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Walk down the winding dirt roads of an endless canyon to reach the wild and wacky world of Buster’s Bones by NetEnt. Keep your eyes peeled for mischievous and clever pooches always on the hunt, sniffing for Multipliers. Tag along with these barking bandits for an unforgettable adventure filled with howls of excitement and shiny bones that promise the potential for fantastic Multipliers. Do not miss out on the ultimate doggy escapade of Buster’s Bones by NetEnt!

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Focus on Buster’s Bones slot

Some serious bone-chomping action takes over the reels when Buster appears on the gaming grid. Buster quickly spots any bones lurking around and gobbles them up. But that’s not all; Buster has a unique trick up his sleeve. He magically turns those Bones into Wilds and adds up their values to create a powerful Multiplier that he carries on his collar.

After Buster eats all the Bones, he takes his place on the reels, remaining there until the next spin. Sitting there like an obedient dog, he turns himself into a Wild and boosts any Cluster Wins he takes part in with his impressive Multiplier.

But the real fun starts during Free Spins. Buster sticks around for the entire Bonus Round, gradually increasing his Cluster Win Multiplier with each passing Bone. Join forces with this lovable and mischievous pooch and experience the thrill of Buster’s Bones!

Betting Rules 

You can bet with a specific amount of 0.10-100.00 to call dogs, and hopefully Buster and Bones, to the playing area.

Gameplay Buster’s Bones slot

Chasing down some rewards on the dusty roads? When you match at least 5 symbols in a cluster, either horizontally or vertically adjacent to each other, you will get a payout as per the paytable.

Each time you hit a Cluster Win, you will trigger the amazing Avalanche™ mechanics. After the payout, winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new icons that fall into their empty spots. And the best part? The Avalanche™ mechanics keeps going until there are no more winning clusters! Watch those symbols fall and rack up potentially howling rewards.

Buster’s Bones Feature

Fun canine action runs off leash when Buster prowls onto the reels alongside at least one bone symbol—triggering the Buster’s Bone Feature.

During this exciting special feature, Buster springs into action and dashes around the gaming grid, gobbling up any bone he can find. As he devours each one, he magically turns them into Wilds that can substitute for all paying symbols.

Buster, however, has another special trick up his sleeve. Once he collects all the Bones, he tallies up their values (+1, +2, +3, and +5) to create a powerful Cluster Win Multiplier that he carries with him. He takes the spot of the last eaten Bone, turns himself into a Wild and enhances Cluster Wins if he participates in matching the paying symbols.

Although Buster disappears upon a new spin, he may make a random appearance at any time on the gaming grid to keep the excitement going. Join forces with Buster and unleash the full potential of this exciting feature!

Random Features

Random Features brings some unpredictable, yelping fun into this game. As the reels spin, this exciting feature will randomly pour Bones and the Buster Special Symbol onto the grid, adding an extra thrill to the game.

When the Buster Special Symbol shows up alongside at least 1 bone symbol, the barking good Multipliers, howling Wilds and potentially increased chances of Cluster Wins may follow your lead.

Free Spins

Do you have the courage to step into the dimly lit canine saloon? When 2 Free Spins Scatters land on the reels alongside 1 Buster symbol, the flap doors open, and you can enjoy 8 Free Spins in the heart of the doghouse.

In this Bonus Round, Buster jumps around on the gaming grid, eagerly collecting bones and building up an impressive Cluster Wins Multiplier that will stay with you until the end of Free Spins.

If you are lucky enough to land 1 or 2 Free Spins Scatters during the Bonus Round, you receive 1 or 3 additional spins, respectively, giving you even more chances to rack up bones for Buster’s Multiplier. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as Buster and his crazy canine crew take you on an unforgettable adventure!

Buy Feature

Eyeing to lunge straight into the action without waiting for those elusive Scatters and Buster symbols to trigger Free Spins? No problem! Just click the Buy Feature button and purchase your instant entry to the candle-lit, dog-filled saloon at 60x of your original wager without any delay. Grab your virtual cowboy hat, saddle up, and get ready to join the jumpy doggos for an unforgettable adventure!

Our Buster’s Bones tips

Similarly to any other of our video slots, no guaranteed wins may occur in Buster’s Bones. Still, the Cluster Pays™ mechanics, embellished by the Avalanche™ system, may result in multiple wins and dozens of new symbols upon the same spin. The Buster’s Bone Feature may stack up a howling Cluster Win Multiplier for you, while the Random Feature may trigger the Buster’s Bone feature whenever.


Barking bandits swarm the reels, fetching the glittering bones for potentially great Multipliers. The Free Spins round will keep Buster on the gaming grid, allowing him to collect many bones for a potentially incredible Multiplier. The Buy Feature takes antsy canines to the Bonus Round without waiting for 2 Scatters and 1 Buster. Glue your eyes to the doghouse and mingle with the playful pooches.
Just like any NetEnt game, you can try Buster’s Bones for free. Nevertheless, if you are ready to run amok with the buzzing bandits, join the candid canines for some real money fun to see how many bones you may be able to rack up.
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