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NetEnt’s Online Roulette Guide

Whether you prefer to go for big wins or play it safe, Online Roulette is a table game that is perfect for your needs. It offers everything from those 35 to 1 big payouts down to even money options. So it’s no surprise that the game is well-known among players at both online and land-based casinos in Canada and around the world.

Table of contents
Use this table of contents to move to some of the other sections on this page.

Online Roulette games come with an outstanding set of special features that offer more opportunities to improve your winnings, while variable table limits give room for well-known strategies. Land-based and online Roulette can simply not be compared directly, especially when you select games from a highly rated developer like NetEnt.

This guide will let you learn more about online Roulette and the benefits it offers. Since our aim is to provide the best details and also the fairest game components, we have chosen the NetEnt selection. We have not only included French Roulette, European Roulette and Roulette Advanced, we have also included some of the finest live dealer games.

Why Select NetEnt’s Online Roulette Games

NetEnt’s Online Roulette games offer standard rules and some outstanding game features. They also endeavour to offer the best quality 3D graphics, clean animations and a range of betting options.

NetEnt has over two decades of experience in providing online casino game software. Over that period, they have received several awards, not only in the gaming innovation and software supplier categories but also in the live casino category. Overall, since 2010, they have over 30 awards to their name.

Operating under some of the strictest licenses around the world such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the like, each NetEnt game must be offered at a specific level of fairness with RNG (Random Number Generator) software included ensuring results are 100% random in each round. The RNG software applies to each of NetEnt’s virtual games which include online Roulette, Video Poker, online Slots, and other games.

NetEnt has one of the finest gaming collections in the industry. They offer an amazing collection of exclusive online slots that has also received several awards. In addition to that, they have an outstanding online Roulette collection, as well as other table games, all offering several views and a variety of special features.

Variations of Online Roulette by NetEnt

To offer the fairest reward chances, in this review we will only include online Roulette variants that have high payout rates. Although NetEnt offers American Roulette, it is not part of our selection since both the French and European Roulette versions offer much larger payouts. This is because of the single zero pocket on the wheel that reduces the number of possible outcomes while adding exactly the same benefits and outstanding payout rates.

European Roulette

Of all the online Roulette variations, European Roulette is the most popular. The game is easy and straightforward to play and it includes all the outstanding betting options that online Roulette is popular for. Selecting NetEnt’s online Roulette variants offers many advantages, thanks to their remarkable attention to the little details and their drive to develop only the finest online games.

First, let’s just look at the basics of the game. Online Roulette games come with a HD view of both the wheel and table in one picture. Everything is very clear and offers a clean and simple layout encompassing the various betting options. The paytable shows the 36 numbers and one zero of the inside bets as well as the various outside bet options.

NetEnt’s online roulette is easy to learn even if you are new to table games. The games offer different special features including instant win calculations and various bet limits after you place a wager. The game also has a full paytable that shows all the rewards for each betting options, which include:

French Roulette

Another remarkably popular online Roulette variation is French Roulette, which is quite similar to the European variation but presents some extra betting features – the announced bets. The betting table is similar to the European Roulette’s table; however, the game does not come with the same range of bet levels as European Roulette games.

To play the French variation, NetEnt has made it easy with suitable betting values for everyone. When placing your wager, you will see the limits of each bet simply by hovering the mouse cursor over your chosen option. The games also include instant payout details that are provided immediately.

Additionally, there are specific game details included such as cold numbers, hot numbers, and a complete history of your gaming journey from the first round activated. There is also a paytable available detailing the various reward opportunities:

NetEnt Online Roulette Advanced

One of the European variations of online Roulette is online Roulette Advanced, which has an exclusive layout for expert players. It offers similar reward opportunities to the normal game but its main focus is on a more advanced interface with the table and racetrack both permanently on the table.

This advanced game is part of the older variations offered by NetEnt, but the game still impresses with its HD graphics, outstanding animations, and the top-notch RNG software for fairness and random results.

The excellent thing about this game is the complete game description that sets out the rules, the payouts and how to play. If you are a beginner, this is a perfect place to get started because you will get everything you need in detail.

NetEnt Live Roulette

NetEnt also offers one of the finest live Roulette games in the industry. This live dealer game comes with a European Roulette set up and a real dealer who appears on the display through a live video feed.

It comes with various camera angles, switching between the betting display that includes the dealer and the wheel, with live results shown as they occur. This is certainly the most innovative variation of online Roulette by a mile, because of the remarkable detail and special features which makes it very easy to play. Even though live Roulette is an outstanding choice for all, beginners may benefit even more from trying the virtual variants discussed above first. Those games have limitless betting windows that allow more time in between rounds so that players can figure out their ideal betting format and strategies.

NetEnt Online Roulette Special Features

NetEnt’s games offer a set of special features aimed at improving your gaming experience and making it easy to play. On the right, next to the “Play” button, there are additional features like the x2 button, which doubles your bet value. There’s also a re-bet option that helps you place the same bet as in former rounds, as well as an “X”, which lets you remove certain bets. The left-hand side includes more special features such as:

NetEnt Online Roulette Free

The best way to learn how to play is certainly by taking advantage of NetEnt’s free variations. To play for free, you do not have to create an account or download any new software. To get started, you just need to visit the Roulette page on the NetEnt site, select the game you like and you will immediately gain access to the betting options and features available.

However, the live online Roulette is not available for free play. Nevertheless, since the live dealer game makes use of European rules, you can just choose the European Roulette virtual game and play for free. The wheel is the same and it also offers exactly the same features and betting options. 

NetEnt Online Roulette Mobile

All of NetEnt’s online Roulette variations are available to play on mobile devices including the live casino Roulette variation, which makes it possible to enjoy on tablets and smartphones while out and about.

The mobile versions have the same features, benefits and rewards as the standard desktop games, although there are a few changes in the game features to ensure the layouts are kept clean and easy to use.

Additionally, free online Roulette variations are also accessible to mobile users in Canada and around the world. To get started, you just have to visit NetEnt’s page using your mobile device and then choose your preferred game and start playing for free.

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