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September 5, 2019

Welcome to NetEnt; the world of the ‘online casino’. Our collection of world-class slots and the best gaming options for live casino games are only a few clicks away.

Regardless of whether you are a first-time player or a pro, you must familiarize yourself with every part of the online casino. This will ensure your experience is fun, protected, and secure as much as expected.

Here, you can discover how games work and how to keep them random without any element of favouritism, how you can play responsibly and which are the rules behind the industry. Through these, there is an assurance to stay away from any misguided judgments. Hence, it will allow the player to concentrate on what is most important and our main goal for you: having fun!

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Essentials of online slots and how to get started

Online slots appear different compared to the classic land-based casino slots of days gone past. The designs, sound, and interactivity make for a mind-boggling and enjoyable experience. Most games today have plenty of symbols, wager lines and activities occurring in the gameplay. As a player, it’s critical to know what everything implies, which games to pick, and what most of the symbols mean. This document will give you a fundamental comprehension of how online slots work.

What are betlines?

The term Betlines alludes to an exemplary method for deciding a win in a slot game. At the point when identical symbols show up (in most cases from left to right) in a pre-decided method, the player gets a win as per the betting table.

What are betways?

Betways enable the player to win in any conceivable manner, with at least three symbols in every segment tallying from left to right.

What are cluster pays?

Clusterpays counts the symbols in a cluster, which means on the off chance that you have more than X symbols gathered, this will create a win. The paytable controls the minimum number of symbols and the win size.

A look at basic terms used to describe slots

You can always find a description of all the symbols in a game by looking at the game principles. On NetEnt games, you can without much of a stretch discover the basic rules by simply clicking the “I” button (featuring at the base left of the picture).

description of special symbols
Click the “i” button on any game to see descriptions of symbols — an example from Starburst.

Some of the commonly used symbols are:

Wild symbol? What about it?

“Wild” is a symbol that refers to a replacement, similar to a ‘joker’ in traditional card games.

wild symbols jumanji
Wild symbols as used in our slot game Jumanji.


Let’s say we have a 3×3 slots with five betlines comprising of horizontal lines and diagonals.

Here, the player wins on 3 A’s in succession:




However, if the center symbol is a Wild (W), at that point the Wild goes about as an A, and as a C, and they win on both the A’s and the C’s




What is a Scatter symbol?

A Scatter is a symbol which is used to trigger a reward or a bonus game, for instance, Free Spins. Usually, landing three Scatters anywhere on the reels is likely to yield you a Free Spin.

scatter symbol jumanji
Example of a Scatter symbol from our slot game Jumanji.

What is a ‘variance’?

A variance of a game is a number that is determined by the help of scientific formulas. This number is a proportion of how much a game shifts in its game winnings. Games which you win regularly, yet with generally low amounts have low ‘variances’, while games which you win less frequently, yet with higher winning amounts have a higher ‘variation’. Dead or Alive™ is an example of a high ‘variance’ game, while Butterfly Staxx™ is a case of a low variance game.

What does volatility mean in relationship to casino gaming? How does it affect games?

Volatility is like variance. Low volatility implies little however progressively successive wins. A higher volatility means huge gains, yet they come rarely.

Return to Player (RTP), what precisely does it mean?

Return to Player (RTP) is the proportion of the number of stakes that ‘are returned’ to the player (through wins).

Generally, when we talk of the RTP of a game, we refer to the theoretical RTP: the total wins over many game rounds divided by the total number of bets in a given session.

Most NetEnt games have a hypothetical RTP of around 96%.

In any case, whenever you sit down to play, there is an actual RTP: the sum of all wins in a session divided by the total bets in the entire course. For a short play session, this can be exceptionally far from the hypothetical RTP value. For instance, say you take your time and play with 100 euro, and at last you leave the session with 70 euros – your real RTP, for this situation, is 70%. The significant thing to take into account when you see the recorded RTP of a game is the average value of the RTP, which shouldn’t be considered as the real RTP.

On the off chance that I play a game with an RTP of 97% – does that imply that I should win 97% of the cash that I have bet?

No! You ought to never expect the real RTP to be equivalent to the hypothetical RTP. It could take 100,000,000 spins to get to an ideal RTP, and still, at the end of the day, there are no assurances. Slots are games of chance, and this ought to be consistently remembered.

Can the online casino administrators change RTP values?

Not for NetEnt games. Our games are certified at the RTP expressed in the game standards.

Do free trial games have an equivalent RTP as the real game?

