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Your Guide to the Best Canadian Casino Bonuses

Do you love free things even when playing games? Casino bonuses are created to offer you just that – an extra round of play at no extra cost. This can be exciting for every player. And it is understandable since you gain some extra entertainment for free and can make some cash out of it. However, some bonuses can bear some strings attached. This makes it necessary to learn more about casino bonuses before settling for any. This will make it easy for you to identify suitable offers. Read the sections below to learn more about casino bonuses.

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What kinds of casino bonuses exist?

You will come across numerous promotions offering opportunities for earning free money. Many of these are offered to new players signing up for real-money accounts. It could be a welcome bonus awarded when you sign up. Some casinos choose to offer bonuses to those who deposit a specified initial fee while others can be no-deposit offers. Other promotions that earn bonuses include high-roller and VIP bonuses, referral, monthly and reload bonuses. It is also possible to earn bonuses when you use certain payment options or play some specific games at casinos.

How can I determine a suitable bonus type?

Suppose you want to test a few slots before you can place a bet, then bonus offers would be a great way to begin. This is because you will not bear any cost just in case the game does not turn out the way you want. So, you go ahead and identify a casino. On signing up, you are awarded an enticing bonus of $15. Your next step is to check the wagering options as stated by the provider. Some bonuses are applicable to specific games. For instance, the provider can state that the $15 bonus is applicable to table games only. Other conditions may involve minimum deposits, wagering times, and game weightings.

Before you can decide if a bonus is good for you, you should have all of the above in mind. This will help you to answer important questions such as those to do with how much you should deposit and at what frequency you should make these deposits. You also discover if the bonus qualifies for the game you want to play or not. The questions may depend on what is on offer or your knowledge of the field. In the end, you will discover that not all bonuses fit every player since each one has his/her own playing style and enjoys a different game.

Many casinos are now offering deals as a way to get an edge over their competitors. They come up with enticing offers to attract more players to their online casinos. With the numerous casinos out there, you are sure to get thousands of offers. This can make it challenging to choose a suitable bonus. However, there is no need to choose blindly and regret later when we can offer the information you need to select a fitting bonus for free.

Read further to learn more about the different bonuses you are likely to come across.

New player bonuses – welcome and deposit offers

One of the common new offer packages you will find in many online casinos is the casino bonus. It involves giving players a chance to play for extra money or to enjoy free spins on specified slots. The casino bonus can also combine free spins and bonus money. To illustrate how casino bonus work, an online casino can offer you a 100% match on your first deposit. This offer means that you can earn extra funds equal to the amount you deposited. The percentage of the welcome offer can vary depending on the provider.

The most important thing to note is that casino bonuses can be capped. In this case, if your 100% bonus offer above is capped at $200, the highest amount of reward you can earn will be $200 irrespective of the value of the deposit. So, if you want to make more than $200, you must consider more lucrative offers or those without a capping.

A casino bonus can be divided according to the number of deposits you make. For instance, you might come across a $100 maximum cash return that can only be earned when you make two or three deposits. In this example, rewards could be spread as follows:

150% on First Deposit of up to $250; 50% on Second Deposit of up to $250; 100% on Third Deposit up to $500.

This offer has the potential to earn you up to $1000 extra cash if you make the three deposits. It is a bonus that can earn you good money especially if you intend to deposit severally.

Deposit Bonuses can vary in several ways. Here is a look at some variations:

No-Deposit (Free Spins) Casino Bonuses

How would your life be if you could get chances to play and win without depositing any money? Will it feel better? Actually, this is now possible since many online casinos are offering no-deposit bonuses. The best thing with online casinos is that you can play from anywhere. You can make good use of no deposit offers to learn a game before investing your hard-earned money. You not only stand a chance to win free money but also increase your odds at winning when you make the first deposit.

Different casinos set these types of bonuses differently. You might come across some offers giving free spins while others giving some cash for you to deposit and play. Cash offers enable you some control over the rounds of deposits you want to make. Other operators allow free play for any game you want to play while others dictate the games you can play for free or apply the given no-deposit bonus. Generally, many no-deposit offers are under $100 and players should always watch out for the terms and conditions. You must meet the requirements to qualify for the offer.

These types of bonuses are common and popular. They have also been offered by casinos for ages. You can actually check our site now and find some great bonuses that you can apply on your next game!

Deals offered on selected games

One of the things every player looks forward to when signing up in a new casino is a high collection of different games. Games they will be happy to play. If they can choose from slots, video pokers, table games or any other game of their choice, they are home. Gamers want to be spoilt for choice. As a result, most casinos have offers running on specified games just to entice such gamers. For instance, you might find a bonus designed for Roulette, slots or blackjack. Other casinos tailor deals for live dealer gamers without wagering requirements. An offer is as good as the number of new players it can attract.

