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Step into the luxurious and lush gardens of Babylon Riches™ by NetEnt, where each spin holds the potential to reveal treasures under the sun-kissed skies.

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Discover the allure of ancient riches amidst lush gardens and sparkling statues as NetEnt’s Babylon Riches™ brings you a five-reel, three-row game of 20 win lines. This medium volatility, 96.13% RTP game boasts a 7,250x max win potential as special symbols leave frames on the reels, transforming into goodies on every eighth spin. Free Spins come with retrigger and instant Cash Prize potential. Let the night unfold its secrets in Babylon Riches™ by NetEnt, where moonlit spins shake with the potential of hidden fortunes among tropical blooms.

Betting Rules

You can summon ancient wonders by betting specific amounts from 0.10 to 60 as you spin the reels of Babylon Riches™ by NetEnt.

Game play Babylon Riches™ slot

In NetEnt’s Babylon Riches™, the golden sands of time reveal real treasure potential under the gaze of celestial stars and lush greenery. You should watch out for the special symbols in this classic layout game of three rows and five reels presenting 20 win lines. 

The special symbols leave frames behind, which remain on the reels until every eighth spin when they randomly become exciting boosters. As every eighth spin is a Cycle Round, Regular Wilds, Multiplier Wilds, and Symbol Multipliers may ante up the excitement for potentially more significant wins than any other round.

While frames do not transfer from the main game to Free Spins, the bonus round may see random frames on every spin immediately becoming random bonuses. Free Spins also come with potential retriggers and instant Cash Prizes. Get ready for the enchanting allure of Babylon Riches™, where symbols bloom like flowers under a velvet night sky.


Wild symbols appear only when frames are revealed. They substitute for all paying symbols and represent the symbol that creates the highest winning combination on a single win line.

Special Symbols

Non-paying special symbols appear exclusively during the main game. They leave frames in their positions until the eights spin or serve as a frame if they land on the eighth spin. Frames formed by the special symbol are active solely during the main game.

Cycle Rounds

On every eighth spin in the main game, all frame symbols or newly appeared special symbols will change into one of the following: 

  • Regular Wild symbols substitute for all paying symbols and count as the symbol that creates the highest winning combination on a single win line.
  • Multiplier Wild symbols substitute for all paying symbols and count as the symbol that forms the highest winning combination on a single win line. Additionally, they apply the displayed multiplier (2x, 3x, or 8x) to all win lines in which they participate. If multiple Multiplier Wild symbols participate in a win line, their multipliers are summed before application. 
  • Symbol Multiplier reveals a multiplier for the symbol that applies to all win lines in which the symbol participates. The possible Symbol Multipliers awarded by this feature are 4x, 6x, and 16x. If multiple symbols with multipliers participate in a win line, their multipliers are summed before application. 

Free Spins   

Eight free spins are awarded when two scatter symbols land on Reels 1 and 5. If two scatter symbols appear on Reels 1 and 5 during Free Spins, an additional eight free spins are granted. Frames from the main game do not transfer into Free Spins; frames and prize reveals randomly occur on each free spin. Each spin during Free Spins can feature between two and eight frames, with an additional prize that can be revealed. 

  • Cash Prize frames reveal a Cash Prize up to 20x of the original bet, awarded regardless of where the frame appears. Symbols with Cash Prizes can also contribute to winning combinations. 

All frames from the main game and the Cycle Round progress will be reinstated on the spin immediately after the Free Spins feature ends.

Theme and Symbols

The gold-ornamented gaming grid spins with symbols in a courtyard bathed in warm sunlight. Sphinx-like statues glitter in this sacred garden, where the walls are adorned with climbing plants and blooming flowers. The night sky’s velvety blues fall for the Free Spins as the leaves of lush tropical plants sway in the nocturnal breeze. 

The low-paying symbols are ancient-looking representations of the four card suits decorated with intricate patterns: red spades, pink hearts, green diamonds, and blue clubs. 

The high-paying symbols are mythical animal icons: a regal bronze serpent with a lilac backdrop, a stone phoenix bird against a green background, a majestic ram against a purple backdrop, a fierce emerald and gold lion against a red background, and a magnificent golden bull adorned with jewels.  

The scatter symbol is represented by a circular icon of the cosmos with constellations framed with gold and the word “Scatter” prominently displayed in gold.  

The special symbol important for the Cycle Rounds comes in two stages of a solar emblem. In the first stage, when it appears, it is filled with a colourful labyrinth pattern. In the second stage, as the symbol disappears on the next spin, it leaves behind a circular frame with sun rays.

The wild symbol features a grand depiction of a wise king with a long beard and an ornate crown. His expression is stern yet wise, suggesting authority and guidance. The symbol is framed by a large, golden and red “W”.


Even if you know everything about ancient worlds’ wonders, no winning is guaranteed at Babylon Riches™ by NetEnt, similarly to any other of our video slots. However, the Cycle Round on every eighth spin and the Free Spins bonus round bring you ample excitement and win potential.
You can travel back to ancient mysteries to seek long-forgotten treasures in Babylon Riches™ by NetEnt for free. However, if you plan to bet a few cents, this medium volatility, 96.13% RTP game of a 7,250x max win potential may get you to explore the secrets and treasures of the lush ancient garden.
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