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Join us for a seaside adventure in NetEnt’s Crab Trap—a crab-fishing game of 96.07% RTP at medium volatility. Explore the waters with your trusty net and discover the lively crustaceans that await you. This crab-trapping extravaganza will surely reward you with a memorable experience—it’ time to grab your net and make a splash in NetEnt’s Crab Trap.

Reels & Rows
6 x 4
Release Year
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Focus on Crab Trap slot

The Scatter Pays mechanic powers this 6-reel, 4-row slot game, set on a peaceful wooden pier. As you begin your gaming journey, the Blue Boat symbols leave Crab Trap frames on the reels. When the Red Boat special symbol sails onto the reels, you get a Re-spin together with the potential to trap crabs. When the Crab symbols appear on the reels during a Re-spin covered by Crab Trap Frames, they get caught to reveal instant cash rewards. Lifebuoy scatters can grant you up to 15 Free Spins for trapping crabs, bringing you the potential to earn further scatters, too.

Betting Rules

You can bet with specific amounts of 0.1 and 400 to get the reels to lure crustaceans. Can you trap them?

Scatter Pays

According to the paytable, Scatter Pays is activated when at least seven low-paying symbols, six medium-paying symbols, or five high-paying symbols are anywhere on the gaming grid. The highest win per Scatter Pay combination is the only one that is awarded.

Crab Symbols

Crab symbols may scuttle onto the reels in sizes of 1×1, 2×2, and 3×3 positions. These cute crustaceans offer immediate cash rewards and trigger payouts when encased by Crab Trap Frames during a Re-spin or Free Spins. Each trapped crab initiates another Re-spin, allowing you to potentially trap further crabs.

Blue Boat and Crab Trap Frames

Blue Boat special symbols can appear in any position on the reels, splashing Crab Trap Frames to their respective locations and up to five additional random positions.

Red Boat and Crab Traps

Watch out for the Red Boat that may appear on Reel 4 during the base game. In Free Spins, the Red Boat sails onto Reel 3. Seeing the Red Boat guarantees a Re-spin experience. When Crab Trap frames enclose the Crabs during a Re-spin or Free Spins, they become trapped, and another Re-spin occurs. Once all Crab captures wind up, the Re-spins end and the instant cash rewards pay out immediately.


When the Red Boat appears on the reels, a Re-spin starts. Each Crab trapped during a Re-spin triggers another Re-spin. Not only Red Boats can begin a Re-spin, however. When Blue Boats place Crab Trap frames on every position of the gaming grid, you also earn a Re-spin. You may experience multiple Re-spins! When Re-spins end, the instant cash rewards of trapped crabs pay out.

Free Spins

When you land 3, 4, 5, or 6 Lifebuoy scatters on the reels, you enter the bonus game for 5, 7, 10, or 15 Free Spins. The Crab Trap Frames from the base game carry over to the bonus game, unless a Re-spin occurs before the Free Spins, catching Crabs. Re-spins always occur before Free Spins.

You can get extra free spins: Every time you collect a Lifebuoy scatter in Free Spins, you fill up a meter. Once you tally three scatters, you receive an additional free spin. Crabs enclosed in the Crab Trap Frames during Free Spins are captured, and their instant cash prizes pay out as the bonus round concludes.

Our Crab Trap tips

No single strategy would guarantee winning at NetEnt’s Crab Trap, just like our other video slots. However, there a handful of features to keep you entertained. Blue Boats place Trap Frames, which cage Crabs when the Red Boat triggers a Re-spin. All Crabs that get trapped during Free Spins pay out. Are you ready to go crab trapping?


NetEnt’s Crab Trap is a 96.07% RTP medium volatility game, which summons crawly crustaceans onto the reels—all carrying instant cash rewards. Blue Boats place frames on the reels to trap Crabs when the Red Boat triggers a Re-spin. During Free Spins, all Crabs ending up in frames get trapped for a payout at the end of the bonus round.
NetEnt’s Crab Trap allows you to go for some crab fishing fun for free. The exciting gameplay of trapping Crabs for Instant Cash Reward potential brings you a mellow seaside gaming experience. If you want to bet an odd cent here or there, the Re-spin and Free Spins may hold some great winning potential for you—if you are lucky.
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