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Pop into action and lock in some thrilling prizes with NetEnt’s Lok and Pop as you spin the reels of a classic-looking online video slot packed with innovative, modern bonus features.

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Focus on Lock and Pop slot

NetEnt’s Lock and Pop presents a classic video slot gaming grid with modern representations of vintage symbols and exciting bonuses. Two additional rows, one above and one below, lock some popping action onto your screens as the reels spin with thrilling bonus potential. This low-to-medium volatility game of 96.09% RTP spins with a 4,046x max win potential as the five reels and three rows present symbols that may line up on 20 paylines. Unique Prize Symbols may appear anywhere on the reels to launch Free Spins, offering a bonus round with ten special bonus features. Are you ready to see your eyes pop as rewards may lock onto the screens?

Betting Rules 

You can get the reels popping and hope to see some rewards locking by betting specific amounts, from 0.20 to 120. 

Game play Lock and Pop slot

NetEnt’s Lock and Pop brings back the vibe of classic, vintage video slots with a unique, innovative twist, as Prize Symbols bring into action two additional rows, one above and one below the gaming grid. Prize Symbols may also kick start Free Spins, where the Lock and Pop feature may activate, boosting the potential to trigger up to ten bonus features: Retrigger, Adder, Magnet, Super Magnet, Topper, Blaster, Duplicator, Big Bang, Super Collector, and Hammer. Let’s go a-popping as you spin the reels to see whether you can lock in some attractive rewards.


In the main game, wilds can pop up anywhere on the reels. They act as substitutes for all symbols except the unique Prize Symbol. When a wild symbol takes the place of another symbol, it pays out the highest possible winning combination on a bet line, as outlined in the Paytable.

Prize Symbols 

In the main game, prize symbols of 0.5-1,000x of the original bet can pop onto anywhere on the reels. If at least six Prize Symbols appear during the main game, they trigger Free Spins.

Free Spins

During the main game, if at least six more prize symbols appear anywhere on the reels, they trigger Free Spins and turn into Sticky Prize symbols. These Sticky Prize symbols lock onto the reels until the round ends or until the Lock and Pop Bonus feature is activated.

Free Spins begin with seven spins. Any Prize Symbol transfers from the main game and is locked into the position for the bonus round. If the triggering Prize Symbols fill at least one reel, they activate a corresponding number of Lock and Pop bonus features before the first free spin.

In Free Spins, each position on the reels spins independently, and only Sticky Prize symbols with values from 0.5 to 1,000x the original bet can appear. When a reel fills with Sticky Prize symbols, one of the ten Lock and Pop Bonus features activates on the bottom row below the game area.

Lock and Pop Bonus Feature

During Free Spins, when at least one reel gets filled with Sticky Prize Symbols in a spin, the position in the bottom row activates, each revealing a random Lock and Pop Bonus feature.

Additionally, two extra rows are above and below the 5-reel, 3-row gaming grid. The top row collects the values of Sticky Prize symbols from each reel during Free Spins, while the bottom row is for the Lock and Pop Bonus features.

A Lock and Pop Bonus feature is tied to its respective reel. After the feature concludes, the Sticky Prize symbols are removed from the reels, and their values are added to the top row collection. Then, the feature position on the bottom row closes, and if there are more spins left in the Free Spins counter, the next spin begins.

If multiple Lock and Pop Bonus features are triggered in one spin, they play out from the leftmost to the rightmost reel. Free Spins only continue once all Lock and Pop Bonus features activated in that spin have finished. Each bottom reel can only earn one Lock and Pop Bonus feature per spin.

The following Lock and Pop Bonus feature may activate throughout Free Spins.

  • The Retrigger feature gives you three extra Free Spins, increasing the total count in the counter.
  • The Adder feature randomly adds 1-2x the bet to all Sticky Prize symbols on its reel.
  • The Magnet feature copies the values of the Sticky Prize Symbols on the reels adjacent to it vertically, adding each copied value to its own reel.
  • The Super Magnet feature copies the values of the Sticky Prize Symbols in the same position on all other reels and adds them to its reel.
  • The Topper feature duplicates the value of the highest-value Sticky Prize Symbol on its reel.
  • The Blaster feature randomly adds 1-2x times the bet to all Sticky Prize Symbols on its reel. Then, it randomly fills three empty positions on the reels with this value.
  • The Duplicator feature creates a second gaming area with all Sticky Prize Symbols replicated. If the duplicated area overlaps with the existing one, their values are added together.
  • The Big Bang feature doubles the value of all Sticky Prize Symbols on its reel and then doubles the total value in the top row collection.
  • The Super Collector feature gathers the values of all Sticky Prize Symbols on its reel and adds them to the top-row collection. It also adds the total values from other collections to its own.
  • The Hammer feature collects the values of all Sticky Prize Symbols on its reel, adds them to its collection, and then adds this new total to every position in its reel.

During Free Spins, the bet remains the same as the round that triggered them. Free Spins stop when the counter hits zero, and no more Lock and Pop features are left to play. 

After Free Spins, any Prize Symbols left on the reels are collected into the top row collection. The total Free Spins win (the sum of the prize values in the top row collection multiplied by the bet) is then added to any wins from the round that initiated Free Spins.

Finally, the game returns to the round that triggered the Free Spins.

Feature Buy

Feature Buy ensures that at least three scatters will appear on the next spin for 50x of the initial wager.

Theme and Symbols

The gaming grid spins with symbols in the lilac embrace of popping bubbles and glinting golden frames around the glassy positions.

The low-paying symbols are the highest-scoring traditional playing card values in colourful vintage representations: blue tens, green jacks, purple queens, orange kings, and red aces, set in the foreground of a purple backdrop.

The high-paying symbols are classic video slot symbols: bells, sevens, and diamonds.

The wilds are shiny, pink futuristic squares carrying the text ‘WILD’ in turquoise font.

The Prize Symbols are golden squares carrying the amount of a multiplier.


No experience with vintage video slots can guarantee winning in Lock and Pop by NetEnt, similarly to any other of our video slots. However, the Prize Symbols and the ten special bonuses during Free Spins may result in significant multipliers to your original wager.
You get the reels of NetEnt’s Lock and Pop spinning for free of charge. However, if you plan to bet a few cents on a classic yet modern video slot, this low-to-medium volatility game of 96.09% RTP spins with a 4,046x max win potential will bring you ample excitement.
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