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A tomb has been unearthed in what was once the Kingdom of Mesopotamia. It’s full of magic and mystery and all manner of treasure. We need YOU to explore it.

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Focus on the Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Slot 

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™takes you deep beneath the ancient Kingdom of Mesopotamia, inside the tomb of the Ancient Pharaoh. It’s a highly volatile game, which experienced players are sure to love. Features include Wilds, INFINIREELS, Re-Spins, Multi-Slams, Free Spins and Free Spins Retrigger. Players lucky enough to enter Free Spins are guaranteed a winning betway on every single Free spin! Seek out your fortune deep within  Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™!

How to Play Gods of Gold INFINIREELS

You start the game with 3×3 reels, and more reels get added each time you win. The reel configuration could keep growing, and growing, and growing!

Don’t worry. You won’t get lost. The Minimap will guide you. It indicates the layout of the play area. The larger the reels grow, the greater your chances of landing kingly wins!

3 or more Scatter symbols activate 10 Win Spins. Here, Pharaoh’s ghost will grant you a guaranteed win for each Spin! That’s right, a GUARANTEED WIN! 

Graphics and Sound

This slot sounds… well… spooky. What else is a tomb supposed to sound like? You’ll hear droplets of water falling. But they don’t land on the ground, no, they land on gold. You heard me! Solid gold. You’re inside a tomb filled with the stuff.

As you spin the reels, a strange sound rises around you. It is the sound of the undead. The sound of a soul that has lingered on, in the shadows, for centuries. A soul that wants to be let out. It is the ghost of Pharaoh! As you land wins, the music of old begins, sounds of a time long past, but still not lost. 

Our visual artists and sound designers have created an experience that will linger on. It’s an immersive experience you’ll love and a great addition to our collection of history-themed games.



Wild symbols can appear from reel four onwards. These special symbols will help you to land wins by substituting for other paying symbols.

Infinite Reels

Each spin begins with a 3×3 playing area but each time you win, a new reel is added. This can go on infinitely, giving you a huge number of ways to win and boosting your chances of landing a big win! Once there are no more wins, the reels revert back to their original size.


After the reels stop expanding and there are no more wins, a respin can randomly be triggered. This can give you the chance of increasing the reels again.


The Multi-Slam feature can randomly add 2-3 reels after a win. This feature also causes a guaranteed win every time. 

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Free Spins

Win Spins

In Gods of Gold INFINIREELS slot, free spins can be unlocked by landing three sun scatters anywhere on the reels. You’ll receive ten free spins, and five additional spins for each extra scatter. This bonus round is known as Win Spins, and each spin is a guaranteed win. 


Step inside Gods of Gold and discover the long lost treasure of a long-forgotten King. Begin your adventure now! The riches of the riches of the Mesopotamians await you. If you want to try out more of our brilliant slots we have a wide range of different games for you to choose from. We’ve also collected some of the best casino bonus offers which you’ll be able to use to boost your wins when playing Gods of Gold INFINIREELS or other NetEnt games online. 


Yes, the game is available to play for free right now. Enjoy our free demo on this page.
There is a free spins bonus round which can be unlocked by landing three or more scatters. You’ll get ten free spins and five more for each additional scatter. During this round, each spin is a guaranteed win.
Winning is easy, simply land a line of three or more matching symbols. Every win you land will increase the reels by at least one, boosting the number of ways to win and the potential rewards.
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