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NetEnt welcomes you to its newest game creation. This game takes you deep inside a lush wilderness.

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Focus on the Game

Gorilla Kingdom™ is a fast-paced slots game with 5 reels and up to 1024 bet ways. The game features Free Spins with a Symbol Transform and Extra Free Spins.

With engaging mechanics aiming for simplicity, and stunning and engaging art and sound design, Gorilla Kingdom™ appeals to a broader market range and offers enough variance for the player.

Gorilla Kingdom™… welcome to the jungle!


The game is simple to follow and easy to understand… but it also has great payout potential!

The Gorilla is the highest paying symbol in the game. Gather together a few of these beauties and you could land yourself a big win!

In this mysterious jungle, three or more blue diamonds will get you into Free Spins… this is where the true magic of the jungle lies!

Here in Free Spins, Ancient Gorilla Masks fly from the reels and are collected on the side. Collect Gorilla Masks to transform the leopard, the hornill, the okapi and the pangolin into the Mighty Gorilla!

If you’re lucky, you might witness the most majestic of natural wonders… rolling Free Spins!

To earn extra Free Spins, you’ll need to discover two or more diamonds in the reels, or transform each of the animals into the gorilla.

Collect all 24 Gorilla Masks to transform all 4 of these animals into the high-paying gorilla symbol!

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Focus on Features

Free Spins & Extra Free Spins

3 or more Scatter Symbols appearing anywhere on the reels awards 10 to 20 Free Spins.

3 up to 5 Scatter appearing anywhere on the reels in Free Spins grants 10 to 20 Extra Free Spins.

Symbol Transform & Totem Stone

Symbol Transform features the collection and symbol conversion of the animals shown in the totem stone into the Gorilla symbol in Free Spns.

Free Spins

In Free Spins, the Gorilla symbol may appear randomly transformed into a Gorilla mask on the reels. Each Gorilla mask symbol fills a slot of the Totem Stone and leaves a Gorilla symbol on the reels.

The 4 panels embedded in the totem stone feature the animal symbols of the game (except for the Gorilla symbol): Leopard, Hornbill, Okapu, and Pangolin.

When all 6 slots of an animal panel get filled by a Gorilla maskm the animal transforms into the Gorilla symbol on the reels.

Once all 24 slots of the totem stone are filled, the only animal symbol appearing on the reels is the Gorilla Symbol.

Graphics and Sound

This is an jungle game… once you set foot inside Gorilla Kingdom ™ , the adventure begins. The sights and sounds of the jungle will surround you – drums and tribal instruments. You’ll also hear the jungle’s music: roaring apes, leaves rustling and all manner of creatures.

The game brings the beauty of the jungle straight to you. It’s a colorful landscape beautifully drawn and expertly rendered. Different shades of green, and bright pinks and purples will make you never want to leave… just remember that you are inside the Kingdom of the Gorilla! Tread with caution!


Gorilla Kingdom™ delivers a fantastic mobile version of the game. It offers the same fantastic experience as the desktop version. Its UI has been expertly adapted to fit the mobile screen. The spin wheel disappears from view when the reels are spinning. Settings and options likewise are filed away in a separate submenu. This economical and clever use of space keeps the display clear and clutter free, while not sacrificing any of the game’s functionality (all options that can be found in the desktop version are also in the mobile version). None of the entertainment has been sacrificed.

The mobile version is compatible with iOS and Android. As long as your device is running an updated OS, you should have no problems playing the game on virtually any smartphone or tablet. Go ahead and give the game a try!

Is Gorilla Kingdom™ safe?

NetEnt are among the leading video slots providers worldwide. Over decades, the company has developed a brand that is trusted by players all over the world. All its games are certified and licensed by independent regulatory authorities that ensure that the games are provably fair and work as advertised, and this game is no exception!


Observe the beautiful, mighty creatures of NetEnt’s Gorilla’s Kingdom in their natural habitat… Go ahead and give it a spin.

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