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Santa’s workshop lies waiting to be discovered in Jingle Spin video slot. The North Pole Christmas Crew really have their sleeves rolled up in this one, and Santa’s tireless elves are working up quite a sweat churning out Wilds and Free Spins for you all.

No, take me back
For more info visit https://www.netent.com/en/responsible-gaming/
No, take me back
For more info visit https://www.netent.com/en/responsible-gaming/
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Focus on the Game

When you first look at this game there’s one thing that immediately stands out. No, it’s not the goggled gang of gnomes (they’re elves actually). It’s the great Wheel of Fortune besides the reels, operated by the barrel-chested elf-man; perhaps he’s the workshop’s floor manager? With every spin, the reels and the wheel spin together. If the wheel contains a feature bauble, it gets launched to the first toy-maker on the right of the Row of elves. The busy helpers then carry it along until it lands inside a Wild symbol on the reels below – a nifty gift box – that activates the bauble. Surprise! You’ve just landed a Big Win.


At the top of Jingle Spin video slot is a conveyor belt of features – magical features of course. These consist of Coin Win, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds and Surprise Feature. This last one randomly assigns one of the other three features when triggered. Features appear atop the reels, keeping it exciting for you as you never know what feature you’re going to get! Oh, and you need a Wild to trigger the feature! Anticipation and excitement are ramped up. It’s a Christmas slot after all.

Magical pixies hand-crafted the Jingle Spin video slot’s graphics from wood and metal. Well, not really – It’s all digital I’m afraid. And highly skilled NetEnt artists are the ones who deserve all the credit. But the feel and mood is all 100% legit magic! The sounds and theme of this game will make you light-headed with Christmas spirit – crackling fireplaces, snow-caked window panes, ornate baubles and of course a good old-fashioned Christmas tree with a big old star plonked right at the top. We didn’t hold back!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a NetEnt game without a generous spoon-full of innovation thrown into the mix. Hold down the spin button. Go ahead, try it. You’ll notice that the Elf operator strains every sinew in his body to pull the spring-loaded wheel back, to give it a mighty push once the player (that’s you!) releases their hold. Put your back into it Mr Elf!


This game goes down a treat with a generous glass of Eggnog and some Christmas turkey on the side. Try out the game and find out what all the fuss is about, and why Jingle Spin™ video slot is just what you wanted this Christmas.

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