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You’ve heard of elven swords, armour and magical items, but did you know Elves made slots too? No? That’s because they don’t.

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Here’s a reality check: only slots suppliers make online slots. Elves don’t even exist. BUT, if Elves did exist and did makes slots, they would look something like Wilderland™.

Follow an elven huntress into an enchanted forest and see what treasures you will find in NetEnt’s Wilderland™!

Focus on the Game

Elves are gorgeous, so we decided to make a gorgeous slot to fit with the theme. Wilderland™ is one of the prettier slots you’ll find out there.

The game consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and is packed with features. As always with NetEnt casino games, the fiction of the game is woven into the game play.

An enchanted forest is filled with magical activity, and Wilderland™ is no different.

This video slot offers the Forest Treasure feature with 4 types of Walking Wild symbols, the Magic Wild feature, and potentially unlimited Free Spins. As long as you have walking wilds on the screen, the game’s magic will take over and grant you Endless Free Spins.

The centre of the reels is where the magic happens! It is known as the Activation Zone.

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Features, Wilds and Free Spins

The Magic Wild feature helps you to make the most out of Walking Wild symbols. When this symbol is activated, a disappeared stack of Walking Wilds might reappear on reel 5.

Once players collect 3 Scatter symbols, they enter the heart of the forest and activate Free Spins that last until all the Walking Wild symbols leave the reels.

Let’s take a closer look at the features.

5 Different types of Walking Wilds!

The Elves’ magic is clear to see – Wilderland™ offers you an incredible 5 different types of Wild symbols: a regular Wild, a Walking Wild, an Expanding Walking Wild, a x2 Walking Wild and a Scatter Walking Wild. Regular Wild symbols can appear on any reel in the main game and in Free Spins. All Walking Wild symbols move one reel to the left at the start of each spin and can appear only when the Forest Treasure feature is activated.

Some of the Walking Wild symbols award special bonuses:

  • Expanding Walking Wild symbol transforms into a stack of Walking Wild symbols covering the entire reel.
  • All bet line wins with an x2 Walking Wild symbol are multiplied by 2.
  • Scatter Walking Wild symbols substitute for all symbols including the Scatter symbol, helping to activate Free Spins.

Forest Treasure Feature!

In Wilderland™, the forest itself is alive with magic, and the Forest Treasure feature is the game’s main attraction. It turns Wild symbols that land side-by-side in the Activation Zone into one of the four Walking Wild symbols. Instead of disappearing from the play area after every spin, all Walking Wilds move one reel to the left. What is more, Expanding Walking Wilds cover an entire reel with a stack of regular Walking Wild symbols, x2 Walking Wilds award a multiplier to winning combinations, and Scatter Walking Wilds count as Scatters boosting the probability of Free Spins activation.

In the main game, there is an Activation Zone covering the middle row. Two or more Wild symbols appearing horizontally adjacent to one another in the Activation Zone activate the Forest Treasure feature and transform into one of four Walking Wild symbols. In Free Spins, the Activation Zone covers all three rows.

The Magic Wild Feature!

Elvish Magic is on your side! In Wilderland™, the magic wild feature can be activated to give you a helping hand.

When a stack of 3 Walking Wild symbols disappears from reel 1 and there are no Walking Wild symbols on the reels, the Magic Wild feature may be activated and the disappearing Walking Wild symbols may reappear on reel 5. In Free Spins, the Magic Wild feature may be activated by any number of Walking Wild symbols disappearing from reel 1.

Free Spins!

In Free Spins, the forest’s magic is at its peak and the Activation Zone covers the entire play area, increasing your chance to win new Walking Wild symbols, while the Magic Wild feature can return any number of Walking Wild symbols to the reels. As a result, you can enjoy unlimited Free Spins as long as your stroke of luck lasts!

3 or more Scatter and/or Scatter Walking Wild symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game activate Free Spins. 3 Scatter symbols activating Free Spins award one Walking Wild symbol in the middle of reel 5 during the first Free Spin. Each additional Scatter symbol activating Free Spins awards one additional randomly placed Walking Wild or x2 Walking Wild symbol during the first Free Spin. Free Spins end when there are no Walking Wild symbols on the reels. The minimum number of Free Spins is 6.


Highest paying symbols: The symbols in Wilderland™ will mesmerize and delight. The highest paying symbol is the Elven princess, regal and stunning with a tiara perched perfectly on her pointy ears. Which means she’s not only pretty, but rich too! That’s why this symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game.

The forest fox, the Elves’ familiar, is the second highest paying symbol in the game. This mystical creature is beautifully drawn by our artists, who do fantastic worth even thought they’re only humans (although we have our doubts about a few of them!)

Mid-paying symbols: Of equal value is the arrow and quiver – green, glowing and guaranteeing ginormous payouts.

Lowest paying symbols: The lowest paying symbols are ornate pieces of jewelry.


Our Slots Smiths have truly outdone themselves. It would be a waste to leave this slot hidden away inside a mystical forest. So we’ve given it to the world’s top online casinos to be enjoyed by players who love wilds AND have WILD imaginations.


The game’s elfy sound either moves you or spooks you… there’s no in between. Enchanting, mesmerizing, orchestral, the game’s music fits the enchanted mystical theme of the game. The slot is set within an enchanted forest, and the sound matches this theme. As with all NetEnt games, the sound is wrapped in to the gameplay. Wins, Free Spins. Whatever event is occurring during your journey, this is reflected in the music.


The same fantastic experience is available no matter the device you’re using. Wilderland’s UI has been expertly adapted to fit the mobile screen. The spin wheel disappears from view when the reels are spinning. Settings and options likewise are filed away in a separate submenu. This economical and clever use of space keeps the display clear and clutter free, while not sacrificing any of the game’s functionality (all options that can be found in the desktop version are also in the mobile version). None of the entertainment has been sacrificed.

The mobile version is compatible with iOS and Android. As long as your device is running an updated OS, you should have no problems playing the game on virtually any smartphone or tablet. Go ahead and give the game a try!

Is the game safe?

NetEnt are among the leading casino game providers worldwide. Over decades, the company has developed a brand that is trusted by players all over the world. All its games are certified and licensed by independent regulatory authorities that ensure that the games are provably fair and work as advertised, and Wilderland™ is no exception!


Being a human sucks sometimes. You’re mortal, you don’t have an other-worldy aura, hell you don’t even have pointy ears. I feel you. Full disclosure: I’m a human myself.

Wouldn’t it be great if once – just once! – we could step inside a frigin’ enchanted forest and frolic with our Elven kin? Well. Wilderland™ is there waiting… just give it a spin.

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