French Roulette

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At NetEnt, we’re not only known to deliver mind-blowing video slots games, but we also design incredible table games for players who love playing them. French Roulette is one of the popular table games that we have designed to meet all our players’ expectations. The game provides a world-class gaming experience.

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Focus on the Game

Featuring a dynamic billboard and unique table layout, French Roulette is a completely irresistible casino game. Thanks to its design intuitiveness, the game is easy to play.

Graphics and Sound

We have exceptional graphics and technology in place for providing you with the best Live French roulette experience possible. All the action is streamed in live HD directly from the studio. This means that you have access to a number of camera angles, and crisp graphics when you sit down to play. You’ll even be able to hear the ball dropping and the wheel spinning to fully immerse you in the casino ambience.

Betting Rules

Roulette is one of the popular table games among casino players. So, we strive to give players the best ever. Just like every other Roulette variant, our French Roulette features numbers 1 to 36 with one 0 as well. For the sake of our new gamblers, we will give you the basic game rules. Apart from the number (1-36 and a 0), the table also features areas where you can place chips on even money bets such as Red or Black, High or Low etc.

There are also Column bets that usually pay 2 to 1, Corner Bets that pays 3 to 1 and Single Number bets which pay 35 to 1. You will also see options for Announce Bets and Neighbor Bets at the bottom right of the table. Before you start playing, you need to place your bet. The first thing to do when placing your stake is to choose a value for each of your chips. However, you can change the value of each chip from one bet to another.


For players’ comfort, the French Roulette game was designed with simplicity in mind. All the controls are easily accessible so that even if the player is new to the game, they can find their way around. But, we did not stop at designing our French Roulette with simplicity, we also had players mobility in mind. As a result, our developers designed the French Roulette to be fully compatible across all mobile and desktop platforms. This makes it possible for you to enjoy the French Roulette game wherever you are and anytime you want. The table game is designed to fit any screen size, so you have nothing to worry about. Whether you are using Android, iOS, Linux, Windows or Mac, you are good to go.

At NetEnt, we always have players’ best interests at heart. As a result, we want players to get the best out of our table games. French Roulette table game was designed with that in mind. As such, we have designed the table game to have a high Return to Player percentage of 97.3%. This defines how often the table game will payout in the long run. With an RTP of 97.3%, in theory you will get back 97.3 CAD$ on every 100 CAD$ wagered over a certain period.

Bonus Game

There are no bonus games in our live French Roulette, but there are bonus bets! One of the fun parts about French Roulette is the La Partage rule. This rule enables you to get some of your money back if the ball lands in the green zero pocket. For any even bet, half your money will be returned if this situation arises.

Free Spins

French roulette doesn’t offer Free Spins, but it has the next best thing – the En Prison rule. Similar to the La Partage bet, it works on even money bets and takes place when the ball lands on the zero. However, in this case you won’t get your money back. It will remain on the paytable while the reel is spun again, giving you a second chance to win – essentially it IS a Free Spin!


French roulette is hugely popular thanks to those extra two betting options as it means that the house edge drops to a manageable 1.35%. At NetEnt, we want you to have fun, so now you can grab yourself a seat at the table, place a bet and see if that ball will be lucky for you today!

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