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January 26, 2022

Welcome to NetEnt, where a galaxy of online casino games awaits you.

Whether you are a complete newcomer to casino gaming or slightly more experienced, there’s no harm in topping up your knowledge base about NetEnt – from the types of games we offer to the unique rules and gameplay that make our titles some of the most beloved around.

Having fun – and playing responsibly – are key to making the most of your gaming time, and in this FAQ we explore everything you need to know in order to achieve those two objectives.

Here’s everything you need to know about NetEnt.

General NetEnt FAQ

Let’s kick things off with a general look at NetEnt’s games and how to play them.

Based upon the classic fruit machines of yesteryear, video slots build upon that successful formula by letting you spin the reels at the touch of a button. As the reels come to a halt, you are looking to reveal three or more matching symbols on a payline to win a prize.
As the name suggests, table games are those casino favorites that are typically played – spoiler alert – at a table. That include the likes of Roulette and Craps through to card games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Caribbean Stud Poker.
Thanks to the emergence of faster internet speeds and HD streaming capabilities, casino brands have been able to take the humble table game and to the next level by filming them as live video and streaming the content to players’ computers and mobile devices. Filmed at a working casino or in a studio, live casino games are presided over by a professional dealer or croupier, who will hand out the cards and spin the wheel to ensure the most realistic and immersive experience possible.
Most live casino games have a live chat facility, so you can communicate directly with the dealer and/or your fellow players. Keep it friendly and by all means discuss tips and tactics to beat the house!
In 25 years or so of existence, NetEnt has produced hundreds of casino games across the board. From traditional slot games to 3D and video versions, we have a huge library of slots for you to choose from. You can also play many different versions of blackjack and roulette we have created, to name just a few table games, and if you want an altogether different experience then be sure to give some live titles from NetEnt Casinos a try.
When you play any of NetEnt’s games, you will notice that there is a minimum stake and a maximum stake in place. In slots, this is calculated as the minimum/maximum wager amount per payline multiplied by the number of paylines that are active. Table games have their own stake limits in place, and these are displayed on screen and in the rules. If you want to wager higher amounts, be sure to check out our high roller and VIP versions of your favorite titles, as the maximum stake tends to be more flexible here.
All of NetEnt’s games have been optimized for use on your smartphones and tablets. Nearly all handsets support HTML5, in which the games are built, so you can expect quality graphics and smooth loading times no matter which phone or tablet you own.
Many of NetEnt’s games can be enjoyed on Mac too, with browsers like Safari and Google Chrome supported.
It’s an annoying reality that, occasionally, your internet connection might drop-off midway through a game. Don’t panic! Once you log back in, you will find your game to be in exactly the same place as you left it – so only that betting round, be it a spin of the reels or a blackjack hand, will have been played out.
In casino parlance, there is said to be a ‘house edge’ for all table and card games that are played. This is the percentage that the house, e.g. the casino, makes across an infinite number of rounds. The simplest example of the house edge comes in European Roulette. There are 18 black numbers and 18 red, and the payout to players is 1:1. So, the casino breaks even, right? Well, not exactly, because don’t forget you have the green zero pocket. This will win every once in a while, and that’s why European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70% – mathematically, the probability of the zero hitting is 2.7 out of 100.
For complete newcomers to video slots, your mission is to land three or more matching symbols on a payline – typically starting from the left-most reel and moving to the right. There are some exceptions, including NetEnt’s famed Cluster Pays system. Online slots are powered by a random number generator to ensure they are fair and that every spin has an equal chance of being a winner.
All online slot games are powered by a sort of algorithm called a random number generator (RNG), which assigns a random string of code to each spin. This code will occasionally lead to a winning spin, while other times you will come up dry. But the point is that the ‘winning code’ could happen five times in a row or not at all for a chunk of time. The other factor to consider is that all NetEnt games are tested and approved by a number of independent authorities, who then give a game their seal of approval when it meets these most rigorous of standards.
If you want to test out different NetEnt slots prior to playing for real money, you can try them for free in demo mode as you get used to the controls. Check out our NetEnt casino and play for real money or for free.
RTP stands for return to player, and this signals how often a game pays out on a theoretical basis. The return rate is out of 100%, and for the most part NetEnt slots pay out at a rate of around 93-96%. So, if you played one of our games an infinite amount of time, you would expect to win 93-96% of your stake back. But can you win more than that in any given session? Absolutely. And your loss rate could be higher too – that’s the beauty and the uncertainty of slots.
Linked to the RTP, some slots are considered to be high volatility, and that means that while you won’t win as often, the payouts available are higher. Conversely, low variance games serve up more frequent wins; however, these tend to pay out smaller amounts in winnings. Which you prefer to play will depend upon your unique personality.
Some of the most exciting slot games around, progressive slots are those that feature a universal jackpot prize. All players in the network feed into the kitty with their stakes, and eventually somebody will spin the triggering set of symbols and win the lot! These jackpots can reach millions in Canadian Dollars – hence why lots of players prefer to chance their arm with progressive jackpot slots.
The object of NetEnt slots is very simple – to match three or more of the same symbol on a payline. You will win more for matching five of the same symbol, of course, and this ‘full house’ usually leads to the biggest payouts available. Many NetEnt slots have other symbols too, including scatters and wilds, which can play their part in creating other winning combinations.
All NetEnt slots have a menu on screen which you can access using the various buttons. If you click the ‘i’ button, you will find lots of information about that individual game, including its rules and also its paytable.
This is one of the most important aspects of a slot game. Each title features paylines that you must land your matching symbols on to claim a win. These can be horizontal, diagonal and pretty much any other shape for that matter, starting from the left of the screen and moving to the right. There are some exceptions to the rule, because some NetEnt slots have customizable paylines – e.g. you can choose how many are in play at any one time. And some games don’t have paylines at all, such as those featuring NetEnt’s unique Cluster Pays mechanism.
A scatter symbol is highly sought after because it typically triggers either a free spins round or a bonus feature. If you reveal three of these – often anywhere on your reels – a bonus game will typically be triggered. The great thing is that if you reveal three or more scatters on a free spin, this special feature is often usually repeated.
The wild symbol will occasionally appear on your reels, and this too has a special function. It typically substitutes for all other symbols – bar the scatter – and that means that you can create winning combinations where they wouldn’t otherwise be. That’s a handy way to pick up some extra wins!
The trigger for a free spins round within NetEnt slots is usually the scatter symbol, and it takes three or more of these on your reels in order to claim those freebies. Free spins are, as the name suggests, an opportunity to spin the reels without any charge to your bankroll, and all wins that you accrue are yours to keep. That’s why free spins are so keenly sought-after in slot gaming!
Traditionally, the trick to winning at slots is to reveal three or more matching symbols on your reels, starting on the left with reel one and moving along to the right. However, with Cluster Pays there is no need to do that, because you can connect winning symbols in ‘clusters’ of three or more anywhere on your reels. And that explains why NetEnt slots that feature Cluster Pays are so treasured.
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