Reef Raider™

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Beneath the waves, within a shallow rock pool, dwells a rum-coloured crustacean known as the Reef Raider: he’s a pirate! Take a dip inside the world of the Reef Raider and see what he’s up to beneath the ocean waves.

Reels & Rows
7 x 7
Cluster Wins
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Focus on Reef Raider™ Slot

Reef Raider™ is a 7×7 cluster pays mechanic slot with NetEnt’s famous Avalanche™ feature, jam-packed with features. It’s a fun, pirate-themed underwater adventure! 

How to Play Reef Raider™ Slot 

Choose your stake and spin the reels to play the game. A minimum of 5 adjacent symbols award a cluster win, which in turn triggers the Avalanche™ feature. The ‘Treasure Trail’ is central to the gameplay: this trail consists of 15 ‘meter bars’. These bars are initially uncharged, but each time a Clam Wild is removed from the play area because of a cluster win, 1 bar of the Treasure Trail meter is charged. The Reef Raider moves along the treasure trail as its meter bars get charged. 15 or more charged Treasure Trail meter bars takes you into Free Spins. The Reef Raider moves along the treasure trail as it charges up. Features at each of the four points of the trail get activated when the Reef Raider arrives at that point along the track. Seashells represent lower-paying symbols, while jewels are the higher-paying symbols.

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Types of Wilds

There are two types of Wilds in the game: Wild Coin symbols and Clam Wild symbols. Wild substitution pays the highest possible winning combination.

Clam Wild Symbol
If a winning cluster contains at least 3 medium win or low win symbols, after a cluster win is evaluated and removed from the play area, a Clam Wild symbol appears in place of one of the removed medium win or low win symbols before the Avalanche.

Wild Coin Symbol
Wild Coin symbols can appear on the reels in the main game and in Free Spins when the Random Wilds Feature or the Cannon Blast feature is activated.


Multiplier Symbols that land horizontally or vertically adjacent to a winning cluster multiply that win by its value: x2, x3, x5, or x50.   

Free Spins and Bonuses

Anchor Drop Feature
3 charged bars award the Anchor Drop feature. When this feature is activated in the main game or in Free Spins, 1 to 3 different low win symbols are randomly chosen. And all of the matching symbols are removed from the play area.

Random Wilds Feature
6 charged bars award the Random Wilds feature. When the Random Wilds feature is activated, 4 to 8 Wild Coin symbols are randomly placed on the reels.

Mystery Chest Feature
9 charged bars award the Mystery Chest feature. When the Mystery Chest feature is activated in the main game or in Free Spins, 2 to 16 medium win and low win symbols on the reels are replaced with Mystery symbols. After the feature is activated, all Mystery symbols are revealed, and potential cluster wins are evaluated.

Cannon Blast Feature
12 charged bars award the Cannon Blast feature. When this feature is activated, a random symbol on the reels is removed from the play area along with all the medium win and low win symbols in the same row and column as the chosen symbol. Clam Wild symbols, Wild Coin symbols, and Multiplier symbols cannot be removed in the Canon Blast feature.

Mystery Overlay and Free Spins
In the main game, 15 or more charged Treasure Trail meter bars award Free Spins, and every extra 3 charged bars award 2 additional Free Spins. In Free Spins, 15 charged bars award 1 additional Free Spin, and every extra 3 charged bars award 1 more additional Free Spins.

When you enter Free Spins, the Mystery Overlay feature is activated, and 5 Mystery symbols appear on the reels: 1 in the centre of the play area and 4 more on the positions horizontally and vertically adjacent to the centre.

The Mystery symbols are then revealed to form a winning cluster of low win or medium win symbols. The position of the initial cluster of Mystery symbols may randomly appear on the reels. If the additional Mystery symbol is horizontally or vertically adjacent to one of the positions of the initial cluster of Mystery symbols, the additional Mystery symbol position becomes a part of the cluster until Free Spins end. Free Spins end when the Free Spins counter reaches 0.

Reef Raider™ Free Spins and Bonuses

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Discover what lies beneath the waves. Give Reef Raider™ a spin!

Reef Raider™ Slot FAQ

Yes! Reef Raider™ comes with Free Spins. 15 or more charged Treasure Trail meter bars takes into Free Spins, where lots of exciting features await.
Reef Raider™ is a high volatility game, so with any luck you’ll land some big wins!
It is definitely possible to win big on Reef Raider™ — see if you can charge up the treasure trail meter to land Free Spins for a chance to land some juicy wins! You might also try to take advantage of our Free Spins bonus offers that might give you an edge!
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