June 17, 2019
September 5, 2019

The NetEnt online casino is ready for you! Our award-winning entertainment with our popular live casino and its online slots are waiting to welcome you online.

You may be an experienced player or a complete novice, but it’s essential that you are familiar with all the features of an online casino so that you have a great experience whilst remaining as safe and secure as possible.

We will tell you how the games work, and how they are random but fair, and guide you to responsible play along with information on industry regulations. One of our core values is to allow you to enjoy yourself and have fun without any queries or misunderstandings.

Frequently Asked Questions
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How slots function and how to start playing

The classic slots from old-style casinos are nothing like the online gaming of today which provides incredible entertainment due to visual and audio effects and gameplay. The majority of online slots in the twenty-first century have a huge variety of symbols, bet-lines and action to enhance your experience. A player should understand what this means, how to make a game selection and to be aware of the significance of the symbols.

Here are some common questions for slots functionalities:

What is a betline?

A betline is the term used to describe the line of symbols which will determine a win in a typical slot game. If you see the same symbols appearing (generally this is from left to right) in a set pattern, the player will win an amount of money determined by the betting table.

What are betways?

Betways allow the player to win with more possible combinations, with 3 or more symbols in each column counting from left to right.

What are cluster pays?

Clusterpays counts the symbols together in a cluster, which means if you have more than X symbols grouped together, this will give you a win. The amount of winning symbols and the jackpot amount is set according to the winning table.

A look at common terms used to describe slots

Look at the game rules and you will find a description of all the special symbols in a game. On NetEnt games, you can easily click on the “i” key which will give you the corresponding information (the image is bottom-left).

description of special symbols
Click the “I” button on any game to see descriptions of symbols. Example from Starburst.

Other widely used slot symbols:

What are Wild symbols?

This are symbols that can be used as substitutes, similar to a joker in a traditional card game.

wild symbols jumanji
“Wild” symbols in our slot game Jumanji.


Example: Imagine there is a 3×3 slot with a total of 5 diagonal and horizontal betlines. In this example, you would win on 3 A’s in a row:




But if the centre symbol is a Wild symbol (W), then it acts as both an A and a C, and creates a win both horizontally and diagonally:




What are Scatter symbols?

A Scatter symbol is normally used to provide you with a bonus game, such as Free Spins. For instance, landing 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels will trigger Free Spins for you.

scatter symbol jumanji
Example of Scatter symbol from our slot game Jumanji.

What is Variance?

Mathematical calculations are used to create a variance formula for a game. This number is a measurement of the variance of the game winnings. Games where you win often but with relatively small amounts, have low variance, whereas games where the winnings happen less frequently but with bigger payouts have a wider variance. High variance games are similar to Dead or Alive™ and an example of a low variance game would be something like Butterfly Staxx™.

What is Volatility and what are its effect on games?

Volatility is very like Variance. Low volatility means smaller payouts but winning on a more frequent basis. A higher volatility means higher payouts, but less regularly.

What does return player (RTP) really mean?

RTP, or Return to Player, refers to the percentage of money wagered that can be returned to the player by winning. When we mention the RTP of a game, we are generally referring to the theoretical RTP, which is the average win over a high number of game rounds divided by the amount wagered.

Most of our NetEnt games have a theoretical RTP of approximately 96%. But at the beginning of any game, there is also an actual RTP which means all the winnings during the game divided by the total amount wagered. If you are playing for a limited time only, this will not be similar to the theoretical RTP. For instance, if you were playing with ₹ 10,000, and finally you finish the game with ₹ 7,000  – your RTP, in this example, is 70%. The key point here is that the listed RTP of a game is, in fact, the average RTP after a very extensive gaming session, and you should always bear in mind that it is not to be confused with the actual RTP.

If the RTP is 95%, am I going to win 95% of the money I have used in the game?

Absolutely not! The actual RTP is different from the RTP in theory. It would probably take you a very long time to even begin to approach the possibilities of the theoretical RTP and even if you managed to do this, there would still not be any guarantee whatsoever. You should always keep in mind that slots are purely a game of chance.

Is it possible for casinos to alter the RTP?

Definitely not for NetEnt games. Our games are only certified at the RTP that appears in the game rules.

Is the RTP the same in free-to-play games as in the real version?