Bonuses related to payment options

Which payment method do you prefer? Do you love using e-wallets or enjoy the safety attached to prepaid cards? You also stand a chance of winning a bonus just for using your preferred method of payment. There are casinos that offer bonuses based on the payment method you use to load your gaming account. For instance, using e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill or debit cards such as Paysafecard can earn you up to 15% bonus.

Seems too good to be true? You might want to trust your gut feeling!

Basically, if you want to enjoy maximum benefits on these offers, you must understand the associated terms and conditions. It is true that many of them come with some strings attached. So, take time to go through the promotional rules to avoid ending up feeling like you were cheated.

Again, have in mind that each betting market is different and has varying rules and regulations. For instance, if a UK casino offers “free spins”, the law dictates that there should be NO stake or wagering requirement attached. This may not apply in markets such as Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Unlike the UK where free spins are actually “Bonus Spins”, in the latter markets free spins are simply free spins. Additionally, the bonuses in these markets come with a specified wagering requirement. For instance, the bonus or cash deposit must be played various times before the player can cash out any winnings.

If you try to cash out before fulfilling the stated wagering requirements, you might end up losing the bonus – your available winning balance will be lower than the expected amount. Though the conditions vary from one operator to another, this limitation can be overwhelming especially if you are a player who loves to amass several winnings before you can withdraw. There are also other bonuses that have capped validity period. This holds the extra money you win as a bonus for a specified period within which you have to meet wagering conditions for you to withdraw.

In a nutshell, wagering requirements are different. However, no-deposit bonuses tend to have more requirements and their validity period may be shorter.

So, don’t ignore the terms and conditions. Otherwise, you might be in for a rude shock.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Bonuses

How can I retrieve my bonus? Does it come automatically?

Many casinos deposit Bonus cash to your account automatically when you sign up with them. Markets such as the UK require every promotion to have a provision for players to answer whether they want to opt in or not. There are some markets that don’t load automatically while others offer bonus codes that players can use to claim the offer. Check if there is a required minimum deposit for claiming a bonus. Just follow the guidelines given for claiming your bonus and you will have your reward in your online betting account.

Is it mandatory to use a bonus?

There is no mandatory requirement for users to claim a bonus. If you are the kind of players that don’t want to worry about fulfilling wagering rules or have had no luck with bonuses, consider casinos that have opt-in-only bonus policies. This means you can choose not to opt in and your decision will be respected. This enables you to wager the money that you have deposited only. Another option is to contact the customer service of the casino offering these bonuses and explain to them that you don’t wish to receive such offers.  

Are there known disadvantages of using bonuses?

The notion that “There is no such thing as a free lunch” could as well apply here. Casino bonuses can have a few drawbacks related to:

1.         Timeframes – you have to meet the set wagering conditions within this set timeframe or you lose the bonus and any winnings accumulated. This period can be short and once it lapses, the bonuses become void and forfeited. It’s crucial to note that the period is unique to every casino. The set requirements are also different and you should find out from your specific casino before accepting the offer.

2.         Wagering Requirements – some casino offers can state that you must bet the bonus several times before you cash it out. This condition can also apply to any money won when wagering the bonus. Some casinos can ask you to wager the bonus and winnings up to 40x! Actually, the number of wagering rounds for most bonuses is between 30 and 40.

3.         Sticky Bonuses – these are characterized by strict wagering requirements making them hard to withdraw. You just have to meet the set requirements to get the casino to release your funds. The funds are automatically released and you can cash out everything you have accumulated with this bonus.

4.         Regional restrictions – some casinos don’t allow players from certain regions or countries to participate in promotional offers. They may play with real money and withdraw their winnings but cannot earn any bonus. Check the terms and conditions keenly before you sign up with such casinos. The commonly ignored section can save you from getting disappointed.

5.         Payout and gambling restrictions – check if you are subject to any betting restrictions. This is common with no-deposit bonuses that give free spins or cash for signing up a real-money account. It’s possible that free spins come with a limited wagering amount per round. This means that if you increase your stake you are likely to forfeit your bonus.

How can NetEnt help you to select?

It’s important to consider a suitable bonus for you. In case you are a beginner, you could consider going for a free no-deposit offer. This offer enables you to test casino games at very little or no risk at all. You also stand a good chance to win real cash.

However, welcome bonuses have the highest rewards. The most important thing when selecting is to keep in mind the information you have learned here. Use the insights given here to assess every bonus offer before choosing. Remember not to concentrate on the size of a bonus alone. The play-through requirements, availability of loyalty rewards, and time limit of the offer will also determine a good deal.

The ball is now in your court. Make sure you go through our collection of Welcome Bonuses from popular casinos. We’ve scoured the Internet to find these offers for you. Just read through to check if you will come across one that fits the bill.

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