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NetEnt’s Jackpot Casino Games Guide

NetEnt is one of the most well-known progressive jackpot game providers and currently includes seven progressive jackpot slots with another three on the way! Those who’ve played at online jackpot casinos or even looked for the biggest jackpot slots might be familiar with major games such as Mega Fortune, Cosmic Fortune and even Divine Fortune. All of these titles belong to the incredible NetEnt collection. 

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A quick FAQ for Jackpot Games

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

This is a jackpot pool that progressively increases each time a player, either at the same casino or across the entire network of linked slots, makes a bet.

Which NetEnt game has the biggest jackpot payout?

Mega Fortune is the biggest progressive jackpot slot in the NetEnt collection and is known for the highest payout of over ₹1.2 billion.

How to Play Jackpot Games

Time needed: 12 minutes.

How to play a jackpot game

  1. Choose your casino (2 min)

    Choose any of our recommended casinos on this page.

  2. Sign up (8 min)

    Follow the sign-up process as advised on the casino website. Provide authentic details to identify you, verifying the account and make your first deposit. As you complete this process, you get access to several progressive jackpot slots.

  3. Locate the jackpot games (2 min)

    Most casinos have a filter functionality in their casino lobby where you can filter on “jackpot games”. If you can’t find this feature, you can use the search to locate any of our jackpot game titles.

All Jackpot Casinos

List of all casinos where you can play our Jackpot casino games.

What is a Jackpot Casino Game?

‘Jackpot’ technically means a large amount of prize money won through playing a game. The amount can be fixed or cumulative, depending on the type of jackpot a slot uses. Jackpot Winners are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures that winners are chosen fairly and cannot be manipulated.

Types of Progressive Jackpot Casino Slots

There are different types of jackpots found in the online gaming world. These differentiations are based on how players are paid, how the prize money is set and how it increases. Below are the different types of jackpots.

Network Jackpot Casino Slots

This is arguably the most common jackpot available at many online casinos. All NetEnt casinos are linked to the same jackpot and would always include the same progressive jackpot value. This jackpot can be found in popular slots such as Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune Dreams, Divine Fortune and more.

Due to the large audience playing these games, the progressive jackpot grows massively and during peak periods, the counter fills up faster, making the potential win grow bigger and run into 7 digits.

Local Jackpots

NetEnt casinos also use local jackpots with slots such as Cosmic Fortune. These slots are given different values at various casinos featuring them. Only players at that specific casino would have access to the jackpot above the reels and it only increases when a player at the casino plays.

This type of jackpot is great for players who want a better chance at winning the jackpot as lesser players take part in the game. However, the jackpot value is relatively smaller compared to the network jackpot.

Fixed jackpots

As the name implies, this jackpot does not grow. The prize money remains the same as it was when it was set initially. It is built into the game itself and does not depend on bets made by other players either locally or through the network. Some slots offer both fixed cash prizes and progressive ones, with the latter usually reaching extremely large value compared to the former, but also harder to win. Check out Jammin’ Jars and Ivan and the Immortal King for slot games that feature fixed jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots

This is a type of jackpot that grows as players place a bet. So, every time a player places a bet, a portion of that bet is added to the prize pool. This makes the price pool increase incredibly and, in many cases, it can be as several millions of rupees.

How Progressive Jackpot Slots Works

Progressive jackpot slots start with an initial value set by the developer when a player triggers the jackpot. This initial value is large enough to attract players. The jackpot can get triggered at any time, even immediately after a reset.

As more players join in to spin the reels and wager on the slots, a part of their bet goes to the jackpot pool. This doesn’t influence your winnings or the payouts you receive.

The small amount immediately becomes a sizable jackpot as thousands of players take part in the jackpot game.

NetEnt’s Jackpot Casino Games

NetEnt is considered one of the best jackpot game providers with seven progressive jackpot slots so far and three more on its way! Players who’ve played at online jackpot casinos or researched about the biggest jackpot slots might be familiar with major games such as Cosmic Fortune, Mega Fortune, and even Divine Fortune.

All these titles belong to the incredible NetEnt collection. When it comes to providing the best jackpot casino games, the award-winning NetEnt gaming is the best choice for you. Not only do we offer incredibly high Return To Player (RTP) percentages (yes even in jackpot slots) in our games, we also include amazing bonus features and top-notch graphics experience. The NetEnt team always prioritizes fairness and strive to continually optimize the performance of their games, allowing you to enjoy your favourite games with minimal technical issues.

