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Archangels: Salvation

You know the story. Good vs Evil. Angels vs Demons. Slots is their chosen arena. The reels are their battlefield, and you are the one that makes it all happen.

Featuring Free Spins, Wild Substitutions and 2 Wild Features, Archangels: Salvation™ is our first game in history to have 100 bet lines and an impressive 6 x 12 layout. The game has an additional highlight: two separate hot spot areas. Any Wild symbol landing in those areas will activate one of the two Wild Features. Daredevil players can win up to 375x stake in a single spin.

The game is tied together with impressive 3D animations, graphics that will have you picking your jaw up from the floor, and characters that pack a serious punch. Archangels: Salvation™ is as epic as they come. As the angel and demon battle for your soul, you’ll be praying for some wins. And with some luck sent from above (or below), someone will answer your prayers.