Taco Fury XXXtreme

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The rusty taco truck creaks in the wind as the gaming grid spins with delicious zombie treats.

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The low-paying symbols take the shape of nacho bites smothered in cheese dip, taking the shape of the traditional playing card values of 10, J, Q, K, and A.

The medium-paying symbols showcase everyday objects from a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies: a shoe filled with feet and a nail sticking out, a cup of juice with dentures floating inside, a dough roller upgraded with spikes (and a stray tooth) for combat, and a bottle of soda pop infused with an eyeball.

High-paying symbols feature a zombie chef and his delectable Taco Wilds, adorned with razor wire for extra love. Meanwhile, Wild Explosion symbols consist of cans filled with highly flammable liquid and strings waiting to be lit.

To add to the fun, a music player under the rusty taco truck pumps out three custom-made tracks for you to choose from.

Focus on Taco Fury™ XXXtreme slot

Embark on an exciting adventure with NetEnt’s Taco Fury™ XXXtreme, where street food is reimagined as tacos filled with ground human brains in a world overrun by zombies. While waiting for your order, why not spend time with the undead chef? Enjoy the Taco Wilds, Wild Explosions and Respins while you toy with switching on the XXXtreme Spins.

Betting Rules

Bet a specific amount of 0.10-100.00, hit the button and befriend zany zombies as they loiter around the rusty street food truck, waiting for their tacos.

Game play Taco Fury™ XXXtreme slot

This street food truck is old and run-down, but it offers delicious food to zombies while the surroundings are filled with strange and unreal landscapes. Taco Wilds may bring you 5x Win Multipliers on the middle reels. Wild Explosions add new Taco Wilds to the reels, and when they cover each other, their Win Multipliers grow!

Once the Wild Explosions Feature stops shuffling around, the Taco Wilds get chained to the reels and remain there for a free Respin, attracting the attention of curious zombie onlookers. The game also has two levels of XXXtreme Spins, which always trigger the Wild Explosion Feature, offering amazing rewards to players and driving zombies wild with excitement.


Get ready to sink your teeth into some seriously spooky fun with Chef Zombie in this thrilling slot game, Taco Fury™ XXXtreme!

With Taco Wilds on Reels 2, 3, and 4, you may encounter plenty of chances to score big wins. And when the Wild Explosion hits, get ready to be blown away!

As the Wilds cover each other, they upgrade to even higher levels of Win Multipliers—up to a spine-tingling maximum of 5x! Hold onto your sombrero and feast on the most exciting post-apocalyptic slot game!

Wild Explosion

A heart-pumping adventure waits for you in this zombie-infested world of slots! When you spin, watch out for the special symbols on the extra horizontal reel above Reels 2, 3, and 4. When they land, they trigger the Wild Explosion Feature that shakes the ground beneath the undead hordes! 

When you are lucky enough to land Taco Wilds under any of these special symbols, an even bigger thrill unfolds. The special symbols fall onto the Taco Wilds, triggering a unique feature that could multiply your rewards! 

Here comes the wild ride.

  • When the Wild Row symbol drops on a Taco Wild, it boosts its Win Multiplier by 1 level and adds 1 more Taco Wild to each neighbouring reel, creating even more chances for you to hit it big!
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the Wild Reel symbol, which upgrades a Taco Wild with 1 level and adds 1 more Taco Wild to each neighbouring row, multiplying your chances to win!
  • The craziest of all is the Random Wild symbol. It drops on a Taco Wild, upgrading it by 1 level and adding 2-3 Taco Wilds to the neighbouring positions!

When the Wild Explosion Feature hits, all Taco Wilds on the grid will be chained up and locked into place.


Get ready to experience the power of the Wild Explosion Feature in this exciting slot game! Once the Wild Explosion Feature finishes adding and upgrading Taco Wilds, the chains anchor them into place, and a free Respin is triggered. 

During this Respin, all non-Taco Wild positions go a-spinning, revealing brand new symbols and potentially boosting your rewards even further.  

 XXXtreme Spins

If you are restless to join the zombies, you can activate XXXtreme Spins at 2 levels. The feature guarantees either 1 Wild Explosion at 20x the original bet or 2 Wild Explosions at 60x of the original for every spin.

Our Taco Fury™ XXXtreme tips

Just like with any other of our video slots, there is no recipe for guaranteed wins in Taco Fury™ XXXtreme. However, the Wild Explosions bring an exciting twist to the game as they amp up Multipliers, add new Wilds to the reels, and lock them in their positions for a free Respin.


Hang out with Chef Zombie near his rusty street food taco truck. Wild Explosions scatter Wilds around and increase their Multipliers before chaining them to their places for exciting Respins. The XXXtreme Spins feature brings enhanced thrills to the reels for your goofy zombie friends.
Yes, Taco Fury™ XXXtreme serves tasty tacos for free. Spin the reels with no strings attached.
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