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NetEnt’s The Wish Master™ Megaways™ takes you on a mystical journey to a world where a powerful genie can make dreams come true with 4 special features manifesting out of his magic lamp. Tread carefully as you explore this wondrous world of Megaways™, Avalanche™, Wilds and Multipliers.

Reels & Rows
6 x 2-7
Up to 117,649
Release Year
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Focus on The Wish Master™ Megaways™ slot

Watch in awe as the Wish Master™ waves his hand and flicks his fingers, casting his powerful magic across the reels. Each of his incredible features is more enchanting than the last, leaving you breathless with excitement and anticipation.

Are you ready to share your deepest desires in The Wish Master™ Megaways™ by NetEnt? With every spin, you are transported to a mystical world filled with untold marvel and endless possibilities. So go ahead, take a chance, and see what the Wish Master™ has in store for you!

Betting Rules

Wager a specific amount of 0.10-40.00, hit the button and prepare for an otherworldly experience as the Wish Master’s magic takes hold.

Game play The Wish Master™ Megaways™ slot

Prepare to be dazzled by the power of the genie lamp special symbols in The Wish Master™ Megaways™ by NetEnt! With a puff of smoke, the all-powerful Wish Master™ appears on the gaming grid, ready to add up to 3 of his 4 incredible Wish Master Features to your inventory.

When the Wish Master Feature Spins trigger, you have guaranteed bonuses for 5 consecutive spins on your hands. Each new feature resets the spin counter to 5.

As the reels spin in a treasure-filled cavern, illuminated by flickering torches and oil lamps, you have a potential of 117,649 Megaways™ to win, embellished by the incredible Avalanche™ feature.

The Wish Master Feature Spins

Instead of Free Spins, the Wish Master Feature Spins bring excitement to this game.

A simple spin could summon the Wish Master™ and his magical abilities. The special magic lamp symbol can appear on any reel (with a max of 1 per reel) to ignite 1 of 4 unique Wish Master Features.

Your inventory can hold up to 3 Wish Master Features at a time. With each feature, new opportunities open thanks to the genie’s enchantment. Try your luck and let the Wish Master™ grant your wishes today!

  • Extra Wild: Unleash the power of the genie with the Extra Wild feature! As the Wish Master Feature Spins begin, watch him turn 1 of the 2 highest-paying symbols into Wilds right before your eyes.
  • Wild Reel: Brace yourself for the ultimate thrill as the Wild Reel feature takes hold! With just 1 special symbol, an entire reel fills with Wilds, locking in place for all Wish Master Feature Spins. Get ready to witness the full force of the genie’s magic as this Wild Reel dominates the reels.
  • Multiplier: Elevate your winnings to new heights with the Multiplier feature! During Wish Master Feature Spins, all Megaways™ wins receive a generous 2x or 3x Win Multiplier. If both multipliers are active, prepare for a total of 6x Win Multiplier to all bet way wins.
  • Random Wild: Watch the magic unfold as the genie unleashes a guaranteed 2-5 Random Wilds on the reels during each Wish Master Feature Spin. With every spin, the excitement builds as these powerful symbols appear at random. Get ready to experience the enchantment of the genie’s touch with the Random Wild feature!

When a Wish Master Feature is activated, the magic lingers for 5 spins. Each new activation resets the spin counter to 5, extending the enchantment. As you bask in the glow of the genie’s power, remember that this 5-spin limit applies to all features present in your inventory.

With each activation, the excitement builds as you anticipate the genie’s next move and wonder which feature he will unveil. If the genie lamp special symbol appears on the reels and your inventory is already brimming with features, you must bid farewell to the first feature you activated. But fear not, as the Wish Master’s power is ever-present. With the first feature now gone, the genie grants you a new enchantment that will stay in your inventory for the next 5 spins.

But pay attention to this warning: the Wish Master Feature Spins are tied to the bet that activated the first feature. Even if you change your original bet, your Wish Master Features Spins will remain tied to that activating bet. If you spin at a different bet, you will need to activate new Wish Master Features to unlock new bonuses.


The Wish Master’s magic is not limited to just his enchantments! The Wilds can manifest anywhere on the reels and substitute for all paying symbols (excluding the genie lamp special symbols). If a bet way win consists solely of Wilds, you can expect a generous payout of 6x of the advertised Wild win way details.

Megaways™ and Avalanche™

Experience a new level of excitement and wonder in The Wish Master™ Megaways™, where 2 revolutionary mechanics work together to bring miracles to life!

First, Big Time Gaming’s revolutionary Megaways™ delivers an astounding 117,649 potential win ways across 6 reels of varying icon heights (with a maximum of 7).

Second, NetEnt’s revolutionary Avalanche™ mechanics takes the excitement to new heights by making pay-out symbols disappear. As they leave behind empty spaces, they are filled with new icons, creating chain reaction of miracles.

Our The Wish Master™ Megaways™ tips

Similarly to our video slots, no genie power can guarantee winning in The Wish Master™ Megaways™.


Immerse yourself in the mystical world of The Wish Master™ Megaways™, where the magical genie’s untold stories await. With innovative features, this game will transport you to a realm of enchantment and adventure, where the flicker of torches and the whisper of magic leaves you spellbound.
The Wish Master™ Megaways™ is a game where you can mingle with the all-so-powerful genie to release his special features for free. However, you may find excitement in betting some coins on the magic lamp’s resident. Do you know what to wish for when the Wish Master™ is summoned to fulfill your wildest dreams?
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