Yes, they are precisely the same game. For instance, on games.netent.com, you can attempt all NetEnt games for free. This gives players a perfect chance to get a feeling of the ongoing interaction before playing for real cash. In numerous nations, it is legally necessary that every single free game is equivalent to “for cash” games. NetEnt guarantees this is consistently the situation.

What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is one which develops and increases with each round of play until it pays out. Consider a group of individuals all playing together, and each time an individual plays the main jackpot increases over and over until one fortunate winner gets it.

mega fortune jackpot
Example of Jackpot recorded over the slot game Mega Fortune.

Can I “beat the system” at an online casino?

No, slot games have no specific skill or strategy at all. Since the games are just based on luck, the primary conceivable “strategy” is as follows: should you get lucky and achieve some good winnings, opt to quit.

Besides that, there is no real way to improve your luck.

I’ve been offered a bonus to join a casino – is that free money?

No, in most cases, there is a betting prerequisite attached to the bonus money. This implies you have to bet with the bonus money a specific number of times before you can make a withdrawal.

Getting a free bonus is a unique method to get acquainted with a game at a gambling casino. However, it isn’t free cash and should never be viewed as such. For instance: I am given a 20-euro Casino reward with a 10x betting obligation. This implies I need to have wagered a sum of 200 euro on qualifying games before I can withdraw any winnings gained.

What are Free Spins?

A Free Spin enables you to play one round on a video slot without utilizing your very own cash. An online casino will sometime give some of these spins as a significant aspect of their appreciation bonus or as a special prize for current players. You can likewise win Free Spins in certain games, which adds to the gaming experience.

Live casino: is the result dependent on the bets that are taken?

No, Live Casino likewise undergoes steady confirmation by independent evaluators to ensure its fairness. We have genuine Live Casino studios where the activity occurs continuously like in a land-based casino.

roulette live casino table
An example screenshot is shown from our NetEnt Live Casino Roulette table.

How would we guarantee randomness, security, and fairness?

The web is covered with speculations about “beating the system” when it comes to online slots. In all actuality, slots are random and are one of the most managed ventures on the planet. Extraordinary measures are taken to shield this randomness and to ensure that players get an experience that is fun, secure, and safe.

Are Random Number Generators (RNG) random, or do they take into account my winnings?

All NetEnt games undergo approval by autonomous accreditation authorities, which require genuine randomness applied.

Are games being confirmed for fairness before being released? – What outer checks are there?

Before games are released, the confirmation group checks various parts of the game (Math, usefulness, content, and game guidelines) to guarantee player fairness. What’s more, by ‘confirmation’ we mean many large, government-endorsed, independent, international organizations with the responsibility of checking NetEnt’s products (slots) to guarantee player fairness. This is something NetEnt pays attention to.

Various specialists and governments have multiple practices and guidelines on the most proficient ways to secure their players. We make one game, one item, with a solitary math model, and after thorough testing, it is released into all the dynamic and regulated markets.

For what reason are NetEnt games not accessible in my nation?

Gaming organizations need licenses to work in various nations. If NetEnt games are not accessible in your country, we have not yet picked up the permit required to work there. Getting a permit takes a great deal of work. At NetEnt, our technique is to enter into controlled markets as soon as it is prudent. Therefore, if you don’t see NetEnt games in your nation, continue checking – they could be there shortly!

I have found NetEnt games accessible in a nation where NetEnt doesn’t have a permit, by what method is that done?

NetEnt isn’t required to have a permit to offer games in all business sectors as NetEnt is a business to business supplier of game programming. In many nations, it is the “business-to-customer” organization (otherwise called the administrator) that runs the casino which is required to hold a permit.

NetEnt doesn’t allow our clients to offer our games in business sectors where an administrator doesn’t hold a relevant permit. This can be a permit specific to the nation being referred to or an “international” permission from a jurisdiction such as Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and so forth. It enables an administrator to offer the game remotely to players situated outside the nation referred.

We would advise that you direct this inquiry to the administrator of the site being referred. Ask them what licenses they hold and what qualifies them to offer games in a particular nation.

How can I tell if a casino is offering a fake NetEnt game?

Just like any successful and legitimate organization, suspicious individuals are frequently attempting to make fake duplicates. Making fake duplicates of NetEnt games to unlawfully gain profit based on the good reputations of our games is unacceptable.

The nature of the counterfeits of our games can be persuading and can mislead the client into believing that they are playing the genuine version. However, just like any other phony commodity, there is always a catch. Indeed, these counterfeits of the games won’t give a similar probability of winning and a return to play as an original version of the game would. Sometimes, the organizations offering such games probably won’t pay out winnings by any means.

