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Get ready for a daring journey of discovery and unlock the secrets of NetEnt’s Cursed Treasure. Explore forgotten realms, uncovering the Chalice’s mysteries with every spin for incredible rewards. Are you ready to conquer the uncharted?

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As you fly into the humid jungle, five reels and four rows wait for you with 20 pay lines for a classic online video slot adventure. NetEnt’s Cursed Treasure is a low to medium volatility game of 95.99% RTP with a max win potential of 5,064x. You can accompany a daring trio, descending into the heart of the jungle to unravel the many mysteries hiding in the thick mist as you sift through Cash Prizes, Mystery Cash Prizes, and the Cursed Treasure. Are you the adventurer to triumph in this rugged terrain?

Betting Rules

You can voyage into the uncharted depths of Cursed Treasure by betting with specific amounts of 0.20 to 80. Are you the companion the daring trio needs in this exploration?

Game play Cursed Treasure slot

Take the leading position on this adventurous quest with a fearless trio as they unearth ancient mysteries, seizing the Cursed Treasure and awakening souls within a mystical Chalice. As you delve deeper, you may unlock escalating Cash Prizes, each step fraught with the unexpected, triggered randomly during their perilous journey.

Explore the heart of the journey and uncover Free Spins triggered by three Dynamite scatters. These scatters reveal Cash Prizes, Mystery Cash Prizes, and Cursed Treasure symbols. Each symbol resets the spin counter to three during the bonus round, offering rewards ranging from 0.5x to 10x your bet and enigmatic prizes up to 5,000x! With the Buy Feature, dive straight into Free Spins for 100x your bet.


Wild symbols may land on Reels 2 to 5, substituting for all pay-out symbols, bar scatters and Cursed Treasures.

Cursed Treasure

The Cursed Treasure feature works during both the main game and Free Spins. It collects symbols in a Chalice next to the reels. You start with five symbols, and the count goes up each time you collect a Cursed Treasure symbol.

During the main game, it can activate randomly or when you collect 20 or more Cursed Treasure symbols. It puts Cash Prize symbols on the reels, matching the number of Cursed Treasure symbols collected. If you have fewer than 20 symbols, Cash Prizes range from 0.5x to 5x the bet; if you have 20 or more symbols, prizes increase to 0.5x to 20x the bet.

Cash Prizes stack on each other if placed in the same spot and cannot overlap with scatter symbols. After receiving the payout, the count resets to five. If Free Spins begin with symbols in the Chalice, they are kept for later. Changing bet values stores collected symbols separately and restores them when the original bet returns.

Free Spins

During the main game, you activate Free Spins. if you land three or more Dynamite scatters. In Free Spins, each reel spins independently, showing only Cash Prize, Mystery Cash Prize, and Cursed Treasure symbols. You start with three spins, and every time you see a Cash Prize, Mystery Cash Prize, or Cursed Treasure symbol, the spin count resets.

Cash Prizes range from 0.5x to 10x the bet, while Mystery Cash Prizes range from 50x to 5,000x the bet. They stay on the reels until the Free Spins end.

Cursed Treasure symbols increase a new count in a Chalice, starting at five. When spins run out, the collected Cursed Treasure triggers Cash Prize symbols (ranging from 0.5x to 20x the bet) and/or Mystery Cash Prizes based on the collected symbols. When Cash Prize symbols appear, Mystery Cash Prize symbols reveal their values, adding to the total win. Free Spins keep the initial bet, ending when spins run out, or the entire gaming grid fills with prizes. The total wins from Free Spins combine with initial round wins before returning to the main game.

Buy Feature

Jittery treasure hunters can leap into the bonus action of Free Spins instantly by activating the Buy Feature for 100x of the original bet.

Theme and Symbols

As the damp humidity sticks your clothes to your sweaty skin, a mystical terrain unfolds in  NetEnt’s Cursed Treasure.

The low-paying symbols are the highest-paying traditional playing card values of 10, J, Q, K, and A, all in cartoon-esque jungle exploration style.

The high-paying symbols include a book of vast knowledge, a priceless map, and the three fearless explorers accompanying you on your journey.

The wild is a gold-cast block shaped as the word ‘WILD’.

Cash Prize symbols are giant golden blocks encapsulating the prize you may win.

The Mystery Cash Symbol is a stone block with a giant question mark carved into the middle.

The Cursed Treasure symbol is a giant emerald set in a golden ring, fuelling the green fire of the Chalice of Souls.

The Free Spins scatter is a bunch of ticking Dynamite with an analogue clock.


No exploration expertise can guarantee winning in NetEnt’s Cursed Treasure, similarly to any other of our video slots. However, Free Spins, Cash Prizes, Mystery Cash Prizes, and the Cursed Treasure bring unbelievable excitement to this adventure.
You become a mighty adventurer accompanying the fearless trio in NetEnt’s Cursed Treasure for free. However, if you want to bet a few cents on your way to the jungle, you may give a spin to this low to medium volatility game of 95.99% RTP with a max win potential of 5,064x.
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