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Head over to our games lobby to have a feel of the variety of classic Roulette versions available on your mobile device or PC. One of our more popular games is the Roulette Advanced option. This game allows players the chance to experience an immersive roulette experience, from the comfort of home.

Focus on the Game

Roulette Advanced follows the European Roulette rules and includes a number of extra betting options to increase the fun.

Graphics and Sound

As we use HD technology to stream our games, you can be sure that all of the graphics coming to your device are crisp and clear. Not only that though, these graphics are all real, that’s a real dealer, a real table, a real wheel. The soundtrack accompanying it all is also being played in the studio, and yes, that really is the sound of a ball dropping you can hear!

Betting Rules

There are five categories of bet types you can opt for, when betting for each round. There is the inside bet, which includes bets made on numbers or on the lines between numbers on the internal area of the table. A common Inside bet is the Straight bet which involves wagering on any single number and it pays 35:1. If you prefer to bet on two adjoining numbers, then you can go for a Split bet. This gives you a better winning chance, but it pays 17:1.

Other Inside bets include Three line, corner and Sixline bets with payout values of 11:1, 8:1 and 5:1 respectively. The second category of bet types is the Outside bet, which involves bets made in the boxes surrounding the numbers on the table. The first type is the Column bet, including the left, middle and right column. If you decide to bet on any of these three columns, you automatically bet on twelve numbers with a payout value of 2:1.

Other Outside bets include Dozen bet which has a payout of 2:1, High or Low bet, Red or Black bet and Odd or Even bet all of which have a payout of 1:1. Another bet category you can also try out is the Special bet. This bet type is accessible through the informative panel found at the lower left of the screen. By clicking on the special bet, a long list of special bet types is revealed and available to choose from.


If you prefer to use statistical pointers to backup your bet decisions, you will find the statistics panel very useful. This is a small box by the lower left side of the game showing a couple of data. The first data type is the recent winning numbers on the long column by the left side of the panel. The topmost section of this panel shows four hot numbers, which is updated with every spin. Also, the number of times these numbers occur is shown just below each number.

Immediately below the first row, you will find another row containing four cold numbers. These numbers are generated randomly and are updated after every round. You can decide to click on the cold-number row to place your bet automatically, same also goes for the hot-number row. Detailed enough? That’s not all. The third row shows the odd and even number scale. This scale shows the percentage of time the even and odd number occurs based on the results of 300 spins.

Bonus Game

There are no bonus games in Roulette Advanced, but we do give you the Racetrack option for placing your bets. This means that the numbers on the paytable are placed in the same order as they are on the wheel. You can then make straight bets, five special bets and even neighbour bets on the racetrack.

Free Spins

There are no Free Spins with this game.


Roulette Advanced is one of our more popular roulette versions and is found at a number of online casinos around the world. For those that want to enjoy the feel of a casino, but don’t want to leave home, this is the perfect option. Whether you’re using a desktop or a mobile device, we’ve got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a seat, chat to the dealer and see if your lucky number will win something for you today!

Oct 16, 2018
NetEnt editorial team
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