battle. The pay-out symbols’ win amounts are determined by the Prize Reel’s bet multiplier corresponding to the row.

The symbols are six circular badges of ancient gladiators that may line up on the gaming grid nestled in a battle arena.

  • A badge with a trident, a three-pronged spear commonly associated with gladiators known as “retiarii”.
  • A badge featuring a spiked mace, a heavy club-like weapon with a head that has protruding spikes.
  • A badge displaying a gladius sword, which was a primary weapon of Roman foot soldiers and gladiators.
  • A badge with a helmet adorned with a fish crest, resembling the distinctive helmet of a “murmillo” gladiator.
  • A badge showing a helmet with a wide brim and ornate decorations, representing a “Thracian” gladiator known for their distinctive helmets.
  • A badge with another style of helmet, representing a “hoplomachus” gladiator, characterised by its rounded and heavily protected design.

The wild is a stylised emblem featuring a prominent letter “W” in the centre. The letter is rendered in a golden, metallic texture with rivets, and an eagle is detailed in the background.

The Lion Bonus is a golden lion head emblem etched into a metal frame. It contributes to the Bonus Collection progress bar recorded in the bar atop the gaming grid.


No brute force can guarantee winning at Gladiator Clash™ by NetEnt, similarly to any other of our video slots. However, a powerful twist to the gaming grid thanks to the Prize Reel and a multi-level bonus round gather for a great online video slot experience.
You can stampede onto the battlefield and attempt to become the mightiest fighter in Gladiator Clash™ by NetEnt for free. However, if you plan to bet a few cents, this high volatility, 96.16% RTP game of a 1,006x max win potential may get you in a roaring mood.
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