Rome: The Golden Age™

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Hold on to your gladius! Rome: The Golden Age™ takes you back to the golden age of the Roman Empire, where winners called the shots!

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Focus on Rome: The Golden Age™

Step into the gladiatorial arena of Rome: The Golden Age™, a 5-reel slot featuring Wild Substitutions, a progressive Free Spins Multiplier, and Free Spins. The 5 reels are arranged in a diamond shape with the height of 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, and 3 symbols from left to right. Begin the games!

How to Play Rome: The Golden Age™

Know your opponent and adjust your approach! First, set the bet value and coin value. Landing Golden Age symbols increases your chances of getting big clusters of Wilds. Golden Age symbols give you a chance to win a Free Spins Multiplier of up to x1000. Each coin leaves a golden frame in its place. Should a Rome symbol pop on the reels, all adjacent positions with frames turn into Wild symbols as well as the positions next to them.

Wilds substitute for most symbols and pay the highest possible winning combinations. 3 Scatter symbols landing on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the main game activate 3 Free Spins, which comes with a progressive multiplier! Emperor-sized wins are likely to land in Free Spins.

In Free Spins, only Rome symbols land, each awarding a random prize of up to 50. Veni, vidi, vici! Or as players would say: “I came, I played, I won!


The Golden Age symbol

Ever heard of Fortuna? She’s the Ancient Roman goddess of chance. She loves NetEnt slots too; and Rome: The Golden Age™ is her favorite. If she takes a liking to you, you might land Golden Age symbols!

A Golden Age symbol locks a frame into position. This frame lingers in subsequent rounds. The more of these cleverly crafted frames that land and lock onto your reels, the better! Golden Age symbols can suddenly and gloriously produce ROME symbols! Praise the gods!

Here’s why the Rome symbol is more glorious than Emperor Claudius’ latest fabulous toga design: when a Rome symbol lands, the golden frame glows and turns into an ACTIVE frame. On the next spin, this symbol transforms into a Wild. Not only that: ALL adjacent positions with Frames turn into Wild symbols too, as well as the positions next to them, and so on up to 5 times. Wild symbol substitution pays the highest possible winnings. Keep this up and you’ll be able to afford that new chariot you’ve had your eye on.

Free Spins

Who doesn’t love Free Spins? 3 Scatter symbols appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the main game activate Free Spins. The starting number of Free Spins is 3. All positions with Frames or Rome symbols that did not turn into Wild symbols during the game round that activated Free Spins become locked, and award a random prize ranging from 1 to 50 times the bet at the end of Free Spins.

During Free Spins, a Rome symbol landing on any unlocked position on the reels awards a random prize ranging from 1 to 50 times the bet and resets the Free Spins counter back to 3.

At the end of Free Spins, if all the positions are locked, an extra x2 Multiplier is awarded on all random prizes on Rome symbols.

Free Spins Multiplier

Every time the Golden Age symbol lands on a position without a Frame or an Active Frame, 1 point is added to the progress bar. When the Golden Age symbol lands on a position with a Frame or an Active Frame, a random number of points ranging from 1 to 5 is added to the progress bar.

Rome: The Golden Age™ Free Spins and Bonuses

Rome: The Golden Age™ has got in-built Free Spins, but you can also take advantage of a number of Free Spins bonus offers that we are running on selected online casinos. Have a look at our great selection of casino bonus offers today!


Gladiators are the original rock stars: Rome: The Golden Age™ is your chance to become a Legend. It’s a fantastic addition to NetEnt’s great collection of video slot titles.

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