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A new generation of superheroes is upon us! But they’re not what you would expect. They are… how can I put this? Well, they’re birds.

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Focus on the Game

Wild Worlds™ video slot is a 5-reel, 5-row Avalanche™ video slot with Hero Wilds, a random Destroy Feature and Free Spins that have their own Wild features. In this slot, bird heroes fight monsters, and have a good time doing it. It’s a fantastic addition to our collection of online slots.

Theme, graphics and sound

A crack team of bird superheroes battle monsters in a futuristic city. Monsters check in, but they don’t check out. A whole array of characters battle it out for victory. When you play Wild Worlds™, you’re entering a world of out-of-this-world characters, all stunningly crafted by teams of digital artists, animators and sound engineers.


Here’s how it works – any horizontal or vertical line of 3 or more of the same symbol is a win match. The game is packed with exciting, humorously designed characters: heroes, captains and bosses. The game gives you steady wins, but the excitement really ramps up when you hit Free Spins. This launches an RPG-reminiscent battle involving a standard heroes-battling-monsters that can go on for ages, with the potential for serious wins delivered through exciting, gamified, fun animations.

High Win Symbols are hero-emblems. Medium Win symbols are the bird faces of our heroes. Low Win symbols represent the heroes’ elements. The Scatter symbol is represented by a symbol reminiscent of the Free Spins wheel. Heroic bird theme FTW! Wild Worlds™ also runs with lots of great casino bonus offers. Do any of them fly for you? Browse our collection and find out!

Avalanche™ mechanic

The reels incorporate the famous NetEnt Avalanche™ mechanic. Symbols fall into position instead of spinning. A win match starts an Avalanche™. Symbols in winning combinations explode and disappear, leaving space for a second Avalanche™ of symbols for a chance of bigger wins. The Avalanche™ continues until there are no more wins.

Destroy Feature

The destroy feature is activated randomly in case of a no-win situation in the main game. In this feature, symbols of only one color remain on the reels, all of the other symbols are destroyed. New symbols then fall on the reels with the new Avalanche™.

Hero Wilds

When all Hero symbols in a winning combination have been destroyed, the remaining symbols of this type that are present on the reels will turn into Wild symbols. This happens before the next Avalanche™ starts and continues until there are no more wins on the Hero symbols.

Free Spins

3 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game activate 8 Free Spins. There are 3 Free Spins worlds, each with its own features: Dark Forest (spreading wilds), Ice World (heavy wilds) and Fire Lands (random wilds). At the beginning of Free Spins, the players spin the wheel to see what Free Spins world they will get into.

When the heroes get into a Free Spins world they have to take on Monsters. There are 2 types of Monsters in the game: 3 Captains and the Boss. Each of the Captains has 15 health points while the Boss has 105 health points. When attacking the Boss, Heroes make attacks against its separate weak spots. If you destroy the Boss, the current Avalanche™ will continue until there are no more wins, and the player will then be transferred into another Free Spins world, regardless of the remaining Free Spins. In the new world, the player will receive 8 Free Spins, and a new set of Monsters.

Each of the heroes has a corresponding low and medium win symbol which will be used to activate their Hero Attack and charge their Hero Meters. Each Hero makes a random and individual Hero Attack against a Monster after each win evaluation. The damage dealt to Monsters equals the total amount of wins on the hero’s corresponding low or medium win symbols. A win on 3,4 and 5 symbols deals 1,2 and 3 damage points respectively.


Not all heroes wear capes. Some sport tail feathers and fabulous plumage. But don’t mistake these fowls for chickens, they’re courageous critters that kick monster-butt. Wild Worlds™ is a fantastic slot game with no fluff, just fun. Take it for a spin.

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