Yes, they are exactly the same games. For example, on games.netent.com, it is possible to try all NetEnt games for free. This gives players a good chance to get a sense of the gameplay before playing for real money. In many countries, it is a legal requirement for all free games to be the same as “for money” games. NetEnt applies this to all its free games, including in India.

What is a progressive jackpot?

This means a jackpot that increases every time the game is played until someone wins. Imagine a group of players in the same game, and every round anyone plays on the game puts more money in until one lucky winner hits the total jackpot.

mega fortune jackpot
Example Jackpot listed on top of the slot game Mega Fortune.

Is “beating the system” possible when playing online slots?

No. Slot games need neither skill nor strategy. These are games of chance and of randomness; the only possible “strategy” is to walk away while you are winning. And there is absolutely no other way to change your luck.

Is it free money if a casino offers me a bonus?

No. Generally there will be some betting requirements that are attached to this bonus, which means that the money will not belong to you outright until you have made the corresponding number of wagers with it. It is, however, a great introduction to casino games, but you shouldn’t think of this as money given to you for nothing in return. Let’s say I have a 1500 INR Casino bonus where I need to bet 10 times. This means I need to wager all of the 1500 INR on eligible games before any of the winnings I may have made will belong to me.

What are Free Spins?

You will not need to use your money if you have a Free Spin and you will be able to play one round on a video slot. Free Spins can be part of a welcome bonus or a special offer for players. You can also win Free Spins in some games, which adds to the enjoyment of the gaming experience.

Live casino – is the outcome based on the bets taken in?

No, Live Casino has legal responsibilities to ensure that fair play exists at all times and independent auditors constantly monitor and certify that everything is fair. We have real Live Casino studios where, in the same way as a typical land casino, everything takes place in real-time.

roulette live casino table
Example screenshot from our NetEnt Live Casino Roulette table.

Making sure that there is randomness, fair play and safety

When it comes to online gaming, beware of tales on “how to beat the casino”. It is undoubtedly true that slots are a complete game of chance and in this worldwide industry controlled by rigorous regulations, this element of chance is safeguarded and it is this randomness which makes sure that the gaming experience is entertaining but also is controlled by fair play.

Is it really a game of chance or are Random Number Generators (RNG) influenced by how much I win?

All NetEnt games are certified by independent certification authorities, and this certification requires that there is a true element of chance. 

How are games approved for fairness before they are released – what external checks are there?

Prior to release, the certification team checks different features of the game (mathematical calculation, functionality, wording and game rules) to ensure player fairness. ‘Certification’ means a significant number of large, government-approved, independent or international companies who monitor NetEnt’s online games very carefully to ensure fair play for all our customers. NetEnt takes these procedures very seriously indeed.

There are many organisations and governmental bodies which all have diverse procedures on safeguarding their players. We produce a single game product, with a single math model, that, after extensive testing, is permitted to operate in all the different regulated markets.

Why can’t I play NetEnt games in my country?

Gaming companies need licenses to operate in their desired locations. If you cannot access NetEnt games in your country, that’s probably because we are waiting for a licence to operate. Obtaining a licence takes a lot of work. At NetEnt we are planning to operate in as many regulated markets as possible, so keep looking and if NetEnt games are not in your location at the moment we hope to arrive there in the near future!

I have found NetEnt games available in a country where NetEnt doesn’t have a licence, how is this possible?

It is not necessary for NetEnt to have a licence to provide games in all markets as NetEnt is a business to business supplier of the game software. In the majority of countries, it is the “business-to-consumer” company (also known as the operator) that runs the online casino who must hold a licence.

NetEnt doesn’t allow our customers to offer our games in markets where an operator doesn’t own the necessary licence. This is sometimes a local licence pertaining to that area or an “international” licence from somewhere like Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, etc. as these locations permit operators to offer gaming online to players living outside the location where the casino is based. In this case, we recommend you refer this question to the operator of the website in question and enquire what licences they hold and what entitles them to offer games to the country in question.

How do I know if a casino is offering a fake NetEnt game?

Fraud is, sadly, a part of life and sometimes tricksters will try to clone our games in a fraudulent way, using fake copies of NetEnt games in order to illegally benefit from our company’s gaming reputation. These fake games can be of a high quality so they are very deceptive, and some of the counterfeit versions of our games can sometimes trick the player into thinking that they are playing the authentic version. Nonetheless, as with all deceptions, there is always a catch and there is every likelihood that these counterfeit versions of the games will not provide the same probability of winning and/or return to player in the same way as the authentic game. In some cases, there may not even be any winnings at all paid out by the fake companies offering these games. Unfortunately, these tricksters will take pains to try and deceive the player with a counterfeit version of the games and it is not always easy to be able to spot if a game is real or not.

