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Take a sweet journey into the sugary world of Finn and the Candy Spin, a new game by NetEnt featuring the beloved, legendary leprechaun. Join Finn on his third adventure as you explore a feature-packed online video slot.

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Focus on Finn and the Candy Spin slot

NetEnt’s signature Swirly Spin mechanic fills five reels and five rows with candies, sliding onto the gaming grid in a spiral pattern. Finn chills by the reels, keeping his eyes on the delectable candies in this low to medium volatility game of 96.62% RTP.

Four tantalising features may activate on the gaming grid: Sugar Rush, Yeti Destroy, Candy Luck, and Pop Transform. When the key travels around the gaming grid, it launches Free Spins with four different worlds to explore: Wild Sugar Hub, Ice-Cream Palace, Cotton Candy Lab, and Gumball Factory. Are you ready to enter Finn’s candy factory?

Betting Rules

Candies swirl around the reels when you place a bet of specific amounts between 0.10 and 1,000. Finn stewards the candy flow from the left-hand side of the screen.

Gameplay Finn and the Candy Spin slot

The signature NetEnt mechanic, Swirly Spin, moves symbols around the gaming grid in a spiral pattern. When at least three symbols match, they pay out, disappear, and launch another signature NetEnt mechanic, the Avalanche™, for potentially further wins.

Symbol matches without wilds spark one wild upon payout. Wins including wilds make the special symbols explode to destroy nearby symbols for more empty spaces that the Avalanche™ fills. 

Swirly Spin and Avalanche™ mechanics

The Swirly Spin is a NetEnt signature mechanic, a revolutionary innovation of its time, introduced in Finn and the Swirly Spin™. The symbols on the reels are arranged in a clockwise spiral pattern. The pattern starts at the bottom left corner and ends at the centre. 

When at least three symbols match, they pay out and disappear to start another signature NetEnt mechanic, the Avalanche™. Upon a Swirly Spin, the remaining symbols fill the empty spaces, following the spiral pattern, and new symbols appear at the bottom left corner.


Wild symbols substitute for all paying symbols except for the Free Spins Key symbol.

If a winning combination without a Wild symbol disappears, a wild symbol replaces the vanishing combination’s central symbol.

If a winning combination that contains one or more wild symbols disappears from the reels, each wild symbol explodes and destroys symbols that are adjacent to it both horizontally and vertically.

Random Features

During each spin in the main game, one of four random features may activate to sweeten the gameplay.

  • Sugar Rush: Two to five wilds take random positions on the gaming grid. If they do not form part of a winning combination, new wilds randomly arrive on the gaming grid until a winning combination pays out. 
  • Yeti Destroy: A random number of symbols disappear from the reels, triggering an Avalanche™, which guarantees at least one winning combination in this case. During the main game, it only activates if no wins occur on the reels.
  • Candy Luck: All symbols on a random row or reel that does not hold a Free Spin Key scatter transform into the same random low-paying or high-paying symbol, triggering a winning combination—and the Avalanche™!
  • Pop Transform: All low-paying symbols on the gaming grid become high-paying symbols.

Free Spins

In NetEnt’s Finn and the Candy Spin, special keys trigger Free Spins. A Free Spin Key scatter may randomly appear in the bottom left corner on any spin during the main game. As Avalanches™ destroy winning symbols and deliver new ones, the key moves around the gaming grid in a spiral manner thanks to the Swirly Spin. If the key reaches the centre, it opens the doors to Free Spins and a key metre is set with the number one. Each new key increases the key metre amount up to 999, which is recorded on your account. (Note: The key metre is subject to expiry.)

Free Spins Worlds

Before Free Spins start, you can choose one of the four Free Spins worlds to enter. Each world costs a number of keys. You can use your accumulated number of keys from the key metre to enter the world of your preference.

  • Wild Sugar Hub: Entrance costs one key. You get seven free spins in this world, and the Sugar Rush feature triggers for each free spin.
  • Ice Cream Palace: Entrance costs four keys. You receive three free spins, and the Yeti Destroy activates for every spin when no symbol matches occur for a payout. Upon every spin, a sticky wild appears on the bottom left position of the gaming grid.
  • Cotton Candy Lab: Entrance costs nine keys. You trigger four free spins as the Candy Luck feature triggers at the start of each free spin, after the initial spin and before the win evaluation.
  • Gumball Factory: Entrance costs 16 keys. You receive two free spins, with each spin triggering the Pop Transform at the beginning, after the initial spin and before win evaluation.

Theme and Symbols

NetEnt’s Finn and the Candy Spin is your golden ticket to enter the legendary leprechaun’s factory of mind-dazzling sweets. Sweets swarm the reels as Finn is appropriately dressed in a fancy lilac suit with a golden bow tie and a candy cane in hand.

The low-paying symbols are blue and green candies.

The high-paying symbols are yellow, orange, red, and purple candies.

The wild symbols are colourful stars, real mad hatters—they sport fancy top hats decorated with a yellow ‘W’.

The Free Spins scatter is a golden, swirly key, waiting to reach the middle of the gaming grid to grant you entry to four frenzied candy worlds!

How to win in Finn and the Candy Spin?

No level of chumminess with the legendary leprechaun can guarantee wins in NetEnt’s Finn and the Candy Spin, just like in our other video slots. However, this sweet realm, Finn’s candy factory, is full of features and holds the keys to four exciting worlds in Free Spins.


Finn and the Candy Spin needs no sugarcoating. The reels fill to the brim with delectable sweets as the loony leprechaun chills by the gaming grid. Four fantastic features and four Free Spins worlds guarantee a gameplay worth exploring.
Finn is a friendly fellow and lets people into his candy factory for free. You can spin for free to explore this sweet realm to understand the ins and outs of features and mechanics. However, you may like to bet an odd cent here or there in NetEnt’s Finn and the Candy Spin, a low to medium volatility game of 96.62% RTP.
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