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Embark on an exhilarating adventure featuring vibrant neon graffiti symbols and explosive thrills with NetEnt’s Big Bang Boom. Rise to the top as the ultimate king of flareups in this 96.07% RTP, High Volatility game.

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Focus on Big Bang Boom slot

This explosive game starts with a gaming grid of 4 reels and 4 rows, but you can unlock additional rows and reels as you progress, position by position. Once you open all 10 rows, you enter the Free Spins mode, which allows you to add 2 extra reels to each side of the gaming grid, breaking off the brick wall, position by position, again. 

As you expand your gaming grid, the number of bet ways increases from 256 to 10,000. You can trigger explosive wins and unlock exciting features by dropping bombs of 7 different types. Uncovering Treasure Prizes triggers an extra bonus feature for you in NetEnt’s Big Bang Boom—a 96.07% RTP, High Volatility game.

Betting Rules

Set off bombs as you spin the reels betting specific amounts between 0.25 and 1,000. The gaming grid grows as you shatter the brick wall, and potential bet ways to match symbols expand.

Game play Big Bang Boom slot

Symbol matches pay out first and then bombs; if any of the 7 types are present on the reels, blow up. Once all these sequences end, the NetEnt signature Avalanche™ mechanics keeps the reels spinning with new symbols.

Reaching the maximum grid size in the main game, 4 reels and 10 rows, will take you to 6 Free Spins, where you can further enlarge the gaming grid to 8 reels. As you expand the gaming area, the 256 bet ways may increase to 10,000.

Every win and bomb explosion set off the incredible NetEnt signature Avalanche™ mechanics. Witness symbols vanishing in the wake of a successful bet way win and explosive bomb event, making way for new symbols to ignite even more bet way matches, potentially or electrifying bomb explosions. Brace yourself for the ultimate sequence:

  1. Savour the rewards of bet way wins.
  2. Watch in awe as bombs detonate.
  3. Prepare for the mind-blowing Avalanche™ that concludes the action-packed adventure. 


Every win and bomb explosion set off the incredible NetEnt signature Avalanche™ mechanics. Witness symbols vanishing in the wake of a successful bet way win and explosive bomb event, making way for new symbols to potentially ignite even more bet way matches or electrifying bomb explosions. Brace yourself for the ultimate sequence: first, savour the rewards of bet way wins, then watch in awe as bombs detonate, and finally, prepare for the mind-blowing Avalanche™ that concludes the action-packed adventure.

Expanding Reels Feature

While every spin starts with a 4-reel, 4-row gaming grid, the Expanding Reels Feature helps you grow your area position by position. As the grid expands, your bet way wins grow, and you get closer to bonuses. 

When symbol matches occur around the edges of the gaming grid or bombs explode, you can blow new positions into the brick wall. This way, you can add 3-3 rows to the top and bottom of the gaming grid during the main game. When you unlock all 10 rows, you progress to the bonus game for 6 Free Spins. In Free Spins, the Expanding Reels Feature lets you add 2-2 reels to the left and right sides of the gaming grid, position by position, up to 8 reels.

Super Bombs Feature

Some 7 different types of bombs may appear on the reels, adding compelling excitement to the gameplay. 

During both main and bonus games, you may encounter various types of bombs such as Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, and Plus-pattern. However, Persistent Bombs are exclusive to Free Spins. However, Omni-directional and Cluster Bombs can explode anytime, whether in the main game, Free Spins, or even during the Treasure Prize Feature. Regardless of the type, all bombs explode after the bet way wins payout and before an Avalanche™.

Bomb Types

Introducing an array of explosive delights to elevate your gaming experience:

  1. Vertical Bomb – Unleash its power to explode vertically, clearing adjacent symbols above and below its position.
  2. Horizontal Bomb – Watch it detonate horizontally, obliterating neighbouring symbols to the left and right.
  3. Diagonal Bomb – Experience the fireworks as it explodes diagonally, wiping out symbols adjacent to the corners.
  4. Plus-pattern Bomb – Behold the cross-like blast, eradicating symbols surrounding its position on the top, bottom, left, and right.
  5. Omni-directional Bomb – Prepare for an all-encompassing explosion as it clears all touching symbols in its vicinity.
  6. Cluster Bomb – In the main game, this bomb surprises by randomly exploding 3-5 brick-covered positions. During Free Spins, it targets 3-5 positions not occupied by other bombs.
  7. Persistent Bomb – Reserved exclusively for Free Spins, this bomb detonates alongside all adjacent symbols and lingers on the reels, erupting once on each subsequent spin until Free Spins conclude.

Discover these flaring bomb mechanics and take your gaming to explosive new heights!

Free Spins

Once the gaming grid reaches 10 rows, a bonus game begins with 6 free spins. During Free Spins, you can increase your reels by 2-2 on both sides, blasting bricks from the wall, position by position. The positions on the grid spin individually, and only certain symbols may appear, such as 1x multiplier symbols, Vertical Bombs, Horizontal Bombs, Plus-pattern Bombs, Diagonal Bombs, and Persistent Bombs.

During the Treasure Prize Feature, players may encounter larger prizes, different bomb types, and extra Free Spins. Any prize that lands on the gaming grid will remain there until the Free Spins end. If a bomb explosion covers the position of a prize, its value will be multiplied by 2 up to 2,048x.

Treasure Prize Feature

If new positions are revealed on the reels during the main game or Free Spins, you may discover Treasure Prizes, which can activate a powerful feature.

During Free Spins, specific Treasure Prizes are available. The Large Prize has a value of either 16x, 32x, or 64x the original wager and an additional Free Spin is awarded.

Theme and Symbols

No need to be another brick in the wall—blow them up and expand your gaming grid.

The low-paying symbols are the highest-scoring traditional playing cards: blue Jack, green Queen, lilac King, and orange Ace—all the letters sprayed onto the wall in neon-esque graffiti style.

The high-paying symbols are of the corresponding colours. Sprayed blue smiley face, green butterfly, lilac heart, and a yellow crown band together for potentially great payouts.

The bombs are glass jugs filled with colourful liquids emblazoned by characters to showcase their power. The juices come in blue, green, lilac, red, and a fiery mix.

Our Big Bang Boom tips

No explosion is big enough to guarantee winning in Big Bang Boom, just like in our other video slots. Yet, the potential to grow your gaming grid not only takes you to Free Spins but also allows for further growth potential with expanding bet ways.


Big Bang Boom takes you to a dark alley behind your favourite club, where the walls are adorned with beautiful neon graffiti. As you grow your playing area, the bet ways may expand from 256 to 10,000. Free Spins bring you great multipliers, and treasures to potentially trigger the Treasure Prize Feature.
You can go a-bombing for free any time. This gives you a great trial of the game so you can experience the explosive gameplay of expanding the gaming grid and unlocking bonuses, features, and multipliers. However, if you are the bomb expert NetEnt’s 96.07% RTP, High Volatility Big Bang Boom warrants, you may try betting a wee cent here or there.
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