If you are familiar with progressive jackpots, you might have observed that most jackpot games offer RTP percentages below 95% whereas all but one of NetEnt’s jackpot games offer RTP percentages of over 95%. Jackpot games at online casinos are ranked among the biggest games you’ll ever find online. These aren’t just games with a bigger winning opportunity, but rather games with massive network jackpots that could end up paying out millions! Our NetEnt casino section offers direct links to the most trusted casinos and they all include the jackpot games we offer.

NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Slots

NetEnt has a great collection of progressive jackpot slots with amazing wins and large jackpot values. Each game offers unique features that would keep you engaged throughout the rounds. Some of the progressive Jackpot games are:

Arabian Nights

This slot is one of the unique slots offered by NetEnt with a progressive jackpot. You can win a massive jackpot when you get a combination of five Wild symbols. A golden genie lamp represents the Scatter symbol that activates 15 Free Spins and triples your wins when it appears in a cluster of three anywhere.

Play Arabian Nights Slot here

Cosmic Fortune

Cosmic Fortune includes a range of brilliant features and amazing bonuses on offer. This online slot offers bonuses such as Free Falls and Wilds. You also get the chance to get standard wins of up to 1,500 coins. With this, you might be too engrossed to notice the jackpot above the reels. However, you can trigger the jackpot when you land three marbles in the jackpot cup.

Play Cosmic Fortune Slot here

Divine Fortune

Recently released by NetEnt, Divine Fortune is set to become one of the most sought-after slots in terms of payout. The slot offers a brilliant theme with HD graphics and a broad range of special features. You can trigger Re-spins with expanding Wilds up to 12 times. As you enjoy the special features and big wins, watch out for golden points. These golden points can be used to trigger the jackpot game. All you need to do is to fill at least one row with golden coins to win the lowest jackpots. Two filled rows trigger the major jackpot and when the whole screen is filled, it triggers the mega jackpot.

Play Divine Fortune Slot here

Hall of Gods

This is a progressive jackpot slot launched in 2013, still has its flair and offers massive wins to remain one of the most popular. The slot is mythology-themed and was developed to offer special features such as Free Spins with triple payouts and Expanding Wilds. The slot also includes a jackpot game triggered by the arrival of a bonus hammer on reels three, four and five at the same time. When a bonus pops up, select the shield symbol in the bonus and match up three to win amazing prizes or one of the jackpots!

Play Hall of Gods Slot here

Mega Fortune Dreams

This is one of the most attractive progressive jackpot slots in the NetEnt library. The slot is rare as only quite a few casinos have it in their lobby. The major focus of this slot is luxury, and this allows you to enjoy brilliant wins with regular combinations, Scatters and Wilds that offer as much as 20 Free Spins with additional bonuses. To trigger the jackpot, you need to land the Wheel of Fortune jackpot symbol on the three last reels. You need to continue landing on the arrows and get closer to the jackpot feature or win one of the smaller jackpots. Land on a number and receive instant wins or make your way to the middle for the mega jackpot!

Play Mega fortune Dreams Slot here

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune has many similarities with Mega Fortune Dreams. It’s the largest progressive jackpot slot in the NetEnt library and famed for the highest payout of over ₹1.7 billion. The slot features Scatters, Wild symbols, a Free Spin bonus and a Wheel of Fortune jackpot bonus that works with multiple levels as with Mega Fortune Dreams.

Play Mega Fortune Slot here

Super Lucky Frog

This slot has been around for quite a while. This jackpot slot is, however, not outdated in its ability to give massive payouts. You can win up to 7,500 coins as a standard bonus when you land a Wild symbol. The slot also offers up to 30 Free Spins with 3x payouts when you get the fairy Scatter three or more times on the reels. Lastly, the slot offers a fun Pick’em bonus which activates three bonus frogs on a payline.

Play Super Lucky Frog here

Play NetEnt Jackpot Slots Free

NetEnt makes it possible to enjoy these jackpot slots for free with the same selection of features and rewards without putting your real money on the line. This would allow you to try out all the jackpot slots and select the one that appeals to you. The free version and the bet version are identical; the only difference is the use of real money.

The benefits of playing jackpot slots freely include:

NetEnt Jackpot Slots Mobile

Playing NetEnt slots is very rewarding. Not only can you play on the desktop, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy these games on several mobile platforms. With mobile capabilities, you can play your favourite progressive jackpot anywhere and at any time. There’s no need to download any software, simply visit our recommended casinos and use your mobile device to play any of the slots listed in our game lobby.

The mobile variation of NetEnt jackpot slots online are similar in every possible way. However, the betting options are neatly arranged in a menu form for quick adjustments while also offering a neat layout for the game itself.

All Jackpot Casinos

List of all casinos where you can play our Jackpot casino games.