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It is now easier than ever before to play American Roulette anywhere, and with the best online casinos at your disposal. This is because all that is needed nowadays is a digital device with a strong internet connection to power your pursuit of jackpots. The game’s origins are firmly attached to the European version of the game. However, it is still gaining momentum in the United Kingdom and Asia respectively.

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How To Play American Roulette

The first thing to do before playing the game is to set your bet. After that, there are subtle differences between this version and the European for anybody who may be more familiar with the European rules.

One of the main differences is that there is double zero in American Roulette whereas the European version excludes the use of double zero. Select a chip from one to 500 to the right of the screen and the minimum wager for one bet position is three, and the maximum is 500. The next step is to position or place your bet. The number of potential credits won depends entirely on where the bet is placed as it is defined as a ratio to the bet.

You will also notice there are two buttons in the centre of the screen such as ‘Clear’ and ‘Spin’. The ‘Clear’ buttons enable you to clear any bets that you may no longer wish to have on the table whereas the ‘Spin’ button sets the balls rolling. The ‘Spin’ button then transforms into the ‘Repeat’ button, which can be used to place the chips in the same place as before.

It is worth brushing up on some keywords and terminology to help you along. ‘Straight’ refers to betting on a single numbered square explicitly chosen by the player. The straight bet pays a ratio of 35:1 and the bet can be placed on as many numbers as you wish. ‘Split’ means a single bet on two numbers adjacent to one another and ‘Three-Line’ is a bet on three numbers. The three-line bet pays 11:1 and chips must be placed on the bottom edge of the vertical column.

The Rise Of American Roulette

The NetEnt version of American Roulette is rapidly rising in popularity and does the classical version justice with its modern graphic design and a smooth soundtrack to complement the game’s stylistic approach. It is now starting to reach international markets and since its launch has become accessible at the top online casinos, where it can be played from anywhere by gamers of all experience levels and budgets. In addition to the roulette wheel, there are plenty of other classic casino games and online slot machines to browse too. You will be able to find new releases as well as the latest casino bonuses in the UK. Be sure to keep checking NetEnt for any updates and releases to see if you can try games for free before choosing to play for real money.

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