Unfortunately, duplicators will always spend a lot of time to create a persuading duplicate resembling the original game. Therefore, there is no simple method to distinguish whether a match is genuine or not. Nevertheless, we can affirm that NetEnt only offers our games to reputable organizations that hold gaming licenses in perceived gaming jurisdictions.

In the event that you are considering trusting your money with.

 (I) a webpage that you don’t know,

(ii) that doesn’t show the permit of their controller on their site,

(iii) that doesn’t offer contact titles for client support on their website.

The probability is that the administrator isn’t reliable and the versions of NetEnt games that they are offering are likely not genuine.

Should you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to check the site of the controller that is listed on the casino (or even contact the controller directly). Check whether the administrator is approved as an authorized site with that controller. If they are genuinely authorized website in the perceived jurisdiction, then the game versions offered will likewise be authentic. On the off chance that the response to these inquiries is a “no”, then we would certainly advise that you don’t trust your money with them.

How can I ensure a controller authorizes a game?

All permit qualifications are always open data and will be shown on the casino site. Gaming in a regulated market, for example, the UK, Sweden, and so forth implies that those betting authorities additionally control the site content, which is an additional layer of security to the player. If you are playing in a nation which isn’t regulated, search for a stamp from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) which controls .com online casinos. A legitimate casino will likewise consistently advocate that you play in an online casino that is freely reviewed by a third outside party. For example, eCOGRA, which universally controls the casinos and ensures that they are fair for the player.

If I have a further inquiry concerning the games, who would it be a good idea for me to contact? For what reason does NetEnt direct me to the online casino administrator where I play?

As a game provider, NetEnt is a business-to-business organization and not a business-to-client organization. This implies our contact is with our clients (the administrators/casino); they are the ones who have to be in touch with the players. This additionally implies they have a devoted client bolster group which is prepared and educated and ready to give data to players on a broad scope of issues. As a B2B organization, we don’t have a player-facing client administration group. In this way, we encourage individuals making use of our products to connect with their online casinos for all request about our games. They have all the data expected to address your inquiries regarding NetEnt issues.

Responsible Gaming

At NetEnt, we need individuals to play for the right reasons and to have a fabulous time. It’s essential to understand that while gaming is a fun movement, for other people, it can become problematic. At NetEnt, we are straightforward about this, and we need to ensure that players understand that when it’s never again fun, it’s an ideal opportunity to leave.

The guidelines of gaming

What is the golden rule of gambling?

The golden rule principle of betting is necessary: just bet with cash you can bear to lose. Betting is entertaining, and there is no real way to “beat the system”.  Like any other entertainment, you have to plan for it properly, set limits, stick to them, and never pay cash you can’t bear to lose.

What ought to be the primary thing I do when I join an online casino?

The main thing you ought to do when you join an online casino is to play some training games for free and figure out how the system works. Likewise, read the player FAQs (if they have one) to gain proficiency with all the various terms and complexities of online gaming. Before you begin playing for real cash, make a financial limit for your gaming that you will adhere to! Continuously set points of confinement with the goal that you don’t lose beyond what you can manage.

Will it be advisable for me to play online casino games as a wellspring of pay?

No way! You should consistently pursue the brilliant standard of betting: just bet with cash you can bear to lose. Regardless of what anybody says, there is no real way to “beat the system” with regards to online slots; it is a round of possibility and not a pay generator.

“Losses camouflaged as wins” – what does it mean?

In an online slot game, various combinations can yield different amounts of cash. It is consequently conceivable that occasionally, on the chance that you bet, you can win a value that is not as much as what you wager. In that moment, the machine will recognize the win. But it’s significant for you as the player to acknowledge how it is influencing your wallet as you enjoy the whistle of triumphs.

I am feeling like maybe I am playing excessively, what will be a good idea for me to do?

The minute you start feeling that you are playing excessively, you should quickly enjoy a reprieve. You can check an online test to check whether your betting is getting tricky here. On the off chance that it is, there are a few alternatives; you can contact an association that can bolster you in controlling your betting.

Associations can be found here depending on the nation you live in. If you believe you truly can’t control your betting, contact your online casino promptly and ask them to ban you. This is the ideal approach to guarantee that you can play safely and accordingly. In addition, you can introduce programs to your PC that will hinder all betting activities and advertisements. In certain nations, for example, the UK and Sweden, there are national self-prohibition programs that enable you to bar yourself from all online casinos with just the click of a button.