Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack is an online casino game that offers fast-paced intensity to the player. The game has so many features and options to make you fall in love with. From its speed to the environment, everything is simply the best. Players aim for the number 21; they must beat the dealer to win big. They cannot play against other players. If you are new to this game, it may take you some time to get to a Blackjack; at the same time, you will be provided with non-stop entertainment and fun.

Up to 600€ + 110 Free Spins

up to €2250 + 310 Free Spins

150% up to 350€ + up to 100 Free Spins

150% up to 200€

Play Perfect Blackjack at a licensed casino:

Welcome Bonus125% up to 500€ & 50 Free Spins

Welcome Bonus150% up to 200€

Welcome Bonus30 NetEnt Spins (no deposit) + 100% up to 140€ on 1st deposit

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Focus on the Game

Perfect Blackjack is available for seven players at a time and offers the perfect way to get playing blackjack all from the comfort of home.

Graphics and sound

We have developed Perfect Blackjack on HTML, which means it is compatible with all tablets, mobile, and desktop devices. It has all the features you would expect from a standard Blackjack game.

Betting Rules

After getting the first two cards, the player is provided with four options: Stand, Hit, Split and Double Down. Some games also give the option of Surrender. Hit is when the player can take an extra card from the dealer. Stand means they cannot take more cards. Double Down means the player can increase his initial bet by 100 percent and commits to stand after getting an extra card. Split is when the first two cards of one hand have the same value. Here, the player is allowed to split these cards into two hands.

How to increase the odds of winning? The best idea is to play on a table where the game pays 3-2. At the same time, you need to avoid the games where the payoff is 6 to 5 Blackjack. In addition, you need to learn the basic strategy. Splitting pairs by the basic strategy will let you turn the potential losing hand into a winner. You might earn a lot of money on several splits. Players must learn how to reduce the house edge to increase their chances of winning.


Players can easily and quickly access our professional and knowledgeable dealers right from the palm of their hands. There are so many tables to go with; you can choose any of these tables and begin playing the game. There is a total of 7 seats; select any of these seats and start your quest for 21.

The objective is to beat the dealer. For this purpose, you should get 21 points on the first two cards, known as Blackjack. Secondly, you can get more scores than your dealer without exceeding 21. Another idea is to let your dealer draw some extra cards until his hand exceeds 21. This is what is known as “busted”. Just like the player, the dealer is dealt two cards; one of them is up or exposed, and the other one is face down.

Chatting to each other

For example, there is a Player Chat option for you to speak to the dealer during the game. Perfect Pairs and side bets like 21+3 are also good to go with. Our professional live casino dealers  are ready to help you maximize your wins. They are brought directly from our studio where cutting-edge streaming technology is being used.

Betting options

Blackjack is a game where skills and hard work will pay off. As part of our live blackjack, you can make regular bets on whether or not you will succeed in beating the dealer, but you can also take insurance. This is a side bet that pays 2:1, meaning you would get $2 for every $1. Insurance bets are said to lose money in the long run. This is because the dealer may have Blackjack less than 1/3 of the time. This option is available when the dealer shows an Ace after initial cards have been dealt.


Perfect Blackjack is an excellent addition to our live game repertoire. By offering you an easy to use interface that is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, we enable you to get gaming wherever you are. The fact that we offer a number of tables means that you’ll always find somewhere to grab a seat. Our dealers are also first class, providing you with a truly exciting environment in which to play, giving you the chance to improve you Blackjack skills, implement new strategies and hopefully get some winnings!

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