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Step into the spotlight, hear the crowd roar, and spin your way to stardom in NetEnt’s Lights, Camera, Cash!™ online video slot. Every spin of the reels gives you the chance to rise to glory!

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Focus on Lights, Camera, Cash!™ slot

NetEnt’s Lights, Camera, Cash!™ is a unique online video slot with three reels, three rows and three paylines, where the centre row comes into the spotlight. In this high volatility 96.06% RTP game, your objective is to land numbers, which may band together to grant you a wager multiplier. Winning combinations earn respins to potentially unlock all three paylines. If you are lucky, the xReel Feature brings you even further multipliers, which may add up to a maximum of 25,000x. What will be your lucky numbers on the gaming grid?

Betting Rules

You can bet with specific amounts of 0.10 to 6 as you come to the centre stage of a flashy game show. Can you stand the spotlight?

Game play Lights, Camera, Cash!™ slot

Featuring three rows filled with numbers, diamonds, and the rare xReel scatter, each spin offers an opportunity to dazzle and activate up to two respins through successful number combinations, unveiling maximum of three paylines. The xReel Feature adds a twist by delivering random multipliers in the range of 2x to 50x when it pairs with numbers. Enter the world of gameshow stars as you spin the reels for a stellar gaming experience.

Winning Combinations 

NetEnt’s Lights, Camera, Cash!™ has three paylines—one for each row. When you bet and start spinning, the centre row turns with the potential to land specific numbers, the Diamond symbol, or the xReel scatter.

The number symbols include 0, 00, 1, 2, 5, and 10. The Diamond symbol represents a blank position. The number 10 can only appear on the first reel, and the number 00 can only appear on the last.

The number showing up on the central row represents a multiplier to the original wager.

You can activate all three rows for a wager multiplier triad through a maximum of two respins.


Upon spinning the reels, only the central row is active. If you land a winning combination here, a respin triggers the reels again, activating the upper row for the second payline. Landing another winning combination triggers the bottom row for the third payline.

After two respins, the round ends and your winning combinations transform into wager multipliers. Respins end when no new number symbols land.

xReel Feature

Instead of Free Spins, the xReel Feature is responsible for additional thrills in NetEnt’s Lights, Camera, Cash!™.

When the xReel scatter lands anywhere on the gaming grid with a winning combination of numbers, the xReel Feature activates. This feature awards random multipliers of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, or 50x, available in the green screen strip above the reels.

The xReel multiplier applies to the winning combination accompanying the scatter. Only one scatter may land per spin or respin.

Theme and Symbols

A gameshow of flashing lights and spinning numbers awaits as you stand before the giant board to discover your original wager multiplier.

The symbols in this game are golden numbers of 0, 00, 1, 2, 5, and 10.

The tiny golden-framed silver diamond represents a blank space.

The xReel scatter is a flashy golden coin with a purple backdrop, three dollar bills and a giant dollar symbol shining in the middle.


No gameshow knowledge can guarantee wins in NetEnt’s Lights, Camera, Cash!™, just like in our other video slots. However, the unique Winning Combinations mechanic of landing numbers to reveal instant wager multipliers brings one-of-a-kind excitement to the game. The xReel Feature may enhance your potential wins with additional multipliers.
The cameras are rolling as you try out NetEnt’s Lights, Camera, Cash!™ for free. Enjoy the spotlight and play along to get familiar with this high volatility 96.06% RTP video slot. However, you may bet a few cents to see what the giant, flashy gameshow board has in store.
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