However, it is true to say that NetEnt is a software provider which only provides online games to companies of high repute with the correct gaming licenses from recognised gaming jurisdictions.

If you are tempted to play, and therefore entrusting your money to (i) an online site that you are not familiar with; (ii) where the regulator’s licence does not appear on their site; or (iii) that doesn’t provide an easy way for customers to access contact details on their website, then you probably should not trust the operator and moreover, it is also likely that the versions of NetEnt games that they provide are not authentic. If you are unsure, please have a look at the website of the regulator that is shown by the gaming site (or it is also possible to deal directly with the regulator) to check if the operator is indeed authorised and that they have obtained a licence through the corresponding regulator. If they are a genuinely licensed site in a recognised jurisdiction, then the game versions offered will also be authentic. If this is not the case, then we strongly advise that you stay away from these websites.

Is it possible to find out if a regulator has licensed a game?

This information will always be shown by the operator on their site, as licence credentials are required to be public information. If you are playing in regulated markets such as the UK, Sweden, etc., you can rest assured that the gambling authorities in those countries also supervise gaming site, which is an extra stamp of approval the player can trust. Should you be in a location, like India, without these regulations, check that there is an authorisation from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which regulates .com casinos. A reputable casino will also always advise you to play in a casino that is publicly audited by an external third party such as eCOGRA who supervise casinos on a regular basis and make sure that the gamers are treated with fair play.

Who can advise me if I need more information? Do I need to contact NetEnt or the casino operator where I play?

As a gaming supplier, NetEnt is a business-to-business company and not a business-to-customer company. This means that our customers are the operators/casinos and we are in direct contact with them. It also means that it is the operators/casinos who are therefore responsible for contact with our customers. As a result, the operator or casino will have a dedicated customer service team who are informed and trained and can advise players on a wide variety of queries.

As a B2B company, we do not have a business-to-customer team so we encourage our players to contact casinos directly if they have any questions about our games and they will be able to respond to any of your questions regarding NetEnt products.

Responsible Gaming At Netent

We want people to have fun. It’s also vital to be aware that whilst for most of the population gaming is a fun activity, for others, it can sometimes become problematic. At NetEnt we want to be transparent about this and make sure that everyone is aware that it’s time to stop playing when you are no longer enjoying yourself. We want you to play responsibly, whilst having fun. Bear this in mind while you play.

The golden rules of gaming

What is the initial rule of gambling?

The first rule of gambling is simple – only ever play games using the money you have budgeted for. Gambling is pure fun, and over time there is no way to “beat the system”, so like any other type of entertainment, you need to think about the cost of your entertainment, draw up and abide by your limits and never play with money outside of your budget.

When I join an online casino, what are the first steps?

The first thing you should do when you join an online casino is to play some free games for practice and learn how games work. Also, read the player FAQs (if there is one) so you are aware of the different terminology and intricacies of online gaming. Before you start playing for real money, create a budget for your gaming and stick to it! Always set yourself limits so that you don’t end up spending more than you really want to.

Are casino games a possible source of income?

Definitely not! You should always follow the golden rule of gambling: only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Online slots are an entertaining game of chance, “beating the system” is simply not possible and you should not be under the impression that gambling is a fast way to make lots of money.

“Losses disguised as wins” – what is this?

In an online slot game, different winning combinations can pay out different amounts of money. As a result, if you place a bet, you can win an amount which is less than what you bet. The machine will still acknowledge the win, but it is key that you are well aware of how this affects the money in your pocket even though you are enjoying the satisfaction of the win.

I am concerned that maybe I am developing an addiction – can I get help?

If you begin to feel you are playing too much, you should take a break at once. It is possible to take an online test to see if your gambling is becoming a problem. If you feel this is the case, then you have choices; there are organisations that will give you assistance, advice and support on controlling the situation.

Organisations can be found depending on where you live. If you feel your gaming is out of control, then contact your casino straightaway and request that they self-exclude you. In some countries, such as the UK and Sweden, there are national self-exclusion programmes for self-exclusion from all casinos at once which are easily actioned by just one click. There is also software available that you can obtain to add to your computer that will block all gambling programmes and advertisements.