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A Brief Guide for NetEnt Table Games

A NetEnt Canada, we know better than to mess with the classics. The most popular table games are those that evoke an immersive casino experience and nostalgia, with all of the games that people know and love.

We offer classic Texas Hold ’em, 6-deck Blackjack, European and American Roulette and Baccarat Pro. To find out more about how NetEnt is providing immersive, entertaining, and high-quality classic casino table games around the world, read this handy guide we’ve prepared just for you!

Table of Contents

Use this table of contents in order to move to relevant sections on this page.

What are Casino Table Games

Table games is a term for games of luck usually played against a casino or dealer (however poker is played against other players and requires lots of skill), as opposed to gambling against a device like in video slots. They are named in kind, as you can sit at a casino table and place your bets with them. Table games can contain random numbers, such as with Roulette, games with card decks, dice games or perhaps tiles.

They belong to the classic and traditional way of gambling as their rules and their gaming environment follow traditional standards. While table games have been known for literal centuries already, they became even more popular at the best online casinos during the commencement of the internet era.

Let’s look into the different games being discussed here, shall we?


Roulette became a popular table game in 18th century France, later being adopted in America. In this casino table game, a small ball is thrown in the opposite direction of the turning roulette wheel which is divided into 37 or 38 pockets. You will find numbers from Single Zero to 36 in the French or European Roulette versions, while American Roulette comes with 38 slots on the wheel containing Single Zero, Double Zero and the numbers 1 to 36.

Beside the Roulette wheel, you’ll see different betting options on the Roulette table. You win according to the standard pay tables in the casino if you place your bet on the right number or combination of numbers. NetEnt offers the player different Roulette games like French Roulette or European Roulette here on this website and through our approved online casino recommendations.

If you join the live casino at NetEnt approved casinos, you can play this table game against a real dealer on a HD live video stream, allowing you to experience the situation as you would while sitting at real roulette tables.


Blackjack is one of the most popular classic casino card games which has its origins in the 18th century in France. Fittingly named “Vingt-et-Un”which simply means “Twenty-One”Blackjack refers to the rule that you should beat the dealer in the casino or the house with your hand and total card value, which mustn’t exceed 21.

If a dealt hand shows an ace and a 10, congrats! You have a Blackjack and you’ve won. This casino game can be played with one or more players and one or more card decks. Due to its simplicity and easily comprehended rules, it is a card table game that new gamblers start their gambling journey with regularly. But that doesn’t mean Blackjack isn’t popular among seasoned casino table game fans either! If you look at Canadian Online Casinos, you will see that this classic table game is the most played.


Who hasn’t seen casino movies about Las Vegas, James Bond and famous Poker players? Card Poker also belongs to the classic casino table games. It is played in different versions like Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold ’em, Let it Ride Poker, Mississippi Stud Poker against the dealer or more at Online Casinos in Canada.

According to the variants and betting options of this popular table game, you will be dealt cards and you can bet on the outcome before looking at them. This so-called ‘blind’ bet allows you to bet on the eventual outcome of the poker cards.

After you see your hand, you can either decide to continue and get new cards or fold the game. The best poker hand is the elusive royal flush, giving the player the best chance to win this popular table game.

Other Card Poker hands have a high chance against the dealer if Lady Luck is on your side on the casino table. Poker gives you wide array of possibilities to find your own type of Poker strategy which has a big influence on the outcome of the game. Poker is played against other players and game strategies are intense, often taking several years to truly master. At NetEnt, we offer the player Texas Hold’em Pro at Canadian online casinos which is a great example of a game we’d recommend you try!

Baccarat (Punto Banco)

Baccarat is a card game which unlike poker, relies on pure luck. You don’t need a strategy to learn this popular casino game. It is very popular at Canadian online casinos because of its easy and clear ruleset, as well as its slow pace.

In Baccarat you bet against the dealer or the casino with decent odds. You place your bets on the casino table predicting if you or the house will win the game.

After the cards are dealt on the Baccarat table of the casino site, their value is summed up according to the rules of the game. You or the dealerwhoever is closest to the highest value Ninewill win the game. You can try out Baccarat Pro on our website for fun (play for free) or in one of our approved online casino sites in Canada (play for cash).

Online Table Games by NetEnt

All of the table games developed by NetEnt offer you the utmost gaming experience. Our passion for casino gambling and our extensive experience enables us to provide the best online casinos with award winning games in all categories. They come with special features that you can only find with NetEnt Games.

Innovative Betting and Gameplay

While we know that our Canadian gamers love our classic table games, so we have also added plenty of innovative betting and gameplay features to take the user experience to new heights.

With our online casino blackjack, a casino member can take advantage of more unique wagering options such as Double and Split, which allows players to build all their hands simultaneously; this allows the player to customize every aspect of the playing experience, such as speed adjustment, game stats and bespoke betting limits.

Seamless Gameplay Across All Platforms

In a ‘cross-platform’ world, we understand the importance of ensuring seamless gameplay across any device. If you’re a Canadian player looking to play online roulette at a NetEnt casino, you don’t need to worry about not having the right device. All of our roulette games have been fully adapted for responsive play, allowing for seamless and high quality gameplay on mobile devices via mobile casinos, as well as desktop, laptop or tablet. Players can also choose to enjoy casino games on their browser or via a dedicated app, depending on the type of the operator they choose.

Our Total Commitment to Safety, Security, and Compliance

Finally, it is important to emphasize the importance that NetEnt places on the security and well-being of its players and the operators that we choose to work with. All of our table games are fully compliant with local laws, and we only work with reputable, licensed online casinos. We utilize ATFs such as iTech Labs and the Technical Services Bureau to conduct rigorous platform and game testing on all of our Canadian table games, ensuring the total safety and security of all involved.


As a NetEnt Canada user, you have full access to all of our virtual table games. Playing cards like classic Texas Hold ’em, European Roulette, Blackjack Blitz, Single Deck Blackjack and Baccarat. Want to go live? Check out the extensive live casino gaming options at NetEnt casinos featured on this website.
NetEnt provides unparalleled security across all of its casino games, ensuring the total protection of players and casino operators alike. A number of accredited test facilities conduct independent audits for security and fairness, including eCOGRA and Gaming Laboratories International.
NetEnt is one of the market leaders when it comes to the development of online casino games. Our table and live games have won numerous industry awards, including the SAG Game of the Year Award, the EGR North America Awards and others.
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