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It’s time to contact aliens. Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ is a space adventure slot game from NetEnt. 10, 9, 8, 7 … Let the countdown to lift off begin!

Reels & Rows
6 x 6
Pay Mechanic
Cluster Pays
Release Year
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Focus on Space Wars 2 Powerpoints™ Slot

Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ is the next episode in the adventure that began with Space Wars 1. Play it anywhere, on a smartphone or a computer. Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ is suitable for most operating systems, including iOS and Android.

The six reels and six rows of this game are packed with science fiction favourites. The Wild and Multiplier Wild are robots, aliens are medium-paying symbols, and space rocks are low-paying. Feature symbols include the Bomb and the Zapper! The symbol that pays the most in this video slots game is a gorgeous crystal the colour of rubies.

This game has enough action to keep Canadian players interested. It has so many special features, including the Row Blaster, Column Blaster, the Zapper, the Bomb, the Avalanche™ and Powerpoints™. There are also Free Spins with expanding reels and the chance to activate more Free Spins.

And finally, when you’ve finished exploring the depths of space, you can seek out fresh adventures at our online casinos.

Betting Rules

Your goal is to collect Powerpoints™ by winning. The more of these you have, the higher you’ll go up the levels and your win multiplier will increase too. It takes collecting 1000 Powerpoints™ in the main game to activate the Free Spins features. Free Spins push the number of rows to 8.

If you can’t wait to reach 1000 to get Free Spins, you also have the chance to buy them. There’s more on the Buy Feature a little further down the page.

The Free Spins don’t end after collecting 1000 Powerpoints™. At 1400, 2800, 4200, 5600, 7000 and 8400, there’s the chance to win 1 to 3 extra Free Spins.

Gameplay Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ Slot

In this game, the symbols drop into place on the reel. That’s how this feature got its name. When there’s a match, all the symbols in the match vanish, and an avalanche of fresh symbols cascades down the screen.

Winning symbols on Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™

Match symbols to win Powerpoints™. Gathering a good number of Powerpoints™ will help you rocket through the levels and increase your win multiplier. The win multiplier matters because it multiplies your bet to decide the size of your payout. You can collect Powerpoints™ in the main game and in Free Spins too.

Bonus & Free Spins

Activate Free Spins by reaching the atmospheric height of 1000 or more Powerpoints™. In the Free Spins round the row expands to 8. The more Powerpoints™ you win in the main game, the more Free Spins you’ll get.


The Bomb is good news for your Powerpoints™ collection. When this symbol appears, it removes itself and other symbols from the reels, leaving behind the Wilds and the features. The number of Powerpoints™ added to your total depends on which symbols left the screen.

You can win the Bomb in the main game or in Free Spins by getting vertical and horizontal matches of the same symbol. It springs into action after the matches are removed from the reels.


The Zapper symbol is a mixed blessing. In the main game, this tricky symbol appears when 5 or 6 symbols are matched. Then it changes the game by zapping low, medium or high-value symbols off the reels. A Zapper after a match of 5 symbols zaps away 1 to 4 symbols. 

There’s no avoiding the Zapper in the Free Spins round, either. Match 5, 6, 7 or 8 symbols to find the Zapper.


Win a Wild symbol by getting a 3-symbol match in the main game or in Free Spins.

In Free Spins, you can also win a Multiplier Wild symbol. When it’s part of a match, the Multiplier Wild multiplies the awarded Powerpoints™ by its value. The Multiplier Wild’s value is randomly generated and could be x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, or even x25.


Activate 8, 12 or 16 Free Spins by using the Buy Feature. Free Spins cost 75, 140, or 250 times the bet.

In the main game and in Free Spins you can get a Column Blaster symbol by matching 4 symbols vertically. The Column Blaster acts on the column where it appears, literally blasting away all symbols except for the Wilds and feature symbols. It also affects the reels on either side. You can win a megaton of Powerpoints™ this way!

Another way to collect Powerpoints™ is to find a Row Blaster. To get one of these, you’ll need to match 4 symbols horizontally. The Row Blaster symbol goes to work on its row, banishing all symbols apart from the Wilds and feature symbols. It also removes symbols from the rows above and below it.

Watch out for Row Blasters and Column Blasters in the main game and in the Free Spins round.

Our Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ Tips


Trigger the Combo 1 feature by getting a Bomb and Blaster symbol next to each other in either a column or row. Whether the Combo 1 acts on columns or rows depends on what kind of Blaster the Bomb appears next to.

The Bomb banishes all symbols apart from Wilds and Features. The values of the banished symbols help to boost your Powerpoints™.


When a Zapper and a Bomb appear side by side or above one another, it triggers Combo 2. This feature turns 1 to 3 symbols of any low, medium or high value into activated Bomb symbols. 


Combo 3 is triggered by Zapper and Blaster symbols appearing next to each other in a column or a row. This feature transforms 1 to 3 symbols of the low, medium, or high value into Blaster symbols. 

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Win Free Spins by reaching 1000 Powerpoints™.
Everyone loves alien adventures but it’s not only that. Our games team did brilliant work to bring the space theme to players’ screens.
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