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Enjoy seamless casino blackjack experiences with our user-friendly Blackjack Touch – Single Deck table game. Perfectly optimized for mobile, this stripped-back version of classic blackjack has something to offer players of all experience levels. Read on to find out everything there is to know about Blackjack Touch – Single Deck, for all Canadian casino gamers.

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All About Blackjack Touch – Single Deck

There are few classic casino games more popular and more widely celebrated than blackjack, a game that has provided high-stakes action for countless movies, from James Bond to The Hangover. Here at NetEnt, we have decided to create a stripped-back, easy-to-follow variant of blackjack that has been specifically designed with mobile casino gamers in mind. All of the blackjack staples are right here, but players only play against the house with a single deck, making this game ideal for both beginners and experienced blackjack players alike. Read on to find out more.

Betting Rules

The betting rules for NetEnt Canada’s Blackjack Touch – Single Deck, should be familiar to anyone who has ever played a round of blackjack before. Put simply, the goal is to beat the ‘house’ by getting the cards you are dealt as close to a ‘blackjack’ (21) as possible. All numerical cards have their face value, while face cards are equal to 10. Meanwhile, aces can either stand as 1 or 11. With single deck blackjack, the rules are as straightforward as they can be. Blackjacks pays 3:2, and the dealer stands on ‘hard’ 17 or hits on a ‘soft 17’.  If a dealer deals themself an ace then you can buy insurance to shore up your position. Players are allowed one split, but only on their first two cards, and you can double down if your first hand is either 10 or 11.


The gameplay of our Blackjack Touch – Single Deck mobile game is totally immersive, without being overly complicated. Smooth jazz tracks are played with crystal-clear sound as you enter the casino lounge and take your place opposite the dealer. From there, all you need to do is touch the right buttons on the screen to wager, hit, stand, and double down. The available chips come as $1, $5, or $10, and you can wager up to $1000 on a single hand. Our game perfectly accommodates those who are looking for either high or low-stakes gaming. One touch is all it takes.

Our Blackjack Touch – Single Deck Tips 

To get the most out of Blackjack Touch – Single Deck, we recommend that you take it slow at the beginning of each round, in order to get a feel for the cards being dealt and understand when the most profitable time to split and double down can be.


Our Blackjack Touch – Single Deck offers an instantaneous and immersive mobile experience that can be enjoyed on the go, thanks in part to the minimalist, stripped-back form of this classic card game. You can also snap up some excellent bonuses at a number of online casinos when you play.
You can try out Blackjack Touch – Single Deck at some of the top Canadian online casinos. Just type in the name of the game, and you’re good